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Uganda Entertainment Photos

Monday, June 24 2019

Bobi Wine, Barbie and their son, Kampala Solomon

Bobi Wine took off time from his busy schedule to go and check on his son's progress at school, he was in the company of his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi who was clad in a black floral dress. Kampala Solomon is all 'growed' up smartly dressed in his uniform and his No Probs pose says it all.

In the selfie, Bobi seems to say; Okitegera!!

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Sunday, August 19 2018

Rema Namakula listens to Barbie as she explains her ordeal

Rema Namakula listens to Barbie as she explains her ordeal. Looking on is Maureen Nantume (white).

Artists today paid a courtesy visit to Barbie Kyagulanyi, the wife of the Kyadondo East legislator Bobi Wine who is currently in Makindye based Military Barracks. Several artists were at their Magere house where they took an assortment of items.

They included; Mesach Semakula, Juliana Kanyomozi and Ronald Mayinja among others. In the above pic, Barbie is seen explaining to Eddy Kenzo's baby mama, Rema Namakula and looking on is Maureen Nantume who is clad in a white top.

Meanwhile, some with the best shots of Bobi Wine have been seen pulling them out from the archives; 

Bobi Wine and Lydia Jazmine

Bobi Wine and Lydia Jazmine at Angenoir, but trust Bobi, he is so composed as the 'Hit and Run' singer wraps herself around the Kyarenga star.

Debby Sempaka gets a tight hug from Bobi Wine

Debby Sempaka got the couple smiling followed by tight hugs!!

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Friday, April 28 2017

Not forgetting the roots in every setting

After Bobi Wine expressing interest in the Kyadondo East by-elections, we are beginning to see lots of things about the Ndi Muna Uganda singer..

Very humbled when it comes to food

Very humbled when it comes to food...

They do so much together
They do so much together as a couple.. it is !!
Before he even thinks of seing a doctor, his wife will attend to those simple ailments..

Bobi Wine at the NSSF Expo
Bobi Wine at the NSSF Expo sharing his entreprenuership skills.

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Sunday, April 09 2017

Bobi Wine during the Kabaka birthday run

Many had hoped that after what had happened to his beach a day before, he could attend the birthday run marking Kabaka's 62nd birthday...

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Thursday, February 18 2016

We voted did you, Chameleone and Bobi ask

Voting has closed in most polling stations and the counting is on though in some, especially in Wakiso and Kampala, counting and tallying of votes could be still going following the extension of the closing deadline from 4pm to 7pm.

Chameleone, Bobi Wine and his wife, Barbie Kyagulanyi, have been exercising their rights as voters and are so excited to show off their inked fingers.

The EC chairman Dr. Kiggundu says that some polling stations will have to vote on Friday, Feb 19 after failing to carry out the voting exercise for various reasons. The voters in those polling statoons have been asked to turn up between 7am to 4pm..'Gaba SS' is one of them.

Barbie proudly showing off her inked finger

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Monday, November 16 2015

Suubi Shine keeping all of them glued...
Bonding time with a new family member, Suubi Shine Nakaayi, brand ambassador 7 Days International. "With this lot I'm complete," Barbie NOTES.

Thank you for pushing, Bobi tells Barbie during the function that saw their baby, Suubi Shine become the brand ambassador.

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Friday, April 11 2014

Bobi cheering up his wife after hitting a target

Barbie has upgraded her skill from using a pistol to a rifle. Last year, she was celebrating her birthday by hitting the target using a pistol. She has now gained a similar skill with a rifle hmmm.. Meanwhile, there was a disturbing headline about Bobi Wine and Ganja in a local newspaper, so the couple just resorted to their rifle-sport as a way of colling off.

Related: Pistol Shooting Birthday Party for Barbie

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Tuesday, August 13 2013

Bobi Wine Cleaning them out at Amnesia
Bobi Wine's fans could not help but to ''clean n out'' as he did his thing at Club Amnesia during the premiere of his video for the song he did with Mr. G

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Tuesday, August 13 2013

        Bobi Wine at Club Amnesia
'Clean and Out' video premiere at Club Amnesia recently. Clean n Out is Bobi Wine's latest collaboration with Jamaica's Mr.G

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Wednesday, May 01 2013

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Felix Kaweesi looks on as Bobi Wine makes a standing ovation after Chameleone performed his 'Wendi' song during the Badilisha concert - Photo by Nicholas Oneal

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Monday, March 11 2013

Chameleone and Bobi at Club Rouge
Twas a black and white affair for the stars as seen from Chameleone and Bobi Wine last Saturday as Club Rouge marked 9 years in the business and below is top DJ Joe Mflame from Capital Kenya who brought the roof  down with his mixes.

