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Saturday, August 04 2018

Hendrik and Zuena at Kololo Airstrip

Bebe Cool's eldest son, Hendrik, real name Allan Brian Ssali strikes a pose with Zuena at the Golden Heart Concert. The theme colors were Gold and Black which Zuena followed right from her shoe to the hair which also had a touch of gold. Her long slit gown was sweeping the floor

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Monday, July 23 2018

The Dome at Kololo Airstrip
The Dome-Kololo Airstrip, venue for Bebe Cool's Golden Heart Concert. Inset is Elvis Sekyanzi and Bebe Cool

It is exactly 12 days to Bebe Cool's Golden Heart Concert, but since the dome is going to be some huge tent of sorts, Silk Events has gotten to work. The Gagamel CEO was yesterday inspecting the works at Kololo Airstrip which will be the venue for his show.

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Monday, April 10 2017

All eyes and phones were on the couple

Zuena whispering sweet nothings to Bebe Cool as they cruised to the Island where they were to continue with the birthday celebration...

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Monday, December 12 2016
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Tuesday, August 04 2015

Straight from the belly, come and support Dad
This message is straight from Baby D, Come and support Dad on Aug 7, 2015

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Sunday, August 24 2014

Bebe Cool cheers Zuena during their performance in Dubai
Zuena doing her thing as Bebe looks on....It was at that point of the hey hey hey he he he hey you every day Let me take you down to my hometown gal..

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Tuesday, April 29 2014

Zuena and Moze Radio strike a pose

Pregnant Zuena and Moze Radio strike a pose. This shot was take last Saturday in Mbarara where Bebe Cool, Moze Radio and Weasel were having The Battle of the Champions show. It was later taken to Masaka on Sunday. This shot reminds fans of the 'Zuena' song in which Radio cries his heart out for Zuena.

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Saturday, October 26 2013

D'Banj and Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool is Battling with D'Banj in Zim.

Zue and Bebe Cool in Zimbabwe
Zuena is at the Glamis stadium watching how Bebe Cool takes on D'Banj in the Battle of the Champions.

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Friday, April 12 2013

Love is in the air for the Bebe's__________

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Tuesday, March 19 2013

Zuena and Judith Heard at Sheraton
Zuena and Judith Heard at Sheraton during JH's birthday celebration when she made 27

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Monday, February 18 2013

Last Saturday was the Tsup Swag Party sponsored by Airtel and Bebe Cool was the featured artiste. Bebe took off some time to show Zue some love...!

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Monday, February 18 2013
Bebe Cool's Zuena scrolling through her smart phone
Zuena Kirema during the Airtel Sponsored Tsup Party featuring Bebe Cool
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Sunday, November 25 2012
Marathonian Zuena at Kololo after finishing
The MTN Kampala Marathon was held 25.Nov.2012 and Kampala was all yellow with Zuena Cool among those that 'ran with her heart'...!
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Friday, September 21 2012

Bebe and Zue so happy with the progress of their unfinished structure.
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Friday, September 21 2012

Bebe Cool and Zuena who could not hide their excitement after checking on the progress of their 6in1 house put baby Caysan aside and posed for pics in different angles.
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Monday, August 13 2012
Your celebs in the battle of the baby bump
1-Karitas was carrying twins, 2-Judith Heard gave birth to twins too, 3-Zuena was just about to give birth to twins, 4-Sylvia Owori is a mom of two, 5-Bad Black is a mom of three and last but not least is former Blu3 member Lillian Mbabazi of the 'Yeggwe Weka' fame.
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Thursday, June 28 2012

