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Uganda Entertainment Photos

Wednesday, June 13 2018

Weasel during the Am Coming video shoot and inset is Pallso going the Kachima like dance

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Monday, April 18 2016

Weasel and Mbabazi strike a pose

Weasel and Lilian Mbabazi, Moze Radio's baby mama saying HI...!

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Thursday, February 04 2016

Radio and Weasel
It's a good year so far for the Goodlyfe Crew singers Radio and Weasel - Their first video for the year 2016, Omwana Wa Bandi is already out and it's been received well, their Juicy Juicy song was voted Song of the Year (2015) in the just concluded Hipipo awards and as if that is not enough, their Skywalker song has been bought to feature in a Hollywood movie.

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Saturday, May 09 2015

Weasel and Radio rocked skirts on their 2015 show

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Saturday, June 15 2013

Toniks and Weasel at Club Venom
Weasel chatting with Toniks during his Birthday bash at Club Venom

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Thursday, May 16 2013

BET 2013 Nominee, Weasle during the Obuddel launch at Hotel Africana 

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Friday, March 15 2013

Weasel feels Sheebah in this sexy video

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Wednesday, December 05 2012
Hamida and Weasel Doug at Club Silk
Hamida Bibi Ye Congo..Ekimyula Kye Congo...! Mida and Weasel share a moment during the Bebe Cool Unplugged.
Related: Bad Black Falls Out With Mida
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Thursday, August 16 2012
Weasel cozy with a Zungu babe at Amnesia
Weasel was tight marked by the Zungu babe as they celebrated Desire's birthday
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Friday, September 30 2011
Weasel and Moze Radio at Club Silk
A few days back the two were rumored to have had a fist fight but a close look at their faces even under the shades.....! Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Saturday, September 17 2011
Moze Radio(Black) and Weasel at Club Silk
This was at Club Silk during the Mr Flavour meet and greet party- Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, June 06 2011
Moze Radio and Weasel after performing at the Big Brother Africa live eviction show
The boys performed on the Big Brother stage unfortunately our boy Ernest together with his Tanzanian chic were evicted on Sunday
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Friday, April 01 2011
Sizzaman and KS Alpha look on as the Goodlyfe perform
It was action packed yesterday as the Sizza n OS Unplugged show had so many artistes- Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, May 17 2010

Ngenda Maaso Album Launch
Ngenda Maaso..Ebirungi biri mu maaso as these maamas seemed to suggest otherwise from their dance-Photo by Nicholas Oneal

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Saturday, January 16 2010

Goodlyfe Boys Moze Radio and Weasel
Tracks like 'Bread and Butter', 'Nyumbani' which they did with Viboyo, 'Ability' a collabo with Rabadaba, 'Number 1', 'Chidula', 'Zuena', 'Nyambura', 'Where you are' which they did with Blu*3 and General Ozzy's Potential remix are some of the tracks that have put the Goodlyfe guys in the limelight.

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Tuesday, December 22 2009

Moze Radio and Weasel TV perform at their Xmas Party
Moze and Weasel performing at the Kyadondo Rugby Grounds during the Xmas Party last Friday which was poorly attended. They have released track after track this year and they are releasing more except for the lethal lyrics. Could it be the reason for the poor turn up for the Friday show ! - Photo by Nicholas Oneal

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Saturday, October 31 2009

Uganda Male Musicians
The Microphone is certainly doing magic for these guys. The numbering is not in order of who is hotter than the other but to just help us put a name to the face.
1. Bobi Wine with tracks like Carolina Mu Ndeeba, Wesontige.
2. Bebe Cool - Boom Bark Bogolako.
3. Dr.Jose Chameleone -Vumilia.
4.DJ Michael - Kwata and Muko Muko.
5.Weasel and 6 Mowzey Radio who package their music as one with tracks like Ability, Bread and Butter.

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Tuesday, July 21 2009
Goodly at Labonita
Goodlyf at Theatre Labonita - Photo by Nico
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Friday, July 17 2009
Chameleone and Weasel TV
Jose Chameleone(Leone Island Boss) and formerly Weasel Manizzle and now Weasel TV of the Good Lyf Crew who happen to be brothers do not see eye to eye. Weasel was originally with Chameleone and they did tracks together like ''Bomboclut'' but later part ways. Weasel together with Moze Radio formed the Good Lyf Crew but looking at the results so far, it was not a bad decision at all because the pair is doing well musically. They also do not attend each other's launch or concert. - Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Thursday, June 25 2009

Goodlyf Crew doing Omugati Gwa Butter !
Omugati Gwa Butter Unplugged-Photo by  Nicholas Oneal
This Babe Could not resist Radio's voice for long

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Wednesday, June 24 2009
Moze Radio, Weasel Tv, and Producer Washington
Moze Radio, Weasel Tv, and Producer Washington - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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Monday, May 18 2009
Weasel TV, Karitas and Moze Radio
Tv and Radio chat up Karitas at Hotel Africana where they held the Nyambura show.Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Monday, May 18 2009
Nyambura Babes
Nyambura Babes - These were in plenty during the Nyambura show whose Luganda meaning goes for undressing.Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Saturday, May 16 2009
Weasel and Radio
The pair at the launch of the Nyambura album at Hotel Africana on 15-May-2009. Photo by Nicholas Oneal.
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Thursday, April 23 2009
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Monday, April 20 2009

Weasel TV
Weasel TV-He is one of the guys terrorizing Kampala when it comes to music together with his ''better  half'' Mowzey Radio. They release a track almost monthly but in just a couple of hours the track becomes the anthem. Bread and Butter will surely win them an accolade come this years PAM Awards according to one of the fans on their page. Continue to Mowzey and Weasel Page.

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Tuesday, February 03 2009
Weasel and Radio
Weasel, Radio at Madoxx Unplugged - Photo by Nicholas Oneal
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