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Insecure Places

In Kampala one had better be careful before parking in certain places. If you choose to do so make sure you have some one to tip so they can keep an eye on your car or else you will find a valuable part gone which will send your stress levels higher than normal. Tipping ranges from 500 to 1000Ugx depending on the time you are going to spend at your stoping point.

This place in Kampala operates 24 hours a day. However from 7:00pm till late that place is very active. I had parked just by the side en route to Mulago Hospital around 10:30pm and I was seated by the drivers seat. The next thing I realized was a guy by the left side mirror busy plucking it out with a sharp ornament.

Meanwhile there was one guy on standby ready to grab the right hand side mirror in case I was to run after the guy with the left mirror. If a car part can be stolen with the car occupants in then how about if the car is left un attended too, you can be sure you will not find the window control buttons.

The mirror that was stolen was hardly a week old after a similar attack from a bread shop in Wandegeya. There is a hotloaf shop in Wandegeya that operates 24 hours so I was looking out for fresh Bread or probably oven hot and I thought this was the right place. At around 7:00pm this place is a combination of make shift markets for fruits, second hand shoes and a lot of items so also wrong guys mix up with these guys and make you think the place is secure when in actual sense these are the guys.

Right Driving Mirror

I parked a few yards from the bread shop and activated the alarm in silent, dashed to the shop to buy bread and on coming back I found the car indicators blinking. I thought may be someone had touched it accidentally or a passing by vehicle with a strong engine had disturbed the alarm. On getting to the car both driving mirrors were off and I looked by only to see a security man looking at me helplessly.

Had I tipped that guard may be I would have saved those mirrors but that is the reality on ground. If you park somewhere whether for two or three minutes chances are you will find the car not the way you left it.

Some mechanics pretend that they are putting glue at the back of the mirror to prevent thieves, others have actually put some protective gears but its amazing how all this will not work because in an instant all will be gone and what is left is the car alarm making noise for a minute and that is it.

When it comes to replacing them these guys are smart they will bring you an original and a fake one. With an original you should be able to see a relatively smaller face if you looked through it and for a fake one or which you can also refer to as a house mirror which has been converted into a driving mirror, you will see your face almost covering the entire mirror now if this is what you are going to use as a driving mirror trust me your driving is going to be faced with a blow.

Finally other places where these mirrors fly like hotcakes are

  • Kampala Road adjacent to Crane Bank or former Stanbic Bank.
  • Any where around the Constitutional Square.
  • Plus some homes once the car is not parked in the garage.
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