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Saturday, February 16 2013
Barbie(Red) and friend during Bobi Wine's birthday
It was a day before Valentine's day but Barbie Wine was already in the love mood as she celebrated Bobi Wine's birthday at Club Venom in Kabalagala.
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Friday, February 15 2013
Bobi Wine and Barbie cutting the birthday cake
Bobi Wine and Barbie at Club Venom cutting the birthday cake. Bobi was able to show a little bit of Barbie's tattoo on his chest..!
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Thursday, December 20 2012
The first lady and the ghetto president Bobi Wine
Barbie and Bobi Wine during the Guvnor Anniversary celebrations.
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Sunday, November 25 2012
Omubanda Wa Kabaka performing at Labonita
Bobi Wine performing during the Crackers Mic Check Comedy Nite...!
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Monday, October 29 2012
Bobi Wine and Ronald Mugula
The Tugambire Ku Jennifer star with Ronald Mugula at One Love Beach in Busabala 
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Tuesday, August 07 2012
Bobi Wine having a ride on hi boat
He says he is better dan dem by far and now is looking at acquiring a helicopter...!
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Tuesday, August 07 2012
Bobi and Barbie on a boat cruise
Demakakana star and Barbie trying out their boat!
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Tuesday, May 15 2012
Barbie on a boat cruize with Bobi Wine
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Friday, March 30 2012
Bobi Wine's house in Magere, Jose Chameleone's house in Sseguku and Bebe's in Kiwatule that is yet to be completed
Bebe Cool is yet to complete his Kiwatule based house
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Thursday, November 03 2011
Omubanda kissing the bride
The 'Butyampa' star takes the award for the Wedding of the year 2011....!
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Monday, September 12 2011

Bobi Wine Wedding Cars
A Hummer, Limousine, Bobi's Escalade, a GMC and a Merc SLK were some of the vehicles that Bobi and Barbie used from church to the wedding venue at Serena Hotel

Related: Bobi n Barbie on their Wedding Day

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Saturday, September 10 2011
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Tuesday, August 30 2011
Bobi Wine and Barbara Kyagulanyi on their wedding
Bobi Wine's wedding was the highlight of the weekend
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Saturday, August 27 2011
Bobi and Barbie on their wedding day at Serena Hotel in Kampala
It's a done deal - Bobi weds Barbie eleven years after their introduction. What God has put together, let no man put asunder
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Thursday, July 07 2011
Bobi Wine and the Comedians
This was when the Crackers comedians were still performing at Efendy's
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Wednesday, June 08 2011

Bobi Wine and Barbie
The Ghetto president and the 'first lady during their engagement party. They wedding will be held in a few weeks time

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Friday, April 01 2011
Sizzaman and Bobi Wine at Club Silk
Bobi Wine was also at Club Silk Unplugged, so it was an action packed night - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Thursday, March 24 2011

Bobi and Barbie at Casino Pyramids

Bobi and Barbie attended the Flirt n Tease Party that was held at Pyramids Casino

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Thursday, March 24 2011
Eddie Yawe at the Pyramids Casino
Bobi Wine's brother Eddie Yawe had his political ambitions but were foiled when he lost but he is certainly doing well in other areas. He was with this babe at the Flirt n Tease Party recently - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Tuesday, November 09 2010
 Barbara Itungo aka Barbie
She was on standby to pick Bobi's trophies but unfortunately there was nothing to take home, Don't be surprised if the next tracks released by the ghetto president will be dissing the Awards - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Thursday, October 14 2010

Bobi and Desire in Germany
Bobi Wine and Desire Luzinda in Germany where they were for the independence celebrations 

