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Desire Luzinda News 
Juliana Birthday: Singer Turns 31

Desire Luzinda Seeks Police Protection

Some people are extorting money from unsuspecting individuals claiming that singer, Desire Luzinda, is raising funds for legal fees. She has since reported to police that wanted her over the leaked photos and also asked for protection now that she is being trailed...Read More

I'm Not Hiding - Desire Luzinda

I'm Not Hiding - Desire Luzinda

Two weeks after her shots had leaked, Desire was still the talk-of-the town, some even put her on suicide watch, but the Ekitone singer came out of hiding and told her fans that she was fine cooling off the pressure with her family...Read More

Desire Luzind fans show her support

Desire Luzinda Missed the UGA VS GHA Game

"My fans are better than yours" was the comment Desire made when fans turned up at Namboole donning t-shirts with inscriptions; 'We will always be there for you Desire Luzinda'...Read More

Desire Luzinda's Oga Leaks Her Nud8 Pic

Desire Luzinda's jilted lover, Franklin Emuobor, leaks her nud# pics...Read More

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Desire Luzinda 
Desire Luzinda Photos

Latest Desire Luzinda News

The mom of one has been on the Ugandan music scene for quite sometime now. In 2008, she held her first concert, and just like Juliana, she held her second music concert in 2014. Unfortunately, that very concert has caused her problems.

Desire and her lover then, Franklin Emuobor, borrowed money to pull off the Black and White Affair concert. Few months later, money lenders were on her case to pay up the money lest they take her on, in fact, she was arrested and only released after friends raised some of the money.

More Desire Luzinda News

As expected, she was required to let her fans know what had happened, she put all the blame on her lover, Franklin, something that did not go down well with him leaking the singer's nud# pics in the process. Desire has since released her latest single, Ekitone, which means talent and in the song she says, she is talented and has got gold and honey underneath below.

Desire Luzinda faces 10 years in jail over the leaked photos

Reactions on Desire Luzinda's Nud# Pics 

Former Kampala Mayor, Hajj Nasser Ntege Ssebagala aka Seya -  "It's unfortunate this happened and she cannot reverse it, but Ugandans should forgive her. It's important that our daughters start behaving well and go back to the aunties (Ssenga's) because for us when we used to do such things, we could switch off all the lights, but these days, you people have your own conceptions. This will be a learning lesson to other girls."

Desire Luzinda seeks police protection as Seya asks Ugandans to forgive her

Inset - Desire Luzinda at the police HQs in Naguru

Desire outs the Ekitone video


Desire Luzinda forever 25 birthday bash

Desire Luzinda was conned by a Nigerian Oga

    Her FB likes are crossing to 90,000 

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