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Saturday, May 30 2009

Most Supermarkets in Kampala have introduced shopping cards or loyalty cards as a way to attract customers to their stores. The points earned can be redeemed into shopping. Uchumi has the U-club Card where as Nakumatt has one dubbed cyber cash.

This has forced supermarkets like Quality and Payless supermarkets to adopt similar systems. Fuel retailers like Total Uganda Ltd have loyalty schemes that attract bonuses that can be converted into fuel.

Information derived from these cards as a result of the way customers behave is very vital in decision making especially supermarkets in determining how much of the goods should be replenished.

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Wednesday, May 27 2009

A few years back we had dealers in land or brokers who were simply connecting land and house owners to buyers. They were referred to as "Kayungirizi's" who knew where the land was and could charge a fee for touring the available sites and if you were impressed you could conclude the deal with the owner. The Kayungirizi will have a percentage out of that money.

Today they have associations which register members and are organized to see to it that they do the job to perfection. The problem with this kind of service was that it was all about getting you land or a house and not minding about the surroundings.

Plots through brokers or ''kayungirizis'' for the case could even be slightly cheaper than those in planned areas which seems to be a bargain and a saving in the short run but a pain in the long run. I know of someone who bought a relatively cheap plot and yes he has set up a structure but on opening the sitting room window, all you see outside are stairs to a latrine for the neighbour. It is even made worse when you go to the kitchen where by windows have been permanently closed because the kitchen is right opposite a make shift bathroom.

Planned estates by companies like National Housing and Construction companies, Jomayi and Akright have well planned estates and they are costly but a saving in the long run. Irrespective of where they are you do not have to worry of supermarkets, police stations, hospitals and schools among others.

So if you are thinking of buying that plot or land, it is only wise to take the surroundings into consideration.

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Wednesday, May 20 2009

Nandos on Kampala road is a family point ideal for ice ice-cream, chicken, pizzas plus other pastries. It also has good African tea. The colour selection on the walls is an extra for the kids. On this particular visit I was having African tea plus 2 beef samosas going for 4,500/-.

The place is normally packed but it could be worse when there is a football match showing on the tellies. When ordering for tea in this place is assuming that everyone likes it spiced. So if you do not like spiced tea then you gotta say it otherwise if you are not assertive enough then you will do with tea that is not of your choice.

The staff here have some bit of customer care which is not common in most of these places in Kampala. Nandos will serve almost everyone from each corner of the world because you are likely to find something for at least everyone.

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Friday, May 15 2009

You must have heard UTL advertising the internet moonlight packages and wondered what they were and what was involved. Before we get into the details of the package let's understand the timings when the package is available and when it is not.

The service is available from 7:00pm to 7:00am. This means that during they day the service is not available so before thinking of whether this the type of service you could be interested in, then you take note of the above timings.

For 60,000/- you will be connected to 64Kbps tax inclusive, 115,000/- you get 128Kbps and up to 256Kbps, you will be connected to 195,000/-.

If you can connect for yourself you could save 50,000/- as set up charge and if you cannot that is a cost you should budget for on top of a plug and play modem which is 70,000/-

For more information on the moonlight package contact: or you can call 300 (Toll Free).

Otherwise for broadband packages that are available 24/7 broadband 64Kbps is $106.2* the rate which is 2150 making it 228,330/- per month. Broadband128 and Broadband256 goes for shillings 431,290/- and 761,100/- respectively.

There is some hope come this June when the fibre optic cables roll out, broadband rates are expected to drop drastically. Having waited for over three years and the cable is not getting here, you can as well do with alternatives in the meantime just in case the cable does not roll out.

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Friday, May 08 2009

Stanbic Bank Uganda has rolled out merchant services to its customers. A product they have termed as the ''first Uganda shilling credit card''. The card is issued under two packages i.e. Gold and Silver.

The cards can be used to purchase goods and services anywhere in the world for as long as a minimum amount is maintained on the account. To qualify for these accounts you need a minimum payment monthly income of 750,000/- together with a stanbic bank account that has been open for six months.

You can contact Stanbic customer service center on 0414340788, 0312 224628 or better still send them an email on

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