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Friday, March 27 2009
FOOD – Having Lunch in Kampala is a must for every one who leaves home to go to work. However where you have lunch will vary from price, location, distance or how busy you are during lunch time and so on and so forth.
 There are some really cheap places with all the food going for 2,000 Ugx with a glass of juice at an extra 1,000 shillings or less. Now this is the cheapest and because it is cheap then the surroundings are likely to be not that good now that the price is friendly to your wallet. These places are very easy to come by and so we will not dwell on them so much.
  • Uhuru – Nice Pilau, Chapati and Juice. Should you mess to have such a meal from Uhuru, you can be sure you will be full for the rest of the day and no need for supper. A nice way to save for most folks. There is a Standard Chartered Bank down town, while there you should be able to see UHURU’s flags inviting you for Pilau. Price is about 3,500/-.Given the price it is not easy to get where to sit.
  • St Anthony on Lumumba Avenue and Kyaggwe Road are your home for local food. These guys normally give you an assortment of foods ranging from Matooke, Rice, Pumpkins, Meat in Ground nut stew, Boiled Beef/Chicken etc depending on your preference plus Juice. Price is 10,000/-(Drink Inclusive)
  • Diners Choice at Hotel Equatoria – Now these are good and there food is really tasty. Walk into Hotel Equatoria through Bombo Road and make your way to the first floor. You will serve yourself. The price includes a soft drink and at the end of the meal fruits will be at your disposal. The price is around 7,000 or 8,000/-
  • Antonios Grill – “English Breakfast at 3,000” is there grabber statement but that aside you can also find some food on the go. The food at Antonio’s is relatively cheap.
  • If you are on the side of Jinja road, you could as well go behind Club Rouge on Nkrumah road, you will be amazed of how many food clusters you will find there going for at least 5,000/-with a drink. Otherwise food of 1,000/- can still be got somewhere along Uganda Railway area. This lane has parking but not even multiplex operates in that area. At 1,000/- shs you have lunch and 500 for a drink but again do not question the sanitation because it is 1 pound technology.
  • Buganda Road Opposite Kampala Central Police Station-Try them lunch time and you will be surprised of how many people have lunch here.
  • Joys Joint Wandegeya – With Yakobo’s having closed in Ntinda, I think Joy’s Joint in Wandegeya is one of those places left for that animal for those who fancy it. Zanzi on your way to Kiwatule can still do the trick.
I think we have tried to address the food points but with the credit crunch biting you might get to some of these places when they have long closed shop but for now they are still operational.
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Thursday, March 26 2009

Electronic Funds Transfer System is payment method that is now being preferred over cheques and it might be a matter of time before this becomes the mode of settling payments and collections.

This is a system where by money is transferred directly from one account to the other without any paper money changing hands.

Most government agencies in Uganda are currently using this system. If you have offered a service to government of late, you will notice that effecting of your payment is done directly to your bank.

The other payment similar to this one is RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) though this one will attract a lot more in terms of bank charges as compared to EFT, but the money gets to your account almost instantly from the time of effecting payment.

Both methods are faster than the traditional cheque which normally takes 4 days clearing time. Assuming there is a weekend or a public holiday in between, then the clearing time will be extended by that period.

This might mark the beginning of paper less money and give rise to increased credit card use in Uganda now that the Point of Sale, Credit Card, ATMs etc are all executed through an electronic terminal.

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Wednesday, March 25 2009

In the past it was a matter of holding a phone for purposes of calling, receiving plus sending sms. This has now changed with more sophisticated phones which are doing more than just calling but also serving as Radios, Digital Camera's, Video recorders, Voice recorders, MP3/MP4 players and surfing the internet among others.

Depending on the type of phone, you can also be located using Google Earth. The phone will reveal your location to whoever may be looking for you.

MTN has just launched a service that enables anyone to send money to another person with a mobile phone. The amount to be sent varies from 5,000 to 1,000,000/- within Uganda only. The charge for sending and receiving is affordable.

Uganda has five Telecom operators whose services target majorly mobile phone users and the big five are: MTN, UTL, WARID, ZAIN and Orange the last entrant in the industry. Other services being handled by these companies include ISPs, Fax Services, Landline and so on and so forth.

This has also created a chain of indirect jobs like vending airtime, repairing phones plus sale of phone accessories which was otherwise not their in the past.

On the contrary though, the parliament of Uganda is looking at the possibility of making phone tapping possible so that once you are suspected of transferring illicit information through your phone, then the law can catch up with you.

