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Uganda Entertainment Photos

Thursday, August 09 2018

Bryan White seeing off Zari from Arua

Bryan White seeing off Zari who had to rush back for a Miss Uganda press conference at Sheraton Kampala

Mom of five strikes a pose on the black Rover

If you've watched Zari's Hotter than them video, you would notice that the video concept is not far from this..

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Wednesday, July 25 2018

Zari looks even more stunning without hair extensions

The mom of five showed off her long natural hair, she even looked more stunning. Zari has always had her wig on, but this time around, Diamond Platnumz ex was wigless leaving some to wonder if that was her real hair. It was not for long though as Zari had to go back to what she does best, hair extensions.

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Monday, July 16 2018

Fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee, 30, plants a hot one on Zari. Coetzee is a South African designer who has dressed the likes of American singer, Kelly Rowland and reality stars Kourtney and Kim Kardashian.

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Monday, May 07 2018

Judith Heard calls Zari the biggest fish in the pond

When Zari communicated the news of her latest ride, a Range Rover Sport, Judith Heard also pulled out a pic of her old Bentley captioned as; 

"I don't care who the biggest fish in the pond is, Im a whole different animal, kill them with success and bury them with a Bentley, License and registration madam...JH"

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Sunday, July 30 2017

Done with Mombasa and out they go

The power couple is done with their Mombasa holiday and  are back to Nairobi where they will be interacting with their fans at tonight at Galaza Plaza, Nairobi  for an exclusive party. The party started 50 minutes back.


Zari finds her smile again..

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Sunday, July 30 2017

Zari and Platnumz on holiday in Mombasa

No doubt, it's been a hectic year for Zari and she needed this treat...The couple is seen in Mombasa trying to cool off from the pressure that has been eating them up lately.


Zari showing off her hot body in a black swim suit

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Monday, May 08 2017

Princess Tiffah on mom's black Chrysler
Princess Tiffah having a lot of things to sort out right on top of her mom's black Chrysler next to daddy's black BMWX6 also customized with Platnumz reg plates...

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Tuesday, February 14 2017

Done with their 40day celebration of Prince Nillan, the power couple was seen enjoying each other's company at Platnumz state house in TZ...

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Tuesday, February 14 2017

Zari shows off a toned body in this white swimming costume

Mom of five showing off her hot bod....Mrs Dee!!

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Tuesday, December 06 2016

Zari's sister and brother by her side

Zari gave birth to baby number 5 today in Pretoria, South Africa. In the pic is the new mom wearing a smile while her sister is carrying the new born. Looking on is Zari's brother.


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Wednesday, April 27 2016

Diamond Platnumz and Zari

Don't they look cute! The pic says it all....

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Friday, August 07 2015

Baby Latiffah and Dad, Diamond Platnumz

It's day two and socialite Zari and baby Latiffah are already home. Diamond Platnumz is seen bonding with the little princess as the mom juggles between taking shots and chatting with his son Pinto who turned 12 today.

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Sunday, July 26 2015
Zari - "A little weight loss but I'm still mummy fabulous. Keeping it classy.."

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Sunday, July 26 2015

When the right one comes along - Zari and Platnumz show off some luv in their latest baby photo shoot..
Pregnant Zari shares latest super slim shot

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Saturday, April 04 2015

Zari and Diamond Platnumz after their private wedding

Zari and Diamond Platnumz after their private wedding at Tanzania's registrar of marriages


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Sunday, March 22 2015

Socialites Huddah Monroe and Zari in Nairobi
Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe and Zari at the Skylux Lounge in Nairobi last night...

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Saturday, January 03 2015

Diamon Platnumz and Zari after the Rwanda show
Diamond Platnumz and Zari after the Rwanda show. Next Thursday, Diamond and his better half will be in Nigeria for the GLO-CAF awards Gala.

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Friday, December 19 2014

Tanzania's Bongo Flavour, Diamons Platnumz and Zari

Diamond and Zari at Guvnor - All White Party

Yesterday was the Zari All White Party at Guvnor but the party was sold out leaving some guests stranded outside the club.
Related:  Zari's All White Party Sold Out

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Wednesday, November 12 2014

Diamon Platnumz and Zari at a beach in TZ
At this rate, Tanzania's star, Diamond Platnumz will grace Zari's All White Party slated for December 18 @ Guvnor

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Monday, April 14 2014

Zari and Farouk in a supermarket
After spending some time at ZARI Jewels, the loved up couple went to Uchumi supermarket. Looking at Farouk, you can tell that Zari was interested in real abs not those that are acquired through surgery.

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Sunday, March 30 2014

Act Like a Lady think like a boss

Act like a lady, think like a boss !
More of Zari's Photos

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Monday, April 01 2013

Zari in Katanga
During her visit to Katanga as part of her Charity drive, Zari took off sometime to show some kick-boxing skills.

