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Sunday, September 25 2011

Parking slots at Shopping Malls will cost some money but there are more options outside the box like helicopter roof top parking
Oasis Mall on Yusuf Lule road that houses Nakumatt Supermarket next to Garden City will soon start charging customers for the parking slots just like the case is at Entebbe International Airport. The machines that will accept coins and notes have already been brought in the country awaiting installation.

Parking in the shopping malls has been a bit of a problem for most shoppers forcing the Mall owners to think very fast. The parking control machines will address the issue of congestion in the parking area and also add another stream of revenue to the Mall.

Garden City does not charge but should you leave the car overnight or park badly, then you will certainly be charged at least not less than Ugx:100,000. Most roads in Kampala city have been gazetted as no parking zones making life hard for motorists.

This explains why some of these Shopping Malls are resorting to charging customers for parking. In town, Pioneer Mall makes some good money from parking alone so these other shopping malls are borrowing a leaf.

Garden City Kampala
Nakumatt Shopping Vouchers and Gift Cards
SA's Mr.Price is Here

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Wednesday, August 12 2009

Sometime last year we told you of how the managers of street parking in Kampala had introduced parking metres (Multiplex Launches Parking Meters) and now they are up with another innovation. The innovation is not to the advantage of the customers but to Multiplex itself because it helps them identify defaulters on spot.

You must have noticed a pick up with some gadget on its bonnet and if you have not; the next time you see a white pick up with such a gadget do not wonder what that is. It is cruised at low speed while the camera is positioned on the left hand signed of the bonnet looking out for cars with probably huge balances.

Sales Boosted
This has certainly boosted their sales because curbing of defaulters is now auto as opposed to the manual system. It is now common seeing a number of vehicles clamped. However, while they are doing a lot in that direction, they are doing very little in terms of addressing the problems which the customers face.  On walking to the help desk at the main post office on Kampala road and you ask that they check for your number plate, it is rear that your number will return with nill balances. You are always having something to pay even when you are pretty certain you have not had any parking issues in the recent past.

Way Forward
It is better for Multiplex to equip the parking attendants with digital cameras so that in case of any issues a photograph is attached to that case making it clear of where one parked. In case of complaints in future, that photograph is retrieved and that matter amicably sorted.

Parking is 400shs for the first one hour and the next hour attracts 800shs which is 1,200 for two hours implying that it is cheaper to buy a monthly sticker which will go for 1,000 for the entire day only that you pay for it 30 days up front. Should you default on one ticket which goes for 400shs, it will attract a surcharge of 2,000 shs. For example if you had two tickets unpaid for, this would mean you have not paid 800shs but this will attract 4000shs in terms of surcharges.

In the nutshell you are better off paying your parking dues than driving off because looking at the surcharge out of a mere 400shs unpaid, you are better off clearing your parking due. In some cases you wait for these guys (parking attendants) or hoot for them to come to your rescue but it will save you a few bucks.

Amazingly, not even these guys will give you this information because it greatly reduces on monies that will otherwise be flowing to them.

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