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Monday, November 25 2013

Pay your bills with Payway
What is PayWay? - It's an electronic payment service that accepts payments on behalf of other companies.
You must have seen this point of sale (POS) terminal at one of your favourite shopping malls or supermarket and wondering how it can better your life.

First things first, it does not return money or give change nor does it accept shs 1,000 notes. It also does not accept coins. This means that you must only insert the exact amount that you want to use starting from shs 2,000 onwards. For every transaction, your contact number is required so that incase of an over payment, your phone will be credited with airtime equivalent to the overpayment.

Airtime Top Up
Mobile Money is one of the easiest ways of topping up on your airtime but just like a bank account, you must have money on the account before carrying out any transactions, so incase you are next to a PayWay booth, you could use it to buy airtime of your choice.

Pay TV Services
If you are to watch Agataliiko Nfuufu in ''HD'', this will come at a fee as the free to air option is becoming a thing of the past following the digital migration. PayWay can be used to pay for DSTV, ZUKU and Star Times renewals. This is a deal provided you get you account correctly. It also allows instant reconnection without having to call a sales person to reconnect you. We all know troubles of calling a call centre and all you hear is 'You are number ** in the queue' at the expense of your airtime.

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) does not handle the receiving of cash anymore as this particular service has been outsourced to banks, Mobile Money and other players like PayWay. Just in case you cannot handle the long lines in the bank, payway could be the next best alternative.

It's amazing how many things you can do with this service in just a short time. Under the utilities section, there is UMEME and since everyone out there uses electricity, the vast majority would be interested, though you have to be on UMEME Yaka Prepayment service.

Internet Credit
Words like dongle, MB, Data and so on are fast becoming the in thing as masses adopt to using smart phones, tablets and laptops to carry on their day-to-day activities. Payway will do exactly that, credit your internet account instantly so you follow up on your hot gossip, check on family and friends through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social networking sites.

You can also buy an airticket using payway but that is only if you are flying aboard Air Uganda. Your receipt might as well be your airticket clearly stipulating check-in times and other relevant details. Now that Christmas is around the corner, this could be one service that you could use to beat odd timings.

Other services that can be found on Payway include: Go Lotto for those trying out their luck on lottery, concert tickets and Insurance. In case you are stuck with the service and you need help, you can try calling 0800.1.22222.

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