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Monday, November 22 2021

Juliana Kanyomozi

Mother of two ... Great shot of Juliana taken from behind

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Thursday, May 21 2020

Pregnant Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi gave birth to baby Taj on May 12, 2020

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Friday, June 29 2018

Juliana to drop her Bits and Pieces album on July 2, 2018

Juliana - "So excited. I’m about to release my new album and I can’t wait. Each song is a different layer of me. An opportunity to express my self on many things that are close to my heart. Some of the songs I’ve worked on for some time, yet never been heard by anyone. Can’t wait to share these BITS&PIECES of me with you guys. Album drops 2nd July 2018."

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Monday, June 26 2017

Juliana asked her fans which hair style they preferred

Most Juliana fans chose 2. "Wow thank you so much guys, very interesting choices, who knew," she commented.

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Sunday, April 16 2017

I'm still here, Juliana tells hippy Jenny
I'm still here, Juliana tells hippy Jenny when the two bumped into each other at the Kabaka's birthday bash

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Friday, April 14 2017

Juliana Kanyomozi at the Morgan Heritage show

Juliana is still here indeed, she was part of the line up of the local artists that performed at the Morgan Heritage show in Kampala yesterday.

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Monday, November 23 2015

Juliana Kanyomozi...

Fans have been on Juliana's case to get a soulmate but ....she is stuck to her guns..

"Don't be afraid of your truth. Find your story, your journey, your truth, that which defines who you are. Embrace it and allow it to inspire you. You'll be surprised how much your story can impact another life. #WOMAN"

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Monday, October 05 2015

Juliana and Mr. Flavor doing their thing

The Twalina Omukwano singer, Juliana Kanyomozi and Nigeria's Mr. Flavor performing during the Coke Studio Season 8..

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Friday, August 07 2015

Juliana's all black look

Juliana's all black look - "I have no caption for this one, so I'll just leave it here," she wrote..

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Sunday, July 12 2015

Eddy Kenzo, Laura and Juliana

BET award winner, Eddy Kenzo was this afternoon having lunch with the Kalibatanya singer, Juliana Kanyomozi, they all looked awesome. "Guess who invited me and Laura for lunch today, So so proud of you Eddy Kenzo. Congratulations once again on your BET award, " Juliana tweeted.

On the other hand, Kenzo had this to say; It was such an honour to present the BET Award to the lovely Legendary Princess Juliana Kanyomozi. She's such an Inspiration to Us. God Bless her.

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Wednesday, January 14 2015
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Thursday, January 01 2015

Lillian, Juliana and Laura
Lillian Mbabazi, Juliana Kanyomozi and her young sister, Laura

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Monday, November 17 2014

Juliana's nice shoe


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Saturday, July 26 2014

Juliana and Amon during their son's funeral

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Monday, November 18 2013

Juliana's FB account clocks 100,000
Juliana Kanyomozi's facebook accout hits the 100,000 mark and she says: "tuvude walaa!! Started from the bottom (fake accounts tried to kill our vibe ) and now we here 100,000 likes. Luv u my Juliana fam."

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Saturday, October 19 2013

Juliana had three sections in her concert
It was one show that revelers enjoyed after parting with shs100,000/- but then again, it was the second show she had held since 2007. Talk of scarcity breeding value.

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Monday, June 17 2013

Juliana at Gatto Matto in Bugolobi
Singer Juliana Kanyomozi was among the guests that attended McKenzie's birthday bash at Gatto Matto in Bugolobi.

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Monday, March 11 2013

Julina performing during the Club Rouge 9th Anniversary
Woman of Substance - Juliana Kanyomozi performing at Club Rouge on Saturday as they celebrated their 9th Anniversary.

