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Cinderella Sanyu (Cindy) 
Prynce and Cindy wedding

"It's been a  long journey, I wanted to thank everyone who has been there for me  and I hope my fan can embrace this as well." 

"I will be able to juggle music and marriage life, my fans should not worry . I have known Prynce for five years. Getting married for me is personal and it has nothing to do with the pomp and glam in the music industry, my sisters are happy, and so is my entire family and that is what matters for me." 

Cindy with her ex back then and her current lover Ken Muyiisa

Cinderella Sanyu was one of the members of the all girls group, Blu3 but left due to unavoidable circumstances. She was replaced by Mya but a few years later, Blu3 was disbanded. 

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  • Name: Morgan USA
    Your Reaction: Cindy, No.1 is now striking the waves here in the USA. You are awesome, amazing, remarkable etc!!!
  • Name: Mercy
    Comments: hi Cindy am really happy 4 u and the work ur doin keep it up....A lot of things happen in life for a reason and this could be that God was opening up a new door 4 u to success. keep it up am ur fun and am based in the UK n I wld like to be ur friend thanks.
  • Name: Robert / Uganda
    Comments: Despite of what happened in the papers, you are set to rock "UG". Even the Bible stated that Jesus Challenged some crowd with a big comment that, let him/her who hasn't ever done it cast the first stone, and in a matter of seconds, the crowd was nowhere. This will pass and the whole country will know those that want to make others fall. Let your secrets be yours, and don't trust people so much. Lastly, do your thing girl!!!!!
  • Name: Eddie
    Comments: I luv yo style! yo' wonderful. *&$% doz press guyz dat had wanted 2 spoil yo' image. Gal go ahead don't give up!!! U know wat u
  • Name: Morgan USA
    Comments: Cindy, you rock gal and keep it going!!
  • Name: Benjie l
    Comments: Pliz keep floating, dont sink honey, okay! you are doing some nice stuff.
  • Name: 8G
    Comments: I think she got sweet melody! Cindy u can still do better, keep going.
  • Name: Evelyn US
    Comments: Gal ur da real hiiiit! U heard! Much luv,respect n more power 2 yo'. Witcha ur new mbikoye single,damn uve jst murdered dat other blu 3 crapy group u no wam sayin'. Ain't no group with no Cindy. So keep ur head up men!
  • Name: Mike
    Comments: Hi lady ur so talented I know u will make it to the top
  • Name: Sylvia Shaddy
    Comments: Banange Cindy me I like u big tym much as whatever happened u still rock, ur ''bustrokes'' in mbikoye were great, we want more-eeh be4 I sign out-can u people make a re-union, blu3 is nothin minus ur voice, beauty n body.
  • Name: Dupri
    Comments: Come on gal,you rock....go for it i mean we love you
  • Name: Kasozi Rashidy
    Comments: Hi Cindy ur really a mahogany just go ahead with yo career u'll gain more coz yo friends wanted to put u down but no way, u'll get more support.
  • Name: Mugabe Morris
    Comments: I like the way you do your music keep it up pliz
  • Name: Baby Nayo
    Comments: Lady talent is there don't let anything make u drop it. I like it
  • Name: Karim, UK
    Comments: Hey girl, it may be tough for you on your own but never back down that's for sure don't let those other girls take you down.
  • Name: Shamira
    Comments: hey Cindy I love yo voice can I please have more of your pics
  • Name: Frank
    Comments: Cindy, you did it my Dear. I watched mbikoye over and over. wow ! can't explain how i fell in love with the magic voice. Keep it up Baby. That's a bomb.
  • Name: ROBERTS
    Comments: gal u have a nice vocal but be strong and determined we shall stand for u and keep up with your nyc skin. send me your e-mail on
  • Name: Tina
    Comments: girl u have the best voice ever
  • David, U.S.A
    Comments: I still love you
  • Name: Beric
    Comments: Cindy u r such a wonderful lady and u would have stayed with ur groupmates coz u guyz were just cool to be 2getha just think twice about ur decission I love u with the blu3's
  • Name: Latoya
    Comments: u rock! u r the next biggest star in East Africa.
  • Name: Ni
    Comments: Now is the time to stand against all odds. Tell the world yo Cindy
  • Name: KB
    Comments: The world is yours Cindy, go for it. Well done gal.
  • Name: Becky
    Comments: Hey Cindy, big thumbs up 4 you girl.
  • Name: Andrew
    Comments: Cindy I have always been your fun.Be strong we are behind you. It's what it means to be in the eyes of will soon be over, I mean the gossip.
  • Name: Lf

        Comments: Leaving BLU*3 was a big blessing in disguise. Cindy u rock big.

  • Name: Mozey
    Comments: Yea Cindy ur doing the right thing, redpepper tried to {blocked} ur career off but the best thing u can do is keep ur face in the news, and keep banging out songs and keep doing shows, in the end, wat they tried to do to u will turn in ur favour, cos I didnt see ur pics but whoever was disturbed by ur pics is prolly isn't ur fan and isn't sum1 u shud waste ur time selling ur music to,  Keep at it, ur da ishh!!
  • Name: Musinguzi Michael
    Comments: Cindy, there you go, I have been yo fan since the cocacola popstars days and I even listen to your music here in Iraq. keep it up sister and God bless you for greater heights
  • Name: Pidson
    Comments: u girl you sooooooooo!! cute and wonderful thanks
  • Name: Shaja Kay
    Comments: hey go girll we are behind you do your thing. watch dreamgirls quite the same thing with.go my effie
  • Name: Eddy Williams
    Comments: Hi Gal, its good to explore your peaks. I believe off the group will make you explore the best part of you. Go Girl.
    Cindy shaking her thing
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