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Wednesday, September 01 2010
Bobi Wine entertaining fans as his brother looks on
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Wednesday, June 09 2010
Bobi Wine and Juliana
Bobi and Juliana at UMA show grounds during the PAM Awards 2010 cocktail. The two are friends because in Juliana's acceptance speech of Artiste of the year Award in the 2008 PAM Awards version, she did not forget to thank Bobi Wine...!
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Wednesday, June 09 2010
Various artistes at the Launch of PAM Awards 2010
This was at the launch of PAM Awards 2010 at a cocktail that was held at UMA Show grounds last Tuesday
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Sunday, February 21 2010
Ghetto president, Bobi Wine at the Basiima Ogenze Concert
Ghetto president, Bobi Wine at the Basiima Ogenze Concert - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Sunday, January 10 2010
Kampala, Bobi and Dr. Jose Chameleone
Bobi Wine with Kampala and Dr. Jose with his last born - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Tuesday, December 29 2009
One Love Beach
Massive crowd at the launch of Bobi Wine's One Love Beach-Photo by Nicholas Oneal
   One Love Beach
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Saturday, October 31 2009

Uganda Male Musicians
The Microphone is certainly doing magic for these guys. The numbering is not in order of who is hotter than the other but to just help us put a name to the face.
1. Bobi Wine with tracks like Carolina Mu Ndeeba, Wesontige.
2. Bebe Cool - Boom Bark Bogolako.
3. Dr.Jose Chameleone -Vumilia.
4.DJ Michael - Kwata and Muko Muko.
5.Weasel and 6 Mowzey Radio who package their music as one with tracks like Ability, Bread and Butter.

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Friday, October 30 2009
Bobi Wine Unplugged
Bobi Wine performing at the Unplugged show yesterday at Club Silk - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, October 07 2009
Barbie and Bobi Wine at the Carolina Launch at Hotel Africana
Barbie and Bobi Wine at the Carolina Launch at Hotel Africana - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, October 07 2009
Carolina Launcf Fans as Bobi Wows them
Bobi Wine Launching the Carolina Mu Ndeeba Album - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, October 05 2009
         Bobi Wine at Hotel Africana during the Carolina Launch
The Ghetto President launching his Carolina Album at Hotel Africana - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Sunday, September 20 2009
Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine
The boyz are colleagues again and they have worked on it and what awaits them is a collabo. There's need to bring the Bogola Ko Star on board because the mere fact that Bobi and Bebe Cool are launching on the same day leaves a lot to be desired.-Phot by Nicholas Oneal.
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Sunday, August 09 2009
Bobi Wine's Escalade
Bobi Wine's Escalade - More on Escalades
See Also Bobi's Photo Blog
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Friday, May 01 2009
Bobi Wine and Barbie
Bobi Wine and Barbie - The Ghetto President and Barbie have two kids by the names of Kampala and Nairobi. - Photo by Nicholas Kajoba
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Wednesday, April 29 2009
Bobi Wine and Mich Wine
Bobi Wine and Young Brother Mich Wine - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Thursday, April 23 2009
On Good Friday the Ghetto President was at Luzira Prison and while there he found new talent from Casanova and Kabaya who are rumoured to be the brains behind Mazzi Mawanvu and being the President he is, he has signed them up to the camp. The two have been serving their sentence but are now free and without wasting any time they will be releasing their music very soon. Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Friday, April 10 2009
In the Background a Prison guard is on stand bye just incase.
As Bobi Wine was performing for the Luzira in-mates, Guards were all over just incase one wanted to take advantage of the Ghetto President paying a courtesy call and sneak out.-Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Friday, April 10 2009
It is obvious the Inmates had a treat
The in-mates had a reason to put there worries away as the Mazzi Mawanvu Lug flowed to them on Good Friday. Photo Nicholas Oneal.
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Friday, April 10 2009
Easter Package for In-Mates
Easter Package for In-Mates at Luzira. Theater Factory was their for a surprise Easter gift while Bobi Wine, Sarah Zawedde and Tigan spiced up the drama musically.- Photo: Nicholas Oneal
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Friday, April 10 2009
Bobi Wine at Luzira Prisons
Bobi Wine Entertains inmates at Luzira Prison-Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Friday, March 27 2009
Bad Boyz
The Bad Boyz take off a moment and enjoy Lager. Chameleone and Bobi Wine have been more than pearls especially after Chamili's accident. Photo By NicholasOneal.
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Saturday, September 27 2008
The Ghetto President, Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine, The ghetto President whose latest album is Mazzi Mawanvu. Photo by Nicholas Oneal. 
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Tuesday, April 29 2008

The Club Silk Street Jam was held on Saturday and Dj.Elephant man from Jamaica entertained guests together with Ragga Dee, Bobi Wine, Juliana and Bebe Cool.

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Entertainment Photos in Uganda.

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