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Sunday, September 25 2011

Parking slots at Shopping Malls will cost some money but there are more options outside the box like helicopter roof top parking
Oasis Mall on Yusuf Lule road that houses Nakumatt Supermarket next to Garden City will soon start charging customers for the parking slots just like the case is at Entebbe International Airport. The machines that will accept coins and notes have already been brought in the country awaiting installation.

Parking in the shopping malls has been a bit of a problem for most shoppers forcing the Mall owners to think very fast. The parking control machines will address the issue of congestion in the parking area and also add another stream of revenue to the Mall.

Garden City does not charge but should you leave the car overnight or park badly, then you will certainly be charged at least not less than Ugx:100,000. Most roads in Kampala city have been gazetted as no parking zones making life hard for motorists.

This explains why some of these Shopping Malls are resorting to charging customers for parking. In town, Pioneer Mall makes some good money from parking alone so these other shopping malls are borrowing a leaf.

Garden City Kampala
Nakumatt Shopping Vouchers and Gift Cards
SA's Mr.Price is Here

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Sunday, June 27 2010
New Business Opportunities are coming up as a result of economic and technological advancement. This has resulted in new jobs and boosted people's incomes as seen below:

Easy Load
Easy load indeed. In the past one had to buy airtime from a vendor and oh yes up to now only that it is more convenient than it was before. Through Mobile Money, one can buy airtime and also send money to their loved ones.

Assuming you are in a precarious situation and you need airtime there and then but with no airtime vendors around you can use mobile money on condition that you have any balance above Shs100. Talk of new trends, some have even started vending airtime depending on the situation.

Supermarket Shopping
The City is flooded with supermarkets and all of them issue computer generated receipts unless otherwise. This has given rise to a new opportunity. Some companies have come up offering shopping opportunities for a commission to those who are busy and are not in position to do shopping in time. One Supermarket is doing 247 shopping but at times you find it closed so those offering that service are coming up steadily.

This is a massive industry that has boosted so many line businesses in the process. Short Message Services (SMS) are growing by sending alerts for wedding meetings, Some venues that were redundant have now found better use for their redundant space by hiring out space for wedding meetings to take place.

Photography - Some Hotels have even gone an extra mile to develop photographing sites that the newly weds have taken advantage of during the photo shot sessions. Soon they will be charging for this service.

Catering - Others that have benefited from the wedding explosion are those offering catering services bearing in mind that a few years back weddings were a question of having a soda and a few snacks, today it is a buffet arrangement.

Bridal Cars - The most interesting here is the slow displacement of the Mercedes Benz which has for so long been used as a machine for Bridal Cars and now being replaced by Hummers, Jaguars, Limousines and so on.

Mobile Money
Two years back there was no such a thing called Mobile Money, now it is a question of either you not wanting to use it or not understanding it at all or not seeing any need for it. Zain, Mpesa, M-Sente, MTN Mobile Money are all here and agents have added it top their existing services and are making an extra buck out of it.

This is no way connected to technological advancement but clearly becoming a money making machine. It was a matter of entertaining a handful of guests who had gathered after paying Shs 3,000. Today even TV stations are signing them up to be included in the program, line ups for their viewing audiences. The original group Theatre Factory has even split giving rise to another group Fun Factory. The latest is Club Silk that has introduced Comedy as part of their menu and the charge is 25,000 per head. Quite amazing bearing in mind that before these were guys entertaining just for laughs.

Small Office Home Office(SOHO) has sprung up as a result of the internet becoming more affordable. For as little as Shs 20,000 per week, One can have access to unlimited internet. With this kind of arrangement, the number of offices at home is on the increase for jobs like Air ticketing, Tour and Travel and Web Design Services among others.

Loan Sales Executives
No doubt this is a new trend as a result of banks becoming more flexible on noticing that other than asking for land titles as collateral, you can now use one's job/salary as security. Loan sale executives are now massively deployed to recruit more customers for the loans. The number of the employed is still very low so the same executives bounce back trying to lure the customers into loan top ups in the process trapping customers into the loan rat race.

Importing Cars
It is not surprising  that the number of cars coming into the country is increasing every month. This is made possible by the internet. One simply logs onto a website and looks at the available stock and places an order online by sending an email to this company. Payment is made by Telegraphic Transfer(TT) and the car is later shipped to the nearest port to you.

This means that anyone can do this without applying to anyone or being subjected to an interview. Not all websites are genuine though. So there is need to carry out a due diligence and once not sure, please resort to the traditional methods.
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Wednesday, December 02 2009

It is as simple as that keep that receipt.  Have you ever bought airtime and after loading it the air time is not activated due to an error arising form you just because you were in a hurry so you got a few digits wrong or there is a network error!

