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Wednesday, October 26 2011

In Uganda today, all sectors are growing at an alarming pace and so are the supermarkets. In every location that you go to you will not miss a supermarket in fact they can now be compared to petrol stations because they have put up a presence in literally every place.

When it comes to buying items like electronics especially around this time of the year when a penny or two is being put aside for christmas, then you have got to be very careful. If you have bought an electronic kettle from a shop outside your house and on getting home, it turns out that the kettle does not work, you might even be frustrated the more when they tell you that you are responsible for the problem.

Now to avoid being frustrated and loosing time, you should opt for those supermarkets that issue receipts and not just any receipt, but a computerized receipt implying that the details on that receipt have been stored some where.

In case of any complaints or problems, one with this type of receipt can easily get a refund or a replacement of the item that was purchased. This takes us to another related topic of Keep That Receipt

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Tuesday, October 25 2011

Solar lamps could go along way in cushioning frustratons from UMEME
Looks like UMEME load shedding is still here implying that we still have more nights of darkness ahead of us so the need to look out for alternatives. Candles have their own issues ranging from accidents and health concerns from the candle soot.

A rechargeable solar lamp like the ones above would provide many hours of bright light for as long as it's been placed in direct sunlight for at least 4 hours. The lamp can provide up to 50 hrs of lighting on a low setting and 7hrs from a medium setting.

The same lamp will do four hours of bright light with a high setting mode so getting yourself one of these lamps could be a fairly good idea. Some of these lamps have chargers which can charge a cell phone.

You can only benefit from this extra when there is no power and your phone's battery is down.

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