Kwaku Evicted

Big Brother Africa II
Kwaku Richard & Tatiana are up for eviction.

Kwaku Evicted.


Richard, Kwaku & Tatiana were up for eviction and for the second time running Tatiana got 0 votes (i.e.) no country voted for her, Richard 3 countries and balance there of inclusive of the rest of Africa voted Kwaku out. That is how the housemate from Ghana took his accent to another level.

Until day 64 Code the Malawian Housemate had not been nominated nor replaced in Head of House swaps. This game is very interesting.Code was Head of House last week and he saved himself but this time around he is not & the head of house is Ofunneka(Nigeria) who chose to leave the nominations as is thus sending Code to the waiting jaws that swallowed Maxwell & Meryl.These are terrible jaws because you are put up once and there is no chance of staying in the house, the entire AFRICA says OUT, OUT, OUT.

Richiana being a couple they are and the best couple in BBA2 by all standards survived the sword clearly paving way for Kwaku the only untouchable who was left in the house. The T Unit i.e. (Bertha, Lerato, Meryl n Maxwell) are busy playing the game from outside and still going strong. The three were there to receive Bertha after being evicted and immediately gave her the Untouchable Uniform bearing her name.

Bertha was there to receive Kwaku. Charlieee...

Gaetano Kagwa Uganda's Big Brother 1 Housemate

Gaetano took position number five in the previous Big Brother a position which Namatovu has surpassed.

Five Housemates are currently left in the house and of the housmates nominated Maureen Namatovu, the Ugandan Housemate is not among.Surprisingly though or more confusing for the Ugandan fans is that Maureen's boy friend Code, and the other East African left in the house are the ones up for eviction this week. This means that if you are to save then it will be a case of choosing between Maureen's boyfriend or the East African Pearl. Maureen cannot control her emotions infact its as though she is aware Code is leaving next so she had already shed lots of tears under the guise of a memory of a child who had jiggers.

A day before Maureen claimed to have dreamt of winning the 100,000 Us dollars a dream she told Code about and since Code is in the game for the same reason for which this girl had already mapped a winning strategy, more wrinkles were seen on Code's face implying that yes they could have unconfirmed feelings for each other while in the house but when it comes to the take home eh eh .... it might be a different story.


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