Kwaku Evicted

Big Brother Africa II

Richard & Code up for Eviction

Code Sangala (Right), from Malawi became the eighth Housemate to be evicted this Sunday in a 10-to-3 country vote.

Just moments before leaving the House, Maureen - Code's love interest in the House - latched on, kissing him for what seemed like an eternity.

BB: So one moment you're passionately kissing Maureen goodbye and the next you're squeezing Juna Verheji (Code's real life long term girlfriend) hello. What's going on?
Code: [Laughs] I was ready to go when KB announced my name. I had to push Maureen back a little. But I didn't want to hurt her [Maureen's] feelings, so I just sort of gave in.

BB: And you walk out onto stage, you throw your arms around Juna and you're feeling what?
Code: I just felt relieved to see her. I always talked about Juna to the other Housemates - well who ever wanted to hear about her anyway.

BB: So you're saying Maureen knew you weren't intending to be with her outside of the House?
Code: Yeah. I mean Maureen always knew that I had a 'shorty' [girlfriend] on the outside and that she [Juna] and I were strong together.

BB: Really? Cos, I remember you telling Maureen that she was the one who had to make a decision regarding the possibility of relationship between you two outside of the House.
Code: Did I say that? Well, I think that I might have been caught up in the moment.

BB: Okay, so tell me. What really did happen between you and Maureen?
Code: Well, in the beginning she just sort of starting confiding in me and I listened to her. Then, I guess from her needing to tell her story, a bond formed between us and I dunno, things happened.

BB: "Things" being...
Code:... the kissing and stuff. Plus, I didn't want to disappoint her. I could tell that she was getting close to me and I didn't want her to feel bad about it. Plus, at that time, Max and Lerato and Kwaku and Meryl were getting cosy and I felt a little bit like maybe I should be getting cosy too.

BB: Interesting... So tell me, how are you and Juna doing?
Code: We're doing fine. We sat up and spoke last night... about a lot of things.

BB: Yeah, you're going to be a daddy.
Code: Yeah. Juna told me before I went into the House, but it was still surreal. I'm not nervous about it though.

BB: Any plans to get married?
Code: We're talking at the moment.

BB: Okay, lets move on to strategy. Do you think your strategy failed you?
Code: No, I don't think it did. I went into the House with the aim to just be real and that's what I walked out being too. Of course, I learnt so much about myself, so it's not like a loss either!

BB: Was Maureen part of your strategy?
Code: No! Never. The kissing and stuff just sort of happened. I guess as a man, I had needs too. But I always told Maureen that I had a girlfriend that I loved very much.

BB: Tell me about the split between you and Max.
Code: Yeah, I heard that it was because he thought I nominated him. But I went up to him to try to remedy the situation, because I could see something was up. And I told him that I always got his back, but by the end of the situation, I could tell that he was still harbouring some doubts. So what do you do? I tried to fix it, but I'm not a kiss ass. My word is my bond."

BB: In a conversation in the jacuzzi one evening, Bertha tells Kwaku and Lerato that you were flirting with her. Apparently when the room swop happened, you took your bedding and put it on Bertha's bed and she threw it on the floor. Where you trying to get with Bertha?
Code: Are you serious? That's crazy. I thought of Bertha as my sister. She's deluding herself. I dunno, maybe she had feelings for me. Maureen told me once that Bertha was paying a little too much attention to us [Code and Maureen] and that was probably because she liked me.

BB: A conversation I'm sure you can have with Bertha herself. Do you plan on hooking up with any of the Housemates dubbed 'The Untouchables'?
Code: With Kwaku, definitely. Before he was evicted and we had 'Boys' Night' I got to know him. He's a cool guy. With Max, we'll take some repairing time...

BB: And your future plans? You have a marvelous voice
Code: Oh, thank you. Yeah, I'd like to get a job in television or radio. Maybe be a voice over artist...

With Code's vibrant personality, anything is possible. He says his first priority is getting back on track with his 'shorty' Juna, and being a good daddy to his unborn child! Good luck Code. Big Brother Africa II

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