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Wednesday, December 23 2009

Talk about the Garden City roof top, one may think of the Venue bar, but that long closed and the place has been transformed into something totally different and worth visiting. The decor is superb with nice chairs aimed at ensuring comfort as that beer makes its way down your throat.

The name Bodaboda simply targets everyone implying that all are welcome irrespective of class. Someone who is a few minutes from the western world on visiting Bodaboda Bar will feel much the same like they were in their respective bars back at home and for Ugandans, the word Boda Boda relates with the majority as it is a two wheeler bike which can be used to get you to Garden City as there are no Taxis plying that route. The Banker is a more of an affluent clientile ideal for cocktails, cigars with a lounge meant to give you a cozy feeling as beautiful wines, champagnes flow. The view is absolutely amazing.

BodaBoda is the bar but there is also a VIP section called the Banker which sits about 60 guests. The service in the VIP section attracts a fee but can only be compared to first class treatment as opposed to economy while flying.

Mwanzo is a restaurant within the same facility but by virtue of the set up, Mwanzo Restaurant can even offer continental dishes. Short of that, a beer at BodaBoda bar goes for Ugs 5,000/- so you need to have tightened your belts, but that is not a problem at all as Garden City has visa enabled ATMs.

The 3in1 facility had Quela band playing at the bar whose name was carefully selected. The average charge on a BodaBoda is Ugs 1,000/- but a beer at BodaBoda bar goes for 5,000/- However, times change and these are the days of the Alvaro drink which looks like Beer once emptied into the glass going for Ugs 3,000/-

The Managing Director of Boda Boda Mr. Mo and also owner of Cineplex said they wanted to offer more to Uganda's entertainment thus the Boda Boda setting. When you want a drink before the movies or after the movies, you want to go to a place that has the ambience and BodaBoda will just work for you.


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Tuesday, March 17 2009

               Uganda Beers
You may also want to “loose temper” and beers will certainly do the trick for you. There was a very strong beer on the market though I’m not certain whether it is still available. It was 7% alcohol content in a 500ml bottle called Extra Strong Beer (ESB) loosely translated as “Eka Sirina Bizibu” - I have no problems at home. If you took it then you could be sure “It shall be well with you” Kinigeria style. This would give you a longer mileage with minimal effect on the wallet. However the following can still do.

  • Club Beer - Very popular, Tasty and 4.5 alcohol content brewed and bottled by Nile Breweries in Jinja.
  • Nile Beer – Quite strong because it is stronger than Club Beer though not at the level of Extra Strong Beer.
  • Guinness – The drink from Ireland is very available from any bar near you. Just recently a 500ml was launched.
  • Bell Beer - Relatively mild.
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