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Thursday, November 29 2012
Zari Hassan VS Juliana Kanyomozi
Both are artistes, Zari is a mother of 3 while Juliana is a mother of 1, Zari has just made 32 and Juliana is now 31...!
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Sunday, October 28 2012

Juliana showing off her BEFFTA award
Juliana Kanyomozi was all smiles after being declared the Best International Afrobeat Act winner for the year 2012 of the BEFFTA's

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Thursday, October 11 2012
Juliana was one of the artistes that performed during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations
She did her 'I AM UGANDAN' but did not like it a single bit when they kept on interrupting her to announce the arrival of some dignitaries.
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Sunday, September 30 2012
Juliana at Mulago Hospital
Up Arrow: Juliana looks at the baby.
Left Arrow: Blood stained floor.
Right Arrow: The baby and the mother on the floor not very far from the dirty floor.
Down Arrow: The mother holding onto the baby.
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Friday, September 14 2012
Desire and Juliana
Caption it__________
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Thursday, June 07 2012
Sexy Juliana Kanyomozi
The Tusker Project Fame Judge Juliana Kanyomozi in her latest video shoot of her track 'Omutima Oguluma'
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Thursday, February 09 2012
Curvy Juliana
The Sanyu Lyange star Juliana Kanyomozi showing off her curves
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Saturday, December 17 2011
Felix and Juliana at Kololo
Lt. Col Felix Kulayigye with Juliana Kanyomozi at Kololo Airstrip recently
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Sunday, November 13 2011
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Tuesday, November 08 2011
Juliana sings her heart out to Kenny Lattimore
Juliana performing with US RnB singer Kenny Lattimore during the launch of Qatar Airways at Serena Hotel. In his words he said  "The love and hospitality is amazing!!"
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Thursday, November 03 2011
Laura Kahunde at Club  Rouge
Laura Kahunde in her sexy black short that was revealing the upper dark complexion was around her big sister during the Kidum Nite
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Tuesday, October 25 2011
Juliana and Kidum at Club Rouge
This was during the Kidum Nite last Wednesday at Club Rouge when Burundian singer Kidum, real name Jean Pierre Nimbona were doing the 'Hatarudi' song
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Sunday, August 07 2011
Curvy Juliana
Been around, still around and not about to go anywhere and the curves just make her a complete package.
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Friday, July 22 2011
Sheebah, Isaac Mulindwa, Juliana and Coco Finger
During the PAM Awards Cocktail at Club Le'Beaujolais artistes were called for a group photo but Coco was quick at strategically positioning himself - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, June 09 2010
Bobi Wine and Juliana
Bobi and Juliana at UMA show grounds during the PAM Awards 2010 cocktail. The two are friends because in Juliana's acceptance speech of Artiste of the year Award in the 2008 PAM Awards version, she did not forget to thank Bobi Wine...!
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Friday, May 21 2010
          Juliana Kanyomozi
The Diva is back, her collabo with Burundian Kidum, Haturudi made Kidum the Best Male Artiste in East Africa in the Kilimanjaro Music Awards. Very careful with her dressing, occasionally taking music breaks but when she bounces back, many ''artistes'' go into hiding. She was last seen at the Nakimera Concert and the Ngenda Maaso concert.
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Tuesday, May 11 2010
Juliana and brother
Now these are two functions. We will use Juliana's attire since it is different. White top was 2 weeks back at Blu Haze as the Diva Awards were being launched to the artistes and in the brown top was at the launch of Club Silk Lounge last year.!!!
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Saturday, August 08 2009
Juliana and Friend at Silk Ocean Lounge
Juliana and Brother at Silk Ocean Lounge - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Sunday, July 19 2009
Juliana's Trademarks
This is what it takes to be like Juliana.A tattoo on the left hand, Eyebrow pin and her body language.
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Monday, January 05 2009
Juliana at the launch of Silk Events
Juliana at the launch of Silk Events recently - Photo:Nicholas Oneal
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Tuesday, April 29 2008

The Club Silk Street Jam was held on Saturday and Dj.Elephant man from Jamaica entertained guests together with Ragga Dee, Bobi Wine, Juliana and Bebe Cool.

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Entertainment Photos in Uganda.

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