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Uganda Districts Portal

Uganda Districts

Uganda has over 95 districts with Kampala having the highest population of over 1.2mn people. The Central region has about 16 districts, Eastern region has 24 districts, Northern region has 21 districts and the western region 19 districts.

Jinja Iganga and Kamuli have the highest population in the Eastern region. Bushenyi District in the western region is the second most populated district after Kampala with a population of over 700,000 while Kalangala has the least number just 36,000 in terms of population.                       

  • Adjumani District - Adjumani also has an airfield, but mostly murram roads traverse it with only a kilometre of tarmac road in the town council. In terms of energy sources, the district is served by thermal electricity limited to the town council. Other sources of electricity include individual generator units and solar panels operated by non Governmental organizations (NGOs) and other persons in the district..
  • Arua District - Arua has four categories of roads namely, trunk roads - 558km, feeder roads - 1178km, community roads - 550km and urban roads of which+23 6.4km are tarmac and 34.2km is murram. In addition the district has an airfield that has been designated as an international point of entry and exit by Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda.
  • Bundibuggyo District - Bundibugyo - Fort Portal road links between the Districts to the rest of the Country. It is also important to note that Bundibugyo District is linked to Eastern Congo via Bundibugyo Lamia Road. This part of Congo and the accessible interior have an estimated population of 340,000 people (three times that of Bundibugyo) and it is dependent on various services rendered in Bundibugyo District, e.g. district hospital, transportation link to Kampala and veterinary services. It is also known that Eastern Congo is very rich in minerals such as gold, Colton and diamonds. In addition, there is plenty of timber.
  • Bugiri District - The people of Bugiri are a proud people. Proud of their heritage, their leadership and traditions. Bugiri brims with rice plantations, the largest being Kibimba Rice Irrigation Scheme, now called Tilda. Other small plantations are owned by households for their subsistence.Bugiri is a greatly unexploited district with tourism potentials such as Siro Islands with numerous bird species and the beautiful sand shores of Lake Victoria.
  • Iganga District - Iganga is one of the fastest growing towns in Uganda. Once a one street town, Iganga has seen a surge in the construction of commercial and residential buildings. Iganga lies on the main road through East Africa from Kampala and this has made it a busy town with a busy economic atmosphere in all trades.

Kampala Capital City Authority - To promote and  facilitate the delivery of quality, sustainable customer oriented services efficiently and effectively.

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