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Fading Artistes

Reproduced from the Red Pepper.24.Aug.2007

Out of Beats & Rhymes
Top Uganda Artistes facing Extinction after the Dinosaurs

The Music Industry is broken, though players might not know it already or they are aware but don't have a clue about how to repair it.The Music Industry in particular is increasingly just another hustle, a starting point for would be moguls seeking to establish themselves as brands and cash in on their names. Its' savvy from a business and marketing standpoint, but its having a deadly effect on quality and creativity and we are afriad there are stars who have failed to keep up the pace and are in danger of being wiped off the face of Music industry in Uganda.

Chance Nalubega:
Has dimples the size of crater lakes in her cheeks which enhance the beauty of her smile. She came to the lime light with her single Abakyakala Mukyakale which was urging people to enjoy booze. As a moslem this was controversial enough and made her heroine to some people but that is all that can be remembered about Chance Nalubega.

Jose Chameleone:
He thinks that he is a sort of modern messiah who doesn't get an hour at homebut will get it elsewhere which is wrong. No single artiste has devoted fans like Chameleone but his ability his letting them down so badly.Its as though his creativeness only flows when he has been aggrieved and wants to get back at someone.Nekolera Mali, Bomboclat, Beffula are testimony to this.Now that he has achieved most of his dreams his zeal and creativity are on the fast lane to Oblivion.

Winnie Munyenga:
However much she hates it Munyenga can only be described as a one hit wonder. The goggle eyed curvaceous Congolese caught people's attention with her Saasira about three years ago and has never had another hit. She frantically tried to keep in the limelight by spreading anti media sentiments but Ugandans got bored and cut her off forever.

Kalibala Priscilla:
She is too sexy and gorgeuos to have had a ny serious talent. Most her fans are bedazzled by her looks and size zero body and not necessarily her music. If you asked anyone which song she sang they would find it difficult to name any. She should probably look at dancing or joining a modelling agency.

Angella Katatumba:
Its a relief to know that Angella' s future isn't entirely relying on her Music career. Ever since she came onto the Ugandan scene this beautiful royal has never had a serious hit. Even the few duets she does with the popular artistes simply never make any difference. As an entreprising, well educated business woman Angella will never starve though she will never get much from the Music Industry.

Iryn Namubiru:
She is the Current PAM Awards Female Artiste of the year and the moment she came onto the scene everyone breathed a sigh of relief. She was a fresh face with a promising fresh approach to the industry but it seems that was all she had; a promise which hasn't materialized. Judging from the recent album launch Iryn is on her way out unless somthing happens to end this sad ending.

Sophie and Sam Gombya:
They make such a cute and inspiring couple. They were even at one time very big stars but as their family responsibilities increased the two seemed to have had less time to devote to their music. It goes without saying that this couple is definately on its way out and should start looking for other means of survival for their three off springs.

Nvanungi Sheila:
She is a very beautiful woman with a body that makes men go wild with desire. When Nvanungi released the video of her hit single Doctor it stopped traffic as men just stopped to stare at her well shaped body on shop screens. Her next album was awaited with much anticipation but when it finally came it showed that Nvanungi was just a Kiwaani musician after all.

Mesaach Semakula:
He loves his miusic and he is very passionate about it but his creativity revolves around the same things. His style too has become predictable and will not be exciting a few years down the road.

Jimmy Okoth has never been a musician but he likes laughing at people. As a comedian he joined the Music band wagon just to make people laugh. At least that is what we would like to believe because as a Musician Oulanya is one big laugh.

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