Fake Eviction Show

Fake Evictees in the Glass Room


It was a fake eviction to the viewers but a moment of truth to the housemates not until the evicted housemates bounced back. The show kicked off with a performance by Bebe Cool, Wyre and Nazizi (East African Bashment Crew) with Fire Anthem and later the group played their Kube Track.
Thami and Morris were secluded from the rest of the housemates to a glass house where they stayed alone contemplating their next move. Morris is called first as the first housemate to ''leave'' the Big Brother House. On exiting the house Morris was interviewed briefly by KB like it was real he was leaving.
KB asked Big Brother to show Morris those who nominated him. Morris was not surprised about Sheila and Mimi nominating him but he was pretty surprised about the others. KB asks Morris that if he gave him  a chance to go back to the house what could he do? To this Morris replies Try... and KB told him go back... Morris ran faster than the steeplechase Gold Winner, Dorcus Inzikuru while going back to the house.
When they mentioned that the second housemate to leave the Big Brother House is Thami, the South African Housemate retaliated by saying No way, No way and actually he had refused to make a move not until Big Brother intervened with his unique voice. '' You may leave the Big Brother House... and Thami moved to where he was being summoned.
KB asked Thami who he would miss most in the house and Thami replied Lucille.. Meanwhile Lucille nominated Thami but this did not matter much as Thami said she was the best to look at. As opposed to Morris who ran back to the house, Thami walked majestically to the house.
Latoya in Shock
The game latoya has been playing has clearly come to an end. She has to choose to either stay with Ricco or not going back to Morris at all. Ricco noticed how terribly shocked Latoya was and stood by her side all the time as they got to terms with the shock.
After Shock
Ricco, Tawana, Sheila, Munya and TK are pretty worried and they try to brainstorm over the outcome of the change in the game. The Zimbabwe kid says he will have to impress other countries because it is difficult to phone from his country. My head hurts Tawana is heard saying.. however the solution to the hurting headache is cigarettes.. ''Big Brother please give us Cigarettes, Please Please'' Tawana adds.
The game is certainly going to be unique and interesting with the bouncing back of the housemates who know exactly who nominated them. These guys are going to face the guns to whoever nominated them. However others are looking at it as a rigged big brother especially when the evicted housemates are allowed back to the house after knowing who nominated them. It is obvious they are going to be hard on whoever nominated them and in the words of Thami he says 'If Promised a second chance, he guarantees to inflict pain on a lot more people'. Watch this Space...!

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