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Sunday, June 27 2010
New Business Opportunities are coming up as a result of economic and technological advancement. This has resulted in new jobs and boosted people's incomes as seen below:

Easy Load
Easy load indeed. In the past one had to buy airtime from a vendor and oh yes up to now only that it is more convenient than it was before. Through Mobile Money, one can buy airtime and also send money to their loved ones.

Assuming you are in a precarious situation and you need airtime there and then but with no airtime vendors around you can use mobile money on condition that you have any balance above Shs100. Talk of new trends, some have even started vending airtime depending on the situation.

Supermarket Shopping
The City is flooded with supermarkets and all of them issue computer generated receipts unless otherwise. This has given rise to a new opportunity. Some companies have come up offering shopping opportunities for a commission to those who are busy and are not in position to do shopping in time. One Supermarket is doing 247 shopping but at times you find it closed so those offering that service are coming up steadily.

This is a massive industry that has boosted so many line businesses in the process. Short Message Services (SMS) are growing by sending alerts for wedding meetings, Some venues that were redundant have now found better use for their redundant space by hiring out space for wedding meetings to take place.

Photography - Some Hotels have even gone an extra mile to develop photographing sites that the newly weds have taken advantage of during the photo shot sessions. Soon they will be charging for this service.

Catering - Others that have benefited from the wedding explosion are those offering catering services bearing in mind that a few years back weddings were a question of having a soda and a few snacks, today it is a buffet arrangement.

Bridal Cars - The most interesting here is the slow displacement of the Mercedes Benz which has for so long been used as a machine for Bridal Cars and now being replaced by Hummers, Jaguars, Limousines and so on.

Mobile Money
Two years back there was no such a thing called Mobile Money, now it is a question of either you not wanting to use it or not understanding it at all or not seeing any need for it. Zain, Mpesa, M-Sente, MTN Mobile Money are all here and agents have added it top their existing services and are making an extra buck out of it.

This is no way connected to technological advancement but clearly becoming a money making machine. It was a matter of entertaining a handful of guests who had gathered after paying Shs 3,000. Today even TV stations are signing them up to be included in the program, line ups for their viewing audiences. The original group Theatre Factory has even split giving rise to another group Fun Factory. The latest is Club Silk that has introduced Comedy as part of their menu and the charge is 25,000 per head. Quite amazing bearing in mind that before these were guys entertaining just for laughs.

Small Office Home Office(SOHO) has sprung up as a result of the internet becoming more affordable. For as little as Shs 20,000 per week, One can have access to unlimited internet. With this kind of arrangement, the number of offices at home is on the increase for jobs like Air ticketing, Tour and Travel and Web Design Services among others.

Loan Sales Executives
No doubt this is a new trend as a result of banks becoming more flexible on noticing that other than asking for land titles as collateral, you can now use one's job/salary as security. Loan sale executives are now massively deployed to recruit more customers for the loans. The number of the employed is still very low so the same executives bounce back trying to lure the customers into loan top ups in the process trapping customers into the loan rat race.

Importing Cars
It is not surprising  that the number of cars coming into the country is increasing every month. This is made possible by the internet. One simply logs onto a website and looks at the available stock and places an order online by sending an email to this company. Payment is made by Telegraphic Transfer(TT) and the car is later shipped to the nearest port to you.

This means that anyone can do this without applying to anyone or being subjected to an interview. Not all websites are genuine though. So there is need to carry out a due diligence and once not sure, please resort to the traditional methods.
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Sunday, July 05 2009

Planning your day and thinking of where to host your guests but do not know of any locations, some of these might be venues you may wish to add on your venue list.

Hotel Africana - Located on plot 2-4 Wampewo Avenue there are two wedding reception packages of which one is indoors and the other at the pool side. The price for indoor package is slightly higher than out door as we will later see.

Swimming Pool (Hotel Africana)
Afro Continental Buffet, 2 soft drinks per person plus 1 free bridal room for one night with breakfast inclusive. The price per person is 35,000/- assuming the numbers are over 300. If less than 300 then venue hire will be 1,500,000/- and then 35,000/- per person invited. Minimum deposit for this package is 2,000,000/-. The venue will be set up, chairs, tables and cutlery.

Nile Hall (Hotel Africana)
Like in the package of swimming pool above but this will include Music and Public Address system going for 40,000/- per person for numbers above 500 guests. 400-500 guests the charge will be 45,000/- per person and between 300-400 is 50,000/- per person. Numbers below 300pax is 60,000/-. Minimum deposit for this package is 3,000,000/-. For details on the above packages contact Marketing on (256)-414-347809. Closing time for both packages is 10:00pm.

Seascallop Restaurant and Bar
Located on Kiira road next to Mariandina opposite the Museum around Mulago Hospital. The charge for this place is 20,000/- per person and if the numbers are above 350pax then you can easily get a discount. Otherwise Venue, Music, food with a soft drink, tables and chairs, wedding canopy lights plus a deluxe bridal suite for one night is all you get at that price. Local dishes are also served. Contact JB on (256)-772-305256. Meanwhile this runs until 5:00am implying that you are free to party till dawn.

Nanjing Hotel

This is located in Kololo and wedding receptions are held in the hotel gardens. You however must have you chairs and tables as the hotel will only provide food and drinks. A soft drink goes for 1,500/- and a beer 2,500/-. Otherwise the venue is free as long as you have paid 13,000/- per person. You should also provide your own music which plays up to 10:00pm as the neighbourhood does not entertain noise. You can carry on with the party till 11:00pm without music though. The garden looks beautiful once all is set.

Arirang Korean Restaurant
Located on Nakasero road next to the Indian High Commission. Arirang Restaurant will provide African buffet and not Korean. 22,000/- for guests over 300. Soft drinks are 1,200/- where as a beer goes for 2,500/-. Ample parking plus security is available.Closes by midnight and the neighbourhood is mindful of the noise levels. You need to provide your music and decoration. Our research workers have also discovered that there is every need to monitor the flow of drinks from the serving point to the guests because some of the drinks might never get to the guests at all.

Kembabazi Catering, Arapapa and Maria's Palace in Naguru are other places that can be given a try. We will keep on updating this section with any venues that become available to our team. In the meantime you are free to review these places if at all you have held or attended a function there.

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