Have you bought items from a supermarket and on leaving the supermarket you leave your receipt with the security personnel at the exit point only to get home and discover that a few items which were bought are actually missing from your pack. To go back to the supermarket you need a receipt and it might be difficult identifying your receipt out of the many receipts with the security guard because Supermarket receipts don't have customer names.

I'm meant to understand it has not happened but I witnessed it. Recharging your DSTV account and after that you are disconnected two days later. On complaining, the service provider will demand for the receipt and should you not have it, then your case will not be helped.

In all the three examples if a receipt has been kept, there will be no problem at all but in event of the receipt missing then no help will be accorded. In the same vein if the police has recovered some stolen items and you happen to have lost similar items, the police will refer to that receipt to tell that those recovered items are yours.

This is the festive season and many people will be buying gift items. The return policy for most of these supermarkets is not clear so please keep that receipt because that will be the only way of being helped in case of any items to be returned or similar complaints.

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Saturday, June 27 2009

The 24 hour supermarket the first of its kind in Kampala has shopping vouchers ranging from 5,000/- to any amount the customer so wishes. The vouchers can be exchanged for goods to the tune of the value on the shopping vouchers.

The value on the shopping voucher has to be consumed to zero balance because no cash can be refunded for any un utilized credit. This is the advantage the gift cards enjoy over shopping vouchers. If there is a balance on the gift card, it can be carried forward to another spend.

Gift cards are valid for 180 days or six months from the time of activation. Shopping vouchers or Gift vouchers do not expire according to the officer we talked to though a disclaimer of ''Valid for six months from date of issue'' was very clear on the Nakumatt Gift Voucher we looked at.

The gift vouchers are redeemable in all Nakumatt outlets in Uganda though currently there is one branch in Uganda as two more will be opened in future. Other services available at Nakumatt are shopping accounts which entitle you to credit of one month and at the end of the month you issue a check to Nakumatt of whatever is due.

Smart Cards that earn you points everytime you spend are also one of the services the 24 hour shop extends to its customers. Accumulated points can be converted into a discount or exchanged for an item from the supermarket at some point.

Nakumatt Uganda is located next to Garden City on Yusuf Lule road.

    Tel: (256)414348040, 414348050

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Saturday, May 30 2009

Most Supermarkets in Kampala have introduced shopping cards or loyalty cards as a way to attract customers to their stores. The points earned can be redeemed into shopping. Uchumi has the U-club Card where as Nakumatt has one dubbed cyber cash.

This has forced supermarkets like Quality and Payless supermarkets to adopt similar systems. Fuel retailers like Total Uganda Ltd have loyalty schemes that attract bonuses that can be converted into fuel.

Information derived from these cards as a result of the way customers behave is very vital in decision making especially supermarkets in determining how much of the goods should be replenished.

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Sunday, April 26 2009

             Mr. Price same level with Nakumatt at ''The Oasis''
South Africa's leading fashion retailer is here. Mr Price is now in Kampala on Oasis Mall ground floor Yusuf Lule road, Kampala. Mr.Price will be open between 10:00am and 8:30pm daily.

The message from Mr. Price is ''Mujebale Kampala, Mr Price atuuse wano mukibuga kyamwe!! literally meaning they have opened up a branch in Kampala. They have bright clothes in summer colours for teens at very affordable prices. Denim skirts at 43,000/-, tunics and fashion tops going for 38,000/-.

Pants are going for 62,000/- and T-Shirts under 20,000. Bootleg, straight and loose fit denim at 57,500/- Skirts and shorts going....gone at under29,000/- Canvas shoes for boys and girls, V-thongs, barrel bag and mules let alone assorted necklaces can all be found at Mr. Price.

Mr.Price has a promo running for the next two weeks where by when you spend 120,000/- there are some red ballons you can pop and inside you find a coupon which ranges from 5 to 100% discount. Depending on your luck you can even pop 100% and come out with items worth 120,000/- plus and spend nada for them.

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Thursday, April 16 2009

Payless supermarket offers free delivery for items over and above 25,000/- for as long as they are not drinks, Perishables and Cooking Gas. They have branches in Bukoto and Bugolobi so those residing in areas within those supermarkets can benefit from the arrangement if they need it.

For free deliveries within Bukoto-Ntinda area the number to call is 0712919183 and place your order plus directions. Payment can be made when the items are eventually delivered.

Bugolobi and Luzira area can still benefit from this arrangement by calling 0712919196 for home delivery. Flowers, Food and Pizzas are the items that are most delivered when it comes to services similar to these but with the supermarket extending their service to its customers, a range of items will be delivered now that the supermarket does not sell Pizzas and food.

Have you used the service, do you know of any supermarket doing a similar service, we would like to hear from you

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         UOWD Info

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