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Thursday, June 10 2010
             Mini Dick Number Plate
Mini-Dick it is-However small you should be proud of it. Problem is that if such a car ever defaulted on parking and a summary sheet of defaulters is presented, the parking attendant could lose a job depending on which side of the bed the boss slept if he/she failed to give a sound explanation why that number plate appeared on the list.
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Wednesday, June 09 2010
Bobi Wine and Juliana
Bobi and Juliana at UMA show grounds during the PAM Awards 2010 cocktail. The two are friends because in Juliana's acceptance speech of Artiste of the year Award in the 2008 PAM Awards version, she did not forget to thank Bobi Wine...!
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Wednesday, June 09 2010
Various artistes at the Launch of PAM Awards 2010
This was at the launch of PAM Awards 2010 at a cocktail that was held at UMA Show grounds last Tuesday
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Wednesday, June 09 2010
Maurice Hassa with a hot babe
Maurice Hassa of the 'Kaleke Kasome' fame at the launch of PAM Awards 2010 at UMA Show grounds. The babe is indeed ripe so when Maurice preaches his message of Kale ke Kasome he is pretty sure of what he sings about..!
Posted by: uowd AT 01:33 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, June 07 2010
Geoffrey Lutaaya and wife at Hotel Africana
Geoffrey Lutaaya and wife at Hotel African during the launch of his album - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Wednesday, June 02 2010

Police was called in to bring sanity to Bebe Cool's show in Denmark last Saturday
Zuena with Green hair looking on as Bebe with a white cap explains to the cops what exactly happened on that night in Denmark

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Tuesday, June 01 2010
Bebe and Zuena having a blast in Sweden
The Kasepiki star and his wife Zuena having fun during the Europe Tour
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Tuesday, June 01 2010
DJ Brian and Zuena in Denmark having fun|
Zuena showing what her mama gave her
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Tuesday, June 01 2010
Zuena and Bebe relaxing in Europe
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Saturday, May 29 2010
More of Desire's Trademark
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