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Tuesday, March 24 2009
On the streets of Kampala you will certainly find news papers though with the hot sun and the dust, they develop different colours as the day goes by. Supermarkets plus petrol station shops will also have news papers plus international news papers that are weekly.
  • New Vision - Government owned newspaper that comes out on a daily basis tackling national issues, business, and society at large.
  • Monitor - Privately owned daily by the Nation Media Group
  • Red Pepper - Tabloid
  • Observer - Out every Monday and Thursday
  • The Independent - Monthly Magazine by Andrew Mwenda
  • Bukedde - Sister paper to the New Vision in Vernacular.
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Sunday, March 22 2009
This section has transformed a lot bearing in mind that in the past we used to have only one channel that could start broadcasting at 6:00pm and Close at 10:00pm. Yes up to now they still can't broadcast 247 but at least the channel will be on 247 with BBC or Aljazeera bridging the gap.
  • DSTV - Digital Satellite TV is available in Uganda and the head office is on Buganda Road with a branch at Garden city plus many support centres around town. The call center number is 0312-245245 though NOT toll free so you should expect some Shakira tracks in the background at the expense of your airtime. If luck is on your side they can call you back supposing your airtime runs out before tabling your complaint. The lowest package is at 50,000/- per month of course after the initial charges that include a decoder and dish
  • NTV Uganda - Nation Television is elaborative with a detailed analysis of news in and around the country. Located on channel 141(DSTV). Try them on Sunday 7:30pm for Barbed Wire.
  • UBC - Formerly Uganda Television and now Uganda Broadcasting Corporation is the oldest Television broadcaster in Uganda. Owned by Government and on channel 140(DSTV) Try them on Thursday 10:30pm for Da Beat
  • WBS - Wavah Broadcasting Station another worth trying channel though not on DSTV.

Other Television stations are Record TV, NBS Tv, East African Television,
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Tuesday, March 17 2009

               Uganda Beers
You may also want to “loose temper” and beers will certainly do the trick for you. There was a very strong beer on the market though I’m not certain whether it is still available. It was 7% alcohol content in a 500ml bottle called Extra Strong Beer (ESB) loosely translated as “Eka Sirina Bizibu” - I have no problems at home. If you took it then you could be sure “It shall be well with you” Kinigeria style. This would give you a longer mileage with minimal effect on the wallet. However the following can still do.

  • Club Beer - Very popular, Tasty and 4.5 alcohol content brewed and bottled by Nile Breweries in Jinja.
  • Nile Beer – Quite strong because it is stronger than Club Beer though not at the level of Extra Strong Beer.
  • Guinness – The drink from Ireland is very available from any bar near you. Just recently a 500ml was launched.
  • Bell Beer - Relatively mild.
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Monday, March 16 2009
  • Zain -Formerly Celtel now Zain with its head office at Wampewo Av.075 is the number for subscribers on the Zain network.
  • Orange - The latest addition in the Uganda telecommunication sector. Orange Uganda acquired Hits Telecom that had not yet kicked off operations and the number for Orange customers starts with 079. The road where DHL head offices are is the same road where Orange Head quarters are located.
  • Warid - The massive launch of WARID in this country cannot be forgotten. With its head office at Hannington Road, WARID offers GSM and internet services. The numbers start with 070.
  • UTL - Uganda Telecom specializes in mobile and data. Their network is 3g compatible. They have also partnered with some locations to offer hotspot zones which can avail internet on the go. Their numbers start with 071.
  • MTN - Mobile Telecom Network (MTN) while numbers start with 077 or 078 and 031 for landlines. They have now introduced a service that allows one to send money to any mobile phone in Uganda.
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Sunday, March 15 2009
Kampala is now well equipped with cars where by the passenger can pay the fare that is indicated on the meter. This is essential in case of language barrier or better still to avoid charging higher charges for short distances.
  • Yellow Taxi - They pioneered in this business. They are located in Bukoto and also have some lady drivers. They park around Garden City on Yusuf Lule Road
  • Blue Cruise followed suit- They offer a similar service only that their corporate colour is blue.
  • City Cab - Taken on yellow and black as their colours, always parked at Speke resort, display a website which is not available on their cars but the difference is that they are City Cab and the pioneers are City Cab.
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Saturday, March 14 2009

It can mean to be real hot in Kampala and before you realize you need to send something cold down your throat. You could try some of these drinks.

  • Mirinda Fruity – Once in a restaurant or any shop, you can demand for this drink just to discover the kid in you. Mountain Dew is the other drink to give a try. Both drinks are brought to you by Crown Beverages the ones who make Pepsi.
  • Fanta and Coca Cola are the other brands you could give a try.
  • Splash Mango is another magical drink worth every penny.
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Friday, March 13 2009
              Rwenzori Mineral Water
           Tel: +256-312-333000, Fax: +256-312-333013
Rwenzori is bottled in 500ml, 1000ml and 1,000ml bottles.
Like the saying goes "Water is Life" so you will need to quench you thirst with non carbonated drinks and water might just offer the solution for you.
Rwenzori - The oldest on the market and arguably the best. The company has partnered with most hotels and Uganda In flight Services(UIS) to supply them with water. Otherwise old as it is, it became so popular that a few bottles could bounce back to the market adulterated. The bottle top is sealed though.
Wava Water, Aqua Coolers and Azur are some of the brands you are likely to find on the market.
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