Bebe Cool and his love Zuena showing some love to Caysan..!
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Tuesday, June 12 2012
They all have three kids
Moms of Three: Mama Caysan and Mama Davina are all breast feeding. Caysan has just made a month. Bad Black could not miss the Uganda VS Senegal match and matters were made worse when her boobs were shaking uncontrollably in support of the Uganda Cranes after they scored...!
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Wednesday, April 18 2012
Zuena at her Baby Shower in the US
Zuena at a baby shower organised by friends in the US which her hubby Bebe Cool attended a few days back.
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Tuesday, November 15 2011
Zuena, Tracy Bora and Straka at  the PAM Awards event
Long Slit Dress was the order of the day at the PAM Awards and not even Straka was left out..!Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, November 09 2011
Bebe Cool and Zuena at Lugogo Grounds on 5.Nov.2011
Bebe Cool making his acceptance speech in which he dedicated his Best Male Artiste award to Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine and the Goodlyfe boys who were all missing in action at the main do - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, November 07 2011
Bebe Cool chats with a friend as Zuena looks on
Out of the top artistes, it was only Bebe Cool who graced the occasion as Juliana, Moze Radio, Weasel and Jose Chameleone snubbed the event. Bebe Cool was the Male Artiste of the year an award that he dedicated to all the big artistes who snubbed the event. Chameleone took the Best Afro Beat/Artiste Group as the Goodlyfe's Talk n Talk took the Afro Beat Single - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Friday, November 04 2011
Zuena and Bebe Cool arriving at the Anti Corruption Court where Bad Black  was being held
Of the people who benefited from Bad Black's dime at least these are friends indeed and not in need..even Meddie Ssentogo was no where to be seen - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Sunday, October 09 2011
Zuena and a fan at the Minzani Launch
Minzani Album Launch - Rooftop Garden City - Photo by Nicholas O'NEAL
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Saturday, October 08 2011
Bebe n Zuena at Africana
Bebe pulling a dog swagg during the Minzani Album launch at Garden City Roof Top with his wife Zuena performing - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, August 31 2011
Zuena and Bebe at Club La Face last Friday
Bebe and his portable. After being surrounded by Pizza n Burger eating babes, he could not help but just bite Zue's Butt (Bebe Cool Bites Zuena's Butt )
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Wednesday, August 31 2011

It was the Ug's Finest and Talented All Stars Welcome Party at Club La Face in the UK when Bebe Cool lost his cool and went for Zue's rear.

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Sunday, July 10 2011
Black Bends Over to Zuena
Zuena doing 'Owa Boda' at Club Rouge last Wednesday during Black's BD Bash which was disrupted by a power surge for about three hours
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Friday, July 08 2011
Celebrity Couples
No. 1 and 2 are special shots in their own way and so is 3 and 4
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Thursday, June 16 2011
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Wednesday, April 27 2011
Zuena at Kiwatule- Bend Over Concert
Zuena was among those who performed during the East African Carnival with the RDX - guys from Jamaica
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Monday, March 14 2011

Zuena Shooting Owa Boda Video
By now you know that Zuena has two tracks in total with 'Matta' being the first one and now 'Owa Boda'. In the pic is Zuena with a guy believed to be the 'Owa Boda' shooting the video for the track but this is a once off, had it been that they were to perform on stage like that every time Zue did this song, Bebe would not entertain that nonsense.

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Sunday, February 20 2011
Zuena and Bad Black at Kololo
Zuena and Bad Black had an arrangement dubbed ''Black and Yellow'' that we are yet to establish as they joined other artistes on the last day of campaigns at Kololo Airstrip
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Sunday, February 06 2011

Zuena and Zarie
Quick Facts:
Zuena is a wife to Bebe Cool and Zarie is a wife to Ivan, both are upcoming artistes, Zue is a mom of two and Zarie is of three as seen from the pic, the two have occasionally had bad hair days but are also quick at fixing them, both are light skinned.

The two babes hail from Jinja(Idindha) though Zuena is in Kampala  while Zari is in South Africa but always in Uganda.

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Sunday, February 06 2011
Zuena Kirema n Bad Black
Zuena and mystery tycoon Latifah Nalumansi aka Bad Black
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Monday, January 10 2011
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Thursday, December 30 2010
 Zuena and Margla
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Saturday, December 18 2010
 Linda Lisah and Zuena
Just wondering if Bebe might not easily confuse Lindah Lisah(Club Silk's PRO) for Zuena if he bumped into her at Club Silk given his swag of shades at night
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Monday, December 13 2010
Omunene munene n his wifey
Bebe Cool and Zuena at Club Silk during a party for Davis Hillary Ntare who won the just concluded Tusker Project Fame 4 - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, December 13 2010
Davis Ntare at his welcome party
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Tuesday, November 16 2010
 Bebe Cool Cuts a cake during his surprise party
Zuena looking as hubby cuts the cake on a surprise party made for Bebe as he winds up his stay in the US where he has been for the last two months. He will jet into the country on the 22.Nov.2010
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Tuesday, November 16 2010
 Princess Komuntale, Bebe Cool and Zuena
King Oyo's sister Princess Komuntale and Bebe Cool a few days back
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Wednesday, November 03 2010

