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Thursday, December 31 2009

               Google Maps showing Kampala City
Searching the web using google is now an in thing for about 60% of the population using the internet and it is the best thing that is done when one logs on to the google search engine. Next in line are the photos which have also become popular over time followed by videos another popular category when it comes to Google.

Google has very many of these in store but for today we will dwell on the Google Maps. Like you click web when you want to carry out a search, you will click maps for the case of Google Maps. We started off the Map search with Jinja a town which is 80kms from Kampala. A map will show but when you double click onto a location, it will bring out all the neighbouring locations around that area.

On quenching our thirst with Jinja, we decided to make our way to Kampala following the Jinja-Kampala highway. I must say the scrolling of the 80Kms took a bit of time before we found ourselves in Bweyogerere (around Caltex and Kobil petrol stations).

A few clicks of scrolling through the map towards Kampala led us to the Northern-By-Pass round about clearly showing all the directions. We later moved on with our journey until Kampala town as shown in the above picture highlighting The Square area with the High Court in Kampala.

The other version is Google Earth which has to be downloaded on to your computer. It starts with the Globe, you locate your continent, go down further to your country, down to your town and down to your lane as seen from the image below that shows the aerial view of Kampala.

                     Aerial View of Kampala city as seen from Google Earth

Try locating your village on the Google Maps or Google Earth, it will give you another version of your surfing experience.

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Wednesday, December 23 2009

Talk about the Garden City roof top, one may think of the Venue bar, but that long closed and the place has been transformed into something totally different and worth visiting. The decor is superb with nice chairs aimed at ensuring comfort as that beer makes its way down your throat.

The name Bodaboda simply targets everyone implying that all are welcome irrespective of class. Someone who is a few minutes from the western world on visiting Bodaboda Bar will feel much the same like they were in their respective bars back at home and for Ugandans, the word Boda Boda relates with the majority as it is a two wheeler bike which can be used to get you to Garden City as there are no Taxis plying that route. The Banker is a more of an affluent clientile ideal for cocktails, cigars with a lounge meant to give you a cozy feeling as beautiful wines, champagnes flow. The view is absolutely amazing.

BodaBoda is the bar but there is also a VIP section called the Banker which sits about 60 guests. The service in the VIP section attracts a fee but can only be compared to first class treatment as opposed to economy while flying.

Mwanzo is a restaurant within the same facility but by virtue of the set up, Mwanzo Restaurant can even offer continental dishes. Short of that, a beer at BodaBoda bar goes for Ugs 5,000/- so you need to have tightened your belts, but that is not a problem at all as Garden City has visa enabled ATMs.

The 3in1 facility had Quela band playing at the bar whose name was carefully selected. The average charge on a BodaBoda is Ugs 1,000/- but a beer at BodaBoda bar goes for 5,000/- However, times change and these are the days of the Alvaro drink which looks like Beer once emptied into the glass going for Ugs 3,000/-

The Managing Director of Boda Boda Mr. Mo and also owner of Cineplex said they wanted to offer more to Uganda's entertainment thus the Boda Boda setting. When you want a drink before the movies or after the movies, you want to go to a place that has the ambience and BodaBoda will just work for you.


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Wednesday, December 16 2009

Free web based emails like Yahoo and Gmail are a good tool for communication but there is need to re- think if you are going to do business with that kind of email. Yahoo it self offers customized emails but it will give you the option of a free service and when you feel it is time to upgrade, you then get an email tagged to your business if at all it is still available BUT at a fee.

If you are a business out there and you have no email tagged to your business, one of the resolutions for the new year is to get an email address customized to your business because then you will be taken more serious than when you use a free web based one. Before we look at why you should get a customized email, we would like to make it categorically clear that the web based emails are still good but they come in with strings attached.

Reasons to consider for getting a customized email:

  • You are looked at as a serious entity when you use as opposed to using others. If a company is called Blahze!, then the right thing could be
  • No need of going to the SPAM folder which in most cases has over 1,000 unsolicited messages but also with legitimate ones. the problem is the cost of scrolling through the unwanted to extract a legit email.
  • How many emails form conmen do you get in a day? How many of those are using customized as opposed to using the 'free' emails? It is obvious conmen use free web based emails.
  • If you used a customized email to communicate, chances are your email will be read first and acted upon.
  • Of course many look at it as a cost saving measure but if you are not careful the move will make you loose a lot more than you think you are saving. Meanwhile, an email account is not very costly if you bothered to ask.
  • Not so many people out there consider the internet seriously but the numbers of those who do are increasing and trust me you could even loose out on a bid where you are vying for too much money just because you can't part with very little to have your own email that even makes you not only professional but more professional than using a free service.

Finally, free web based emails are good and in fact you will rarely find customized emails that have just as much space that Gmail can offer, or find a customized email that has a search engine embedded in it like Gmail or real time news with your email interface like Yahoo.

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Saturday, December 12 2009

The latest from Uganda Telecom is that its subscribers who are signed up on facebook or twitter will be able to download messages directly to their cell phones with the help of an SMS.  To sign up for facebook  sms application, you need to send an fbme sms to 2299 and a reply sms will be sent back which you have to follow to authorize the service to link to your profile.

This also means you will be able to update your profile using your phone. In the same vein, you can fetch information from your face book wall by typing fb and send to 2299 and updates will be sent directly to your phone.

Similar steps are undertaken for twitter by sending tweetme to 2299 and on each step a web link will be sent which you are supposed to follow to take you through the various steps while merging your account with your phone.

Twitter is a micro blogging system aimed at alerting those following you what you are doing at that point in time. That is why when you log on to the twitter website, you are instantly asked what are you doing right now? May be you are watching a movie, or taking a cup of hot coffee at the million dollar view hill.

Whereas facebook is a social networking website which lets you post your videos, photos, link to your favorite websites, add your friends to your page. It currently has over 320million users. A radio listeners club, or classmates are among the very many groups or individuals that can put a face book page to good use.

Today, the very fast gathering as a result of facebook activity gathered here in Kampala dubbed Old Skool Re Union. Meanwhile, all the above technological advancements do not attract any charges as the service is entirely free.

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Wednesday, December 02 2009

It is as simple as that keep that receipt.  Have you ever bought airtime and after loading it the air time is not activated due to an error arising form you just because you were in a hurry so you got a few digits wrong or there is a network error!

Have you bought items from a supermarket and on leaving the supermarket you leave your receipt with the security personnel at the exit point only to get home and discover that a few items which were bought are actually missing from your pack. To go back to the supermarket you need a receipt and it might be difficult identifying your receipt out of the many receipts with the security guard because Supermarket receipts don't have customer names.

I'm meant to understand it has not happened but I witnessed it. Recharging your DSTV account and after that you are disconnected two days later. On complaining, the service provider will demand for the receipt and should you not have it, then your case will not be helped.

In all the three examples if a receipt has been kept, there will be no problem at all but in event of the receipt missing then no help will be accorded. In the same vein if the police has recovered some stolen items and you happen to have lost similar items, the police will refer to that receipt to tell that those recovered items are yours.

This is the festive season and many people will be buying gift items. The return policy for most of these supermarkets is not clear so please keep that receipt because that will be the only way of being helped in case of any items to be returned or similar complaints.

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