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Tuesday, July 02 2019

Sheebah KARUNGI in her new pad located in Munyonyo

Sheebah Karungi takes a selfie right from her living room of her Munyonoy based Queendom. The housewarming party was held yesterday and several artists graced the party that saw the guests enjoy Belaire and Ciroc drinks.

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Friday, December 08 2017
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Wednesday, October 04 2017
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Saturday, July 08 2017

Sheebah Karungi is as light as a basket ball

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Friday, April 14 2017

Sheebah performing in Mityana

Uganda's Shakira would have loved to be part of the Morgan Heritage show at Lugogo yesterday, but she was on duty in Mityana..

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Friday, February 17 2017

The Way singer, Sheebah strikes a pose

Who posed better? Sheebah Karungi or Irene Ntale? - Irene will always lift her leg in that manner when posing for a pic, that's her trademark..

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Tuesday, December 06 2016

Sheebah doing her thing

Nkwatako, Kano Kozze tonvako...Sheebah at Hotel Africana during her sold out concert..

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Monday, September 19 2016

Sheebah Karungi is all set for her Nkwatako album launch

Sheebah Karungi is all set for her Nkwatako album launch on Dec 2, 2016 at Hotel Africana. Later that month, Iryn Namubiru will be performing live at Kampala Serena Hotel in a show dubbed; 'One Night Only'.

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Wednesday, May 18 2016

Sheebah Karungi - Buzz Teeniez Female Artist-2016

Shebah Karungi - "Thank you so much for believing in me! Let's continue Making History.."

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Sunday, April 03 2016

Sheebah All Covered Up

It's big news when she is all covered up. The Nkwatako singer, Sheebah Karungi, was appearing on NTV's Mwasuze Mutya program clad in a long dress and surprisingly, not a see-through. She captioned the pic: "Don't try to predict me.." Just like some would not recognise MOZE Radio with his new shaolin hair style, Sheebah was clad in this below the knee dress, Isn't that great!!

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Friday, November 13 2015

Sheebah @ 26
Sheebah Karungi turned 26 on November 11, 2015

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Friday, October 09 2015

Team No Sleep's Sheebah

Team No Sleep's Sheebah Karungi says HI!!!

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Monday, December 15 2014

Sheebah's new pal
Malidadi singer, Sheebah Karungi gives a little peck on the cheek to close pal, Nina - "Party after work is so my thing especially with my favorite people.."

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Tuesday, October 14 2014

Pallaso and Sheebah
Pallaso , Sheebah doing their 'Go Down Low' song at the Kampala Festival

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Monday, May 12 2014

Sheebah doing her best single

Sheebah Karungi performing her best single of all time; 'Twesana' and when she swings the shirt, it's then that she is doing the #EnduluuuWalala

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Friday, March 15 2013

Weasel feels Sheebah in this sexy video

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Wednesday, November 28 2012
Sheebah Karungi @ Club Rouge
Sheebah Karungi doing her thing at Club Rouge recently...!
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Sunday, July 22 2012

Cindy, Flavia, Zari and Sheebah Karungi 

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Wednesday, May 30 2012

Sheebah checking for updates on her wall during the Swagger Nite @ Club Rouge recently but the men around her were seen pocketing to conceal evidence

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Friday, March 23 2012
More of Sheebah
Shhhh..Don't kiss n tell...!
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Friday, March 23 2012
Sheebah Karungi in her latest photo shoot
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Tuesday, November 22 2011
Sheebah Karungi
Shapely, endowed, soupy, saucy n sexy former Obsessions dancer at Club Rouge last Saturday - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Thursday, July 28 2011
Sheebah Karungi performing with her queen dancers at Club Le' Beaujolais
Sheebah and her queen dancers entertaining revellers during the launch of PAM Awards - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Friday, July 22 2011
Sheebah, Isaac Mulindwa, Juliana and Coco Finger
During the PAM Awards Cocktail at Club Le'Beaujolais artistes were called for a group photo but Coco was quick at strategically positioning himself - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Tuesday, February 22 2011
Sheebah rolling her tongue...
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Tuesday, February 22 2011
Sexy Sheebah
Sheebah Karungi in a sexy and stylish outfit
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Saturday, January 15 2011
 Sheeba Karungi and Alpha
Sheebah and KS Alpha were among the surprise guests that performed at the launch of the 3rd issue of the Elyt Magazine

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Monday, September 06 2010

Sheeba Karungi performing at Cayenne Bar
Sheeba Karungi performing at Cayenne Bar during the Forever Young Night


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Monday, September 06 2010
Sheeba Karungi
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Tuesday, July 06 2010
 Sheebah whispering to a friend
Sheebah Karungi whispering to a friend at one of the fashion shows at Boda Boda, Garden City recently - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Sunday, June 13 2010
Sheebah Karungi
Sheebah Karungi giving Lady Gaga a run for her fashion

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Friday, April 23 2010

Sheebah Karungi
Sheebah has just completed shooting her Kunyenyeza (Like this) video which she did together with these very nice shots

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Monday, March 29 2010
Ex Obsessions member Sheeba Karungi
Formerly of the Obsessions and now on a solo career. She launched her first dancehall single at Club Rouge on Saturday during the Pursuit of Happiness Show
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