The celebrity couple enjoying moments together
Bebe Cool is back on his feet no more crutches to the extent of lifting his wife Zuena

Bebe Strikes a pose at the Golden Bridge
He will be back late this month just in time for his Kati Kati show slated for Dec 3

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Sunday, October 10 2010
Bebe Cool back on his feet again
Alpha, Bebe Cool and Zuena in Carlifonia. In his words he says, "Being lame can hinder a lot. Now that I stand again, I'll stand tall, straight and smart in the face of my enemies."
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Thursday, September 09 2010
Zuena having a moment with Bebe Cool's mum
Bebe Cool is in the US  with his entire family where he is trying to do away with the crutches. In the photo is Zuena with Bebe's mum.
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Saturday, September 04 2010
Zuena syill looks great in ths attire
Bebe Cool's wife Zuena looks elegant in this attire
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Wednesday, June 16 2010
Zuena Looking on as hubby registers to be able to vote in 2011
Next year Uganda will be holding Presidential Elections and Bebe Cool together with his wife are among those who have taken advantage of the extra four days extension for voters to register - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, June 16 2010
Dr. Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool n Zuena
Dr. Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Wife have taken advantage of the four days extension by the Electoral Commision to register for the 2011 polls - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, June 02 2010

Police was called in to bring sanity to Bebe Cool's show in Denmark last Saturday
Zuena with Green hair looking on as Bebe with a white cap explains to the cops what exactly happened on that night in Denmark

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Tuesday, June 01 2010
Bebe and Zuena having a blast in Sweden
The Kasepiki star and his wife Zuena having fun during the Europe Tour
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Tuesday, June 01 2010
DJ Brian and Zuena in Denmark having fun|
Zuena showing what her mama gave her
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Tuesday, June 01 2010
Zuena and Bebe relaxing in Europe
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Thursday, May 20 2010
Zuena after the May 19, 2010 accident
In yesterday's accident Zuena hot her head so hard that she went into coma there after. She is however improving and likely to be discharged today - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Thursday, May 20 2010
Bebe and Zuena at Kadic Hospital in Kampala(20.May.2010)
Bebe Cool and Zuena were involved in a car accident yesterday on the Kampala-Gulu highway where they had been involved in the Electoral Commission activities with promoter Balaam-Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, May 10 2010
Bebe Cool and Zuena at KCC Grounds
Eh Maama Bebe cool na Kasepiki Kee--Zuena na Wujja, Awujja Kasepiki ka Munene at KCC Grounds during the return of the king show last Friday - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, March 24 2010
Bebe Cool's wife Zuena checking on Musawo
Zuena Checking on Chamili at Nsambya Hospital. Jose was discharged and he is relaxing.. Meanwhile, he is glad all this happened after his album launch.
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Monday, February 22 2010

Zuena talking to fans about Bebe Cool's condition
Zuena was letting the fans know that Bebe Cool's stitches had become loose and that he had to go back for another operation as Daniella and Chameleone looked on - Photo by Nicholas Oneal

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Friday, January 29 2010

Bebe and Zuena having quality time
Bebe Cool and Zuena having quality time and Zuena's eyes show it at the Sweet Kid Unplugged show - Photo by Nicholas Oneal

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Sunday, January 03 2010
Bebe cool and Zuena at the Agenze Launch
Bebe Cool Sings 2 Zuena during the Agenze Concert Launch
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Friday, August 07 2009
Friends Forever - Zuena and Karitas
Forever Friends-Zuena and Karitas at the launch of Club Silk's Lounge Ocean - Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Saturday, July 25 2009
Zuena and Barbie at Mr.Price
If you were wondering where Zuena and Barbie get some of the trendy stuff they put on then wonder no more because Mr.Price on Oasis Mall might as well do the trick for you-Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Monday, May 18 2009
Zuena's Sister
Zuena's sister photographing Radio at the Nyambura Concert that was held at Hotel Africana last Friday.-Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Saturday, May 02 2009
Judith Heard and Zuena
Nalongo Judith Heard looks at Zuena as she seems to be suffering from a serious headache of sorts. Hope it is not caused by Bebe Cool - Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Tuesday, February 24 2009
Cool and Zuena
These guys have been having issues but looks like they are on the verge of a break through.
Zuena Back Home
Why Zuena Chucked Bebe Cool
''AGENZE'' Track Confirms Bebe, Zuena Split
Bebe Cool, Zuena's affair on the Rocks
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