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Sunday, March 31 2013

Zari at Katonga
On Good Friday, Zari along with her sisters went to Katanga village and served lunch, donated toys and other accessories - Photo by Nicholas Oneal.

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Friday, March 15 2013

She's driven them all
Just in: Porsche Cayenne otherwise a Limousine, Audi Q7, BMW, Chrysler, Range Rover Sport and a Mercedes among others...! is what Zari drives before thinking of the Hummer, BMW and the list goes on for the hubby, Ivan Ssemwanga. Zari in her words she says: "Don't Hate, Be Inspired"

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Monday, March 11 2013

The boat cruise hosts Ivan and Zari were busy having fun as the gals had to prove to the select committee that they had what it took to qualify for the free ride..!

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Saturday, February 02 2013
Zari at one of her stores located at Garden City
Zari spent most of her Saturday morning at Garden city busy replenishing her stock, but we also got a glimpse of her new tattoo which had 10 stars and the PRQ acronym, now whatever that means, it will be for another day - Photo by Nicholas Onea
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Tuesday, January 01 2013
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Saturday, December 29 2012
Zari's Lamborghini at Garden City
Zari was all excited on parking her Lamborghini at Garden City which making  Garden City a form of attraction with the only beast ride in town.
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Saturday, December 29 2012
Different Zungu's were spotted at Garden City posing next to the Lambo
Zari scrolling through her smart phone as different guys including Zungu's who are in the country to tour took off a moment to pose right by the orange beast.
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Friday, December 28 2012
Ivan used his hummer to Guvnor while Zari used her black Chrysler
Ivan chartered a plane from Nairobi where he was clearing the Lambo just to be in time for Zari's All White Party - Phot by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, December 19 2012
Zari and Ivan @ Guvnor
Zari and Hubby Ivan at Guvnor during the 2nd Anniversary celebrations on 14-Dec-2012.
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Thursday, November 29 2012
Zari Hassan VS Juliana Kanyomozi
Both are artistes, Zari is a mother of 3 while Juliana is a mother of 1, Zari has just made 32 and Juliana is now 31...!
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Saturday, November 03 2012
Sylvia, Zari and Suzan at during the previous Zari White Party
This was during the previous All White Party by Zari - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, October 20 2012
Ivan's new catch compared with Zari
Nickita is Ivan's new catch and we are now asking, Nickita or Zari_____________
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Friday, October 19 2012
Zari's Ex Ivan Ssemwanga shows off his new lover after splitting with his wife
This is not a joking subject - Ivan has hoooked himself a water logged babe just as light as Zari though...!
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Thursday, October 04 2012
Zari's shoe with 'thorns'
Zari at her latest store The Renaissance Man - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, September 24 2012
Zari snubbed her birthday party at Guvnor
Ivan had organised for Zari's 32 Open Bar Birthday Party at Guvnor but Zari did not show up as she preferred to celebrate her day in South Africa. We now bring you the 31st pictorial instead..!
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Sunday, July 22 2012

Cindy, Flavia, Zari and Sheebah Karungi 

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Monday, July 02 2012
Zari helps a customer who bought a chain and below is Ange-Noir's Charlie Lubega at the launch of Zari Jewels
Up: Zari with a customer and Down: Zari with the Ange-Noir Boss - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, July 02 2012
There was a lot to drink at the Zari Jwel Launch party
Revellers left crawling after being knocked out by some of the hard stuff - Photo by Nicholas Oneal 
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Monday, July 02 2012
Zari's butt on full display
Sylvia Owori was there to support her buddy when she was launching her Garden City based Jewel Shop.
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Thursday, June 28 2012
Zari Jewels at Garden City Ground floor
Zari's Jewel shop is now fully stocked with all those accessories that can be got at affordable prices starting from as little as 30k...!
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Sunday, June 17 2012
Zari poses for a pic besides her hubby's Lamborghini
As you may all be aware, she has a reality show The Boss Lady (TBL) airing on UBC so she has been busy with the shooting for the show with the latest being her shop at Garden City and a scene in South Africa when she had to leave Lamborghini Murcilago doors open and having to pose for a pic on the bonnet...!
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Thursday, June 14 2012
Zari at her Garden City based shop
South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan looking impressed with the works on her shop that will be dealing in Men bracelets and Women accessories ranging from rings, necklaces, pendants among others. In her words she says; "Zari Jewels is where the spark of elegance is!"
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Monday, April 09 2012

Sylvia and Zari are now best of friends
During the launch of TBL, Zari said that she is now 31 but has known fashionista Sylvia from the time she was 17...!

