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Kampala Buses

May 31,2006.

Meanwhile I must say our Mayor has started on a good note with the launching of the bus system something that is supposed to take Kampala by storm.

The buses with maximum cooperation are supposed to work and they will address Kampala Transport to a large extent.
In this way time keeping will be boosted among the wananchi who were used to sleeping well knowing that on waking up the taxis will be waiting.

Im already hearing of strikes here and there by these commuter drivers but let us get to terms with certain things especially if we are going to head to certain directions next to development.

A bus will not move on the pavements as these guys are doing,a bus can afford to carry over 60 passengers which number will call for 4 taxis.Besides I do not think that buses coming to Kampala means erradicating the commuters off the streets..These taxis just do not understand that competition is healthy.

By the way how about introducing a charge for vehicles coming to Kampala on top of the multiplex parking fee would that not reduce vehicles in the city?   Back at yeah!

Michael Nampala May 31,2006

The idea for buses is welcome but may be it appears ambitious. For example they are too big and long. I am not sure whether they are the kind for Kampala roads. More needs to be done but I support the plan wholeheartedly. Let us wait
and see what happens in the next few months.

Emmy Wasirwa May 31,2006

Just like Emmy, Michael .., i do support the idea of buses plying our routes in Kampala but a few modalties need to be sorted out before the Taxi's are completely ''expelled'' from the city.

Kampala city has got a number of major roads & mini roads Some of the mini roads have no tarmac & hence may not be serviceable by the bus industry. I think a thorough review of all the roads needs to be done, the number of people coming
to & from the city be evaluated & a workeable time schedule be designed.

Buses need to move on time irrespective of whether there are full, half-full or Quarter full. Is the new bus company ready for such a huge challenge? We need designated bus stops, a bus doesn't park anywhere like a Taxi, are these stops there?

Naye it's a nice idea which should be supported by everybody.

Ramy Lubega May 31,2006

hey eunice
I like the scrutiny that you have given this bus thing.see the problem with africans is that we love to copy wholesomely and
sometimes we dont think about some of the logistics surrounding a situation before we give it the go-ahead.
so now kampala wants buses, surely, its relevant considering that despicable traffic. but surely is that all that we need.
those roads are soo in a state that 20 buses would lead to potholes daily, and where do they stop-clearly not on that kansanga high-way, and will they be sheduled or do they think they can profit like taxis, are there strict road regulations and proper road tracks in terms of traffic ights, roads paintings and dermacations, routes demarcations? what do the taxi drivers in operation now ,have to fall back on-does govt have any proposal or is it -everybody for himself policy...hmm,and what will be the area of central location for obtaining information, and what are the plans for making it popular to the normal commuter.
well, sounds like am biting on to the idea but all, am saying is that for such a great service people need to realise that its not sth you wake up and do. energies and minds with vision need to get together and address it to its entirety before they think of materialising it.
a great idea i agreee,not on that HEAT and MUD and TRAFFIC, but care when treading unknown Grounds--WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!!!!!

Mpiira Maureen Jun 02,2006

I am not criticizing you. I get your point! But let me remind you that everything has the beginning. Even here in the west USA or UK, they started transport system without cameras, bus lanes, bus stops were just like ones we have in Uganda on kansanga "high way" etc. But as time went on, they started to realize that bus lane or cameras were needed and had to work on such issues. So, I think that although they are no firm structures (like the ones you mentioned) they will learn as time goes on (like the West) and develop them. Folks, lets not blame investors or saying we r copying from other countries. EVERY ONE can
copy from somewhere if you need to be to a certain level. (That's a fact) Even Europeans copy from Americans and vise verse! China is a good example. They have copied absolutely everything from the west and you can talk about their economy
now. Actually, I wish Ugandans can learn from ASIANS on how to "copy"technology, investment etc and our country would be
far far ahead.
Moreen, with no dought, i know the bus owners and public will have to face some problems before adjusting to the change but it is a good step from KAMUNYES and development. Regarding HEAT, I believe it is everywhere. May be dust!.
Actually AFRICAN heat is much better and healthier than USA or UK heat (Considering the humidity levels). Don't 4get that that's where u descended from not in a winter country. God bless you.

