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Jose Chameleon Fans

Have your Say on Jose Chameleon

  • Cyrone
    Location: Berlin
    Your Comments: Jose, I have nothing to comment except I love yr music and its hiting at lumumba bar u cant imagine
  • Arnold Shaggy
    Location: Croydon-London
    Your Comments: The healer of ugandan music wen no one could.Leone Island baby
  • Jen
    Location: USA
    Your Comments: hey u're music is fabulous dont give up
  • Mr Herzo
    Location: Berlin
    Your Comments: Hey man, since I started listening to your voice in this modern world of music, I recall all that Philly Lutaya Bongole was trying to reach out in society. You now stand out as the only musician with that test, class and message to society. I like your music so much because it carries a theme or meaning not like other musicians who sing balabalabalabala....God bless your talent Jose
  • M.T. Duku
    Location: Perth
    Your Comments: Man, you are indeed a super star n I say touchdown.I enjoy every bit of ur music and downlaoded `em all in ma ipod.
  • E.E.Lugonvu
    Location: Watford; UK
    Your Comments: U R A True african ambassador.Not a Bene (Spanish);NB The distance between insanity & genius can only be measured by success;Jose
  • Fat
    Location: swirtzerland
    Your Comments: Ur really a blessing in the music industry coz here even westAfrican people who dont understand wat u sing enjoy ur music. In most African clubs they always play ur music yet its a french speaking country.In zurich ,Geneva and Bern everybody is just waiting for the day u will come.That shows how talented u are.
  • Tito
    Location: barking,london
    Your Comments: chameleon u are da man .compose a nice one 4 arsenal.
  • Baker
    Location: Makerere
    Your Comments: Man u really a hard knock ! Keep us rocking.
  • Dr.Jay
    Location: Birmingham UK
    Your Comments: You rock Uganda and East Africa mate.Keep the music Scene burning.We do support you and need you to come one day to Birmingham,you're really most welcome at Safari Bar & Restaurant near Aston University.
  • a.k.sekadde
    Location: London
    Your Comments: Jose,keep representing we appreciate your contribution to the eastafrican nation.
  • Bobi Wine
    Location: Kampala
    Your Comments: Jose,despite of every thing, I really love you. And deep down I know you love me to.
  • Enoch
    Location: Kampala
    Your Comments: Jose, You are Genius, You are A a very creative fellow, just need to make a little balance between musical performance and your PR
  • Robert
    Location: Brussels
    Your Comments: nice guy many enjoy his vibes in Belgium
  • Brial
    Location: Sweden
    Your Comments: Please keep it up.because you really have the spirit for music and you know what you are doing.
  • Francis
    Location: muk
    Your Comments: I may agree Jose is a good artist but lacks respect for other artists
  • Jana
    Location: Lira/Bridgeport
    Your Comments: Jose, you make us Ugandans abroad proud, in my house, it was just Congolese, but now it is just Uganda music and you are the best of all. Next time you are in Manhattan, I will be there. How about Bridgeport Connecticut?
  • Gody
    Location: Australia
    Your Comments: Chameleone is the king of music. His music is all over the world. In Australia, every family or party you go to will have his music. We are looking forward to having him in Australia in the near future. Go Chameleone, you are a superstar.
  • Shamix
    Location: Mooni
    Your Comments: Were on.Love in air
  • Cash
    Location: Europe
    Your Comments: If he writes his songs,then he's a genius otherwise nothing extra ordinary.He has a great voice too. keep up bro.
  • Raymond.
    Location: Australia.
    Your Comments: Jose, you're the best in the all of Africa, keep it up man!!!!!
  • Seruwo Ashadu
    Location: Kampala
    Your Comments: I appreciate what he does and he is a talented musician who can survive in any part of the world if he can compose a song in the language which is out side East Africa.He would have been the artist of the year but munange that is how Mulidwa and his company does the selection note if consider the songs of Bobi Wine stop in Buganda but not beyond that do you think a man from north,west and out side Uganda knows that language thanks Jose oye
  • Henry
    Location: Kampala
    Your Comments: that boy is crazy with lots of talent
  • IBra
    Location: Greenland
    Your Comments: Fire base rules...Chameleone your time is up
  • Porcupine
    Location: Copenhagen
    Your Comments: Chamill to be honest you have lost it. We are tired of Bolingo music. We want fire base.
  • Fafa
    Location: K'la
    Your Comments: Shezzle dont be a hater!! They r both good in their own way, but for me Chameleon for life.
  • Name: Jossie
    Location: Oklahoma-usa
    Your Comments: i think the guy is trying for the ugandan music bse his music is a crowd puller inspite of the ages all levels around u here them trying to go with his lyrics bigup guy and keep that touch i really love ur music especially maam rhoda
  • Friday
    Location: Australia
    Your Comments: When I was in Uganda I loved Jose's songs because of their meaning and his voice but now I am here and I miss his songs. So good luck jose for going International.
  • fredzink
    n: Canada
    Your Comments: he is one person who can entertain and sing 20 songs when he still rem all the lyrics which is hard to all artist from all over the world keep doing what u do best
  • BAM
    Location: Germany
    Your Comments: Jose yo d man to watch keep it up bro
  • shezzle
    Location: Kampala
    Your Comments: Waaa,he no longer him,it's His Excellency "Wine"

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