Read Also: Sylvia Owori and Zari French Kiss On Boat Cruise

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Wednesday, April 04 2012
Zari-The Boss Lady
"For fourteen weeks, the cameras will follow me from my waking hours to sundown, as I execute my different roles and face challenges that are presented to me in every shape and form. They will traverse South Africa and Uganda with me, to document every little detail of the things that make Zari-The Boss Lady." Zari said during the TBL Launch.
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Tuesday, March 27 2012
Zari and Ivan's rides
Compound littered with serious rides..Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, March 12 2012
Sylvia Owori and Zari are now best of friends
Fashionista Sylvia Owori and Socialite Zari downloaded a wine bottle each over the weekend... !
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Thursday, March 08 2012
Zari making donations at Kabowa
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Thursday, March 08 2012
Zari with a sisal made bag by the Kabowa women
Yesterday Zari was in Kabowa as part of her Charity activities and she gave them items ranging from sugar, soap, salt and rice among others. She was given this bag in exchange - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, March 07 2012
Judith Heard Vs Zari
Quick Facts: They are both mothers of 3 equally loaded cruizing the best rides on Kampala dusty roads. Judith is a super ex model and Zari is a musician. They all donate to charity. Judith is married and just recently, Zari introduced Ivan to her parents. During Chameleone's Valu Valu Concert, as you can see in the pic, JH pledged £2000 but Zari pulled out the cash and wanted to pay for the phone. Judith just retaliated by calling Zari a bitch and showing her the middle finger...!
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Sunday, January 22 2012
Ivan's BMW and the Hummer that became his after Zari turned it down
During Zari's introduction ceremony late last year, she was given a Hummer H2 as a present by her hubby Ivan but being a car not designed for ladies, she turned it down. Ivan added it on his fleet of vehicles as he looks for a perfect replacement.
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Tuesday, January 03 2012
Zari looking on at her Hummer
Zari looks at the Hummer2 she got as a gift from Ivan during their introduction ceremony - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Tuesday, January 03 2012

                A Hash security guard checks out Zari's thighs...
No doubt she loves dem rides, she was added a hummer during her introduction ceremony less than two weeks back - Photo by Nicholas Oneal

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Monday, December 26 2011
Zari assuring Ivan that he's the only one..!
Zari in a Sari: Donning a sari, Zari sung for Ivan one of her tracks- Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, December 26 2011
           Zari in white during the after party
This was Kwanjula after party again another rare occurence on many introduction ceremonies. This was a chance for the guests who take beer to have their treat because they had no chance during the introduction ceremony - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Sunday, December 25 2011
            Goodiez at Zari's Kwanjula
All this and a Hummer plus 300 cows in exchange for Zari aka 'The Boss Lady' - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, December 24 2011
Zari Introduces Ivan
It was a very good end of 2011 for Zari and Ivan after formalizing their bonking sessions they can now start planning for the wedding - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, December 24 2011
Zari smiles to her visitors
It was all smiles for Zari during her introduction to Ivan at her parent's home in Munyonyo on 24.Dec.2011 - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, December 24 2011
Stunning Zari on her introduction day
Stunning Zari on her introduction day - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, December 24 2011
One of the maids showing off her swagg
One of the maids on the day Ivan was introduced to Zari's parents - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, December 24 2011
Halima Namakula and Zari during her Kwanjula
Looks like veteran Musician Halima Namakula will be the Ssenga as the two are seen discussing which 'Gomasi' to put on plus Zaris's sisters in yellow who will be walking with a swagg before Ivan-Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, December 24 2011
Zari's Kids all ready for their Dad
Kwanjula Update: Zari has dressed up the kids and she is yet to put on on her Gomesi as they wait for Ivan - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Thursday, December 01 2011
        Tracy Bora(yellow) with Prince Kareem, Ivan and Zari
         Happy couples who are yet to say 'I do'
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Tuesday, November 22 2011

A preggie reveller posing for the snappa and South African based Zari at Rouge last Saturday

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Monday, November 21 2011
Zari could not keep to her sit as Ivan looked on
Last Saturday was the Swagger Party at Rouge with Navio as the main performer of the nite. South African based Zari and Hubby were in attendance - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Friday, September 30 2011
Ivan, Zari and Friend at Silk
Zari was at Club Silk on Thursday and while there she took off time and shared some of the comments off her tab with hubby Ivan - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Friday, September 30 2011
Zari and Ivan during the Klear Kut Unplugged Show
Zari and Hubby are in the country and the last sighting was at Silk Lounge during the Klear Kut Unplugged Show- Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Tuesday, September 20 2011
Early this year there was an argument whether that bag was an original LV but Zari has now hit back by shopping from the LV Store down South and even taking a pic outside the store just to prove that after all that bag was an original LV