Alex Sim Jun 02,2006

I do agree with Maureen, and to some extent with your analysis of Maureen opinion. I will start with your analysis and there after give my opinion on Maureen positing. For example you speak about China and Asia but you fail to understand how developed they are. China for instance borrowed everything from the West but I can assure you that their economy is no better than that of
Japan. I do understand your point view that we should borrow a leaf from West like what China has done.

This brings me to Maureen's augment. It seems Sebagala has jumped on a bandwagon by hurriedly introducing this kind of transport means in the city without first lobbying government for political support. The city council itself doesn't have enough resources of maintaining the roads, nor does it have a mandate of accommodating the tax driver's conductors who have been working on the taxis, hence job losses. Even if they (City Council) say that they have a working plan with UTODA, at least there are some jobs which will go. This is why I say neither the government nor the opposition has the political will of
creating jobs in our country. I can assure you that we are bound to loose about 100000 jobs by introducing these buses. I know somebody will interpose by saying first development and secondly more jobs. Obviously I disagree with this because
out of the 350 buses only a few will get jobs but many will remain jobs.

We in Uganda and Africa as a whole we should learn to do things systematically but not just jumping on the bandwagon. Copying the West without understanding how they did theirs wont help. May be that is why most of the things we copy
from the west end up flopping. Bus lanes in Uganda Hmmmmm!!!!. That might be so ambitious. For example, London started with small buses with a capacity of 18 people thereafter graduated to something more sophiscated. Similarly the same
thing happened in France, Netherlands, German, and Belgium but they upgraded themselves what they are today. Sorry they did not start with double Decker busses, started with smaller buses then graduated to big ones. The buses of the
likes of the upcoming problems are too good for Kampala roads; they are mainly used by tourists in the West.

In this case Sebagala needs government support, which I have not seen since the ambitious project was launched. Lack of political will is most likely to be stumbling block in this investment. Further more is Sebagala and his team needed
a feasibility study and a test of small buses than the current jumbo ones. Government would have been involved in the planning to give Sebagala and his team authenticity. I am not sure whether there is a law which is going to protect the drivers and the passengers. What I know is that in Uganda a conductor can either slap you and musabaze spits on you without any legal

I hope all this are in place and we are all looking forward for this new development to bring new colour to our country. Development is needed in Uganda but to do that we dont need to jump on the band wagon but need to plan

Emmy Wasirwa Jun 02,2006

hello alex
clearly i get where you are coming from. ofcourse, copying is good...and after all, all the development that africa has to show off is practically a copy of the western world, and there view of the fact that all ability when well nurtured and gradually positively encouraged can lead to developpment...and yeah!!!we've seen it work.well, that IS a topic for another day.
well, regarding your ananlysis, of china and their asian brothers....i agree, but what you are missing is the fact that most of these countries seem to be "copyin "but,....when you look beyond the face of things, what you see is
intergration into their own systems, that are suitable for their people and economy. they just dont pick and place coz they are looking at new investments. i know that a country like, ours is swallowing everything coz we want to move
ahead, which is a good vision but, can we just watchout coz the 'fish might just be BONY'. The idea is grt, but in a world that seems to be changing its standards everyday we cant have mediocrery....why?b'se then those that can see far and do
better will take on the chance and run with it.i believe that the forces at work in the world today are grt and that everyone is running on to catch development in anyway they know how, and possibly we are forced to ignore the major things
because of this...but Can we pose and think of what we might be doing. what is economic furtherance when quarter of the city population is unemployed, where is the capital then going to be generated from,and education let alone health,....
lets not go so far, the idea is that.....buses, what an idea, but certain stakes need to be on ground and thats not easy. the fact that there is a visionary for a grt city, free of kamunyes!!!!,and less on traffic suits me just fine..and my fellow citizens will be moving a lot more safely-oh yeah.....BUT I THINK am justified to be concerned though that this will be well thought thru'
and well done ATLEAST.!!!!!!?????

Mpiira Maureen Jun 03,2006

Hello everyone,

I am pleased with the idea of buses but as Emmy says, let us wait and see what happens in a few months time. Does anyone remember what happened to the train-like buses introduced in Kampala and I think Jinja around 1987/88, they did not last long. I would love to see comuters get on and off buses like in Nairobi.

Eunice Jun 03,2006

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