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Jose Chameleone 
Jose Chameleon

Tukole , Ekinnuma

JOSE Chameleone
Location: Kla-Ug
Your Comments: Thanks Everybody 4 yo comments. I Spend sleepless nights to create what me and you are proud of. For God & My country.

Jose Chameleone - Real name Joseph Mayanja is an East African Super star and now trying to roll out to the international scene as exhibited by his many awards won both locally and internationally. Uganda Kenya and Tanzania are linked by Swahili and Jose has proved that he can be a Swahili entertainer through his music.

Chameleone loses Evoluition award to

  1. Name: Njuba Godfrey
    Your Reaction: Indeed Jose Chameleon your the heavy weight there is no one better than you in Africa.
  2. Name: Obwanga James
    Your Reaction: Chameleon mind about making us proud as a country, Leave the BAYUDA who have failed to fight themselves coz I know you're a good boy u don't beat people BUT beat them in Music. You will be my best Ugandan Artist forever. Show them what Music is all about
  3. Name: Olando Aloysius KIU
    Your Reaction: I must say nothing touches my heart more than listening to chameleone's inspiring, entertaining and educative pieces of well rehearsed music pieces
  4. Name: Kirabira Ivan
    Your Reaction: I love Juliana and Chameleone because they sing sense.
  5. Name: Damali
    Your Reaction: Chameleone you are the king
  6. Name: Nsubuga Edward
    Your Reaction: Jose you are superb the new release Bayuda & Samwa samwa are fantastic keep hammering you are still number one. keep it up.
  7. Name: Kakooza Robert
    Your Reaction: I love u you guy, you're the bomb. I'm in Iraq!! but for sure, we're with you.
  8. Name: Chubbylad
    Your Reaction: Men your music made me choose music as ma' career hence fighting so hard to sing with you my 2009 first song.
  9. Name: Watema Richard K
    Your Reaction: Man,u are de best and thanks your performance in music are de best and you will always be best... Richard USA
  10. Name: Sed
    Your Reaction: Jose you are the best your voice drives me crazy you are natural pure talent
  11. Name: Fla
    Your Reaction: mukwano get well soon
  12. Name: Kavuma Isaac
    Your Reaction: hey man 4get da past first cauz uever on chart keep it up dnt give up.jah bless.
  13. Name: Kasasa Denis
    Your Reaction: Man keep rocking the city bayudda bajjakukiriza
  14. Name: kenedy kayiira iraq
    Your Reaction: yeah its good music from you heavywight champion just keep it up brother because when ever I listen to ur music I feel like I'm at home.JAH BLESS..
  15. Name: Salim Kampala
    Your Reaction: Jose ur big,am a big fan of yours, just wishing you get well soon "otwokye"
  16. Name: Apuuli Fred
    Your Reaction: Chameleon 4 ever, Juliana da best in women am even listening to yo songs Jose U rock
  17. Name: Maurice
    Your Reaction: I love your music, I keep hamming at it.I request Jose to make better video pictures.
  18. Name: Jack Kirabo
    Your Reaction: Chameleon remains the East Africa's champion in the Music industry. He's a model to the upcomign musicians.I cherish his music.
  19. Bounty man from Uganda
    Your Reaction: hey its crystal clear Jose u rock, best artist Ug has ever produced no doubt about that but I feel I wanna hook up with u someday coz I really cherish yo style, I have remixed yo tracks but I feel I have brought something unique about remixing Ugandan songs but yo tracks are always a bomb brother, I dont know were to find u but sir I wanna meet u and probably would listen to what prize I got for u Jose, 0702573350
  20. Name: Grace Kalyesubula
    Your Reaction: man Jose is da man 4get about the rest yo da man so keep it up. Iam looking 4ward 2 meeting u at yo home coz I luv u.
  21. Name: Seruma
    Your Reaction: well, he is talented but still has a lot to do, for his music to rock the world.
  22. Name: Gloria
    Your Reaction: I love you Jose u do us proud. keep it up bro.
  23. Name: Hassan Mubiru
    Your Reaction: Chamelon he tried to put Uganda music on top
  24. Name: Crozy
    Your Reaction: Chameleon is the best artist.
  25. Samuel Binuzire
    Your Reaction: Hullo, if its true that those guys RADIO and WEASIL are leaving you then the meaning of your song BEFUULA is becoming a reality. However, we know your are unshakable and u will remain number one. God Bless you heavy weight
  26. Mwijukye Richard
    Your Reaction: Iam a great fan of Jose Chameleon,and I really need the lyrics of your song of maama email address is mwijukyer
  27. Name: Nabukeera Sarah
    Your Reaction: I like his voice
  28. Name: RUGINA Beatrice
    Your Reaction:
    Hi Mr. CHAMELEON. I have more to tell you but I can't on this shot message, but the most of my speech is to tell you that I love you and I like your songs so much. If you want to know my details, send me a message to urugina Bye.
  29. Name: Monie Mariam
    Your Reaction: chamilli go ahead coz u can and your da SWEETHEART OF UGANDA IN MUSIC we really trust you dear.
  30. Name: Suzy
    Your Reaction: man Jose is the man his can make u dance and sing along when ur sad his the bomb, i wish was like u man I love Uganda
  31. Name: Lovemore Rickie
    Your Reaction: Ua de man Jose en wish i pop in so dat i watch u on stage, wow! ua a roll model 4 many in EA. kip up ma men u kip us hot over here en am sure all te world cheerz with yr hits, Jar bless u
  32. Name: Tina
    Your Reaction: Man Joes,yo cool we love u n are in love with yo music.However,try to make peace with yo old budies n kill de gossip. Other wise u've got it yo music rocks!!!
  33. Name: Henry Luyombya,Toronto
    Your Reaction: Hi Joseph(nze nkweyitira Joseph)kuba oli banna wange.YOU ROCK MY WORLD..and the way u sing in swahili makes me think whether you are a Ugandan hahaha..kuba mani oluswahili oluziga bulungi,webale nyo show this month mu Toronto.all the best in Belgium on 1st Sept..Keep the candle burning!!
  34. Name: Isaac Kiwanuka
    Your Reaction: Jose I love yo new song tukole which had good information to every one in this world
  35. Name: Juliet Namayanja
    Your Reaction: Jose u are the bomb.however u have to work on those fights.your enemies are using them to there advantage.
  36. Name: Cellise Auty
    Country: United Kingdom
    Comments: I love U cameleone !!! I watch U every jumanne in Muzuri music.. and I wish we can tlk best song is SIVYO NDIVYO kila kitu cha nyimbo hiyo is fantastic!! beats, words, dancers, and off course U !!!
  37. Name: Hamza
    Your Reaction: I think you should continue bringing up even more hot songs coz I actually can't wait for your next album,you are a nice entertainer I must say and creative as well.
  38. Name: Andrubee
    Your Reaction: Ssebo webale bendella yo kuyimba Matovu big time Andrew
  39. Name: Davie
    Your Reaction: Hi Chameleon, I happened to have played yo Mawowko hit on our Spring break in Richmond and every kid loved it.We had to play it twice. Keep it up.
  40. Name: Masimbi Ug.
    Your Reaction: Bambi thanx for the great job done in our music industry.Still young but many admire your music and many are entering the industry because of you and your friends.

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