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Wednesday, August 31 2011
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Friday, August 26 2011
Moet & Chandon Champagne
She first held the All White Party, bounced back with Mid-Year Fiesta party before heading to the UK for the Fabulousity party at Guvnor.
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Friday, August 26 2011
Zari and Ange Noir's Charlie Lubega
Zari and Charlie Lubega during the Fabulousity Champagne Party in the UK
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Sunday, August 07 2011
Zari during the Mid-Year Fiesta Party
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Sunday, August 07 2011
Ivan and Zari at Garden City
Zari and hubby during the Mid Year Fiesta party - Photo by Nichoals Oneal
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Saturday, July 30 2011
Hug of the Year
Now this is serious...! Bad Black decided to attend Zari's do to compare with her Black Gal Party but as you can see from the look on her face, she was disappointed - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, July 30 2011

Ivan and Zarie during the Mid-Year Fiesta that was organised by Zari and Elyt Magazine last Friday

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Saturday, July 30 2011
Sylvia Owori and Zari during the Mid-Fiesta Party
Sylvia and Zari share a moment at the Mid Fiesta party that was held at Garden City based Roof Top Bar last Friday - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Tuesday, July 26 2011

Black Gal and Zari what's your take!
Quick Stats:
Bad Black has one kid as Zari is a mom of three.
Relationship: Bad Black's is complicated while Zari is Married to Ivan
Favorite Cars: Black BMWX6, Zari- AudiQ7
Parties: Black Gal Party Vs Zari's All White Party
Charity: Black Gal supported the gal with cancer as Zari does massive donations at schools and women in Luzira Prison

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Friday, July 22 2011

Ashley and Zari
Ashley showing all signs of good feeding and Zarie at one of the schools in Mpererwe as part of her charity efforts - Photo by Nicholas Oneal

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Friday, July 22 2011
Zari Donates Items worth 4m Ugx
Zari donating items worth Shs 4mn as part of her charity activities - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Friday, July 22 2011
All Gold Everything
Zari is in town ahead of the Mid-Year Fiesta party at Boda Boda next Friday. The last time it was All White and now she promises 'All Gold' clearly ready to deal with Black Gal. The Gucci bag is $350 and the watch is $700 and she adds we're just getting started - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Tuesday, April 26 2011


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Friday, March 11 2011
Zari and her rides
It is not clear where this will end but one thing is for sure the game is on. It started with Meddie displaying his rides, Black tried a bit but only had two rides and now Zarie has unleashed her potential after our dear readers questioned her handbag as to whether it was an original LV or an imitation.
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Friday, February 25 2011
Zari at Munyonyo
Zari Hassan at Munyonyo checking on her twitter and FB updates
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Sunday, February 06 2011

Zuena and Zarie
Quick Facts:
Zuena is a wife to Bebe Cool and Zarie is a wife to Ivan, both are upcoming artistes, Zue is a mom of two and Zarie is of three as seen from the pic, the two have occasionally had bad hair days but are also quick at fixing them, both are light skinned.

The two babes hail from Jinja(Idindha) though Zuena is in Kampala  while Zari is in South Africa but always in Uganda.

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Wednesday, January 26 2011
Zari's Hair Style 
Zarie's hair style in green was lacking according to some of our readers and she kind of took the bitter pill down her throat by adding the pics in maroon. However, she is one lady who can take off time to respond to bad comments for those who disagree with her style. More Zarie Photos
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Saturday, January 15 2011
 Zari performing at Cayenne Club
Zarie performing at Cayenne during the launch of the 3rd edition of the Elyt Magazine on the 23.Dec.2010
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Monday, May 03 2010
Zari loves dem rides
She's gone back to SA but you can be sure she will be here pretty soon probably before the World Cup-Zari Photos
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Saturday, April 24 2010
Zari at home with the boys
Mum of three big boys, into Music, having a school to take care of and soon a fashion label is none other than Zarie - Photo: Nicholas Oneal
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Friday, April 09 2010
Zari knocked by Booze
As the Big Masha Fashion Models were displaying their outfits, Zari had slept off at Club Silk on Thursday - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, January 09 2010
Desire Vs Zari
Desire's unrivalled hip has done her a lot of magic to the point that no lens man will miss it. Now South African based Zari is quietly penetrating the area Desire has enjoyed for sometime. While Zari is yet to proove that she can sing, she is not likely to do a lot for the looks.
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Wednesday, July 15 2009

  Exclusive - Zarie Hussein...!

Zarie Hussein
Zarie Hussein - Photo by Nicholas Oneal

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Saturday, July 04 2009
Zari is an upcoming Ugandan artist based in South Africa forcing her to do some of her music in Kwaito a music genre down south. Besides music she is a business woman operating a cosmetics shop in South Africa.
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Wednesday, June 24 2009
Zarie is a New Ugandan artist based in South Africa
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