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Blu3 Cindy, Jacky, Lillian
  • Name: Mukose Ken
    Country: south africa/uganda
    Comments: Hi blu3 you a the best girls singing group in east africa and tell me how i can get ur videos.kenmukose
  • Name: Keisha Lilly
    Country: Jamaica
    Comments: I need yuo to come to Jamaica and carryout muscic with me
  • Name: lysah
    Country: uk
    Comments: hey you guys have done a great job and have come a long way cheers mates u deserve the best
  • Name: Henry
    Country: UK
    Comments: Hi Girls, U've got the best X- factor in Kampala, Thr right moves and songs.I Like teh way you work together as a band, Not letting down each other. LUV
  • Name: Jean
    Country: uk london
    Comments: oh my gosh galz i love u u rock mwaaahhhh oh wats up sexy ma's wat cha doin keep doin ur thing for me love u sexy's oh i dream of comin to ug to see how it looks im fed up of livin in da sme plce
  • Name: David
    Country: Tanzania
    Comments: Girls your are really explaining what feeling are in music ...big up
  • Name: Stellah.Bemba
    Country: uk
    Comments: big up galz its been of u at that age be blessed.
  • Name: Joy Paul
    Country: Minnesota, USA
    Comments: You go girls, Rock on and keep on representing!!!!
  • Name: George Mutabazi
    Country: Canada
    Comments: You are the best musicians in Africa, wish you the best. keep on track God bless you.
  • Name: Robert Kavuma
    Country: United States
    Comments: I really love ya music and I wish you can come and stage a show in the u.s coz deya mob ov ya fans .
  • Name: Sohpie
    Country: UK
    Comments: Blue 3 want say that u put on a very big show for us during easter and i want u to know that i really enjoyed it.Ilisten to ur music all the time and i can't wait to see again please come back soon. thanx
  • Name: nomasounds
    Country: Tanzania
    Comments: Nice music, good creativity and amazing confidence never boast stay in thinking alot and design new things daily..that will make you more BLUE even more than 3 times--nomasounds
  • Name: Sammy
    Country: Nertherlands
    Comments: you go gals yo hot.
  • Name: Kaayi
    Country: California
    Comments: I really enjoy your songs. I love them and I really cherish you guys!!
    When are you coming to California? Let us know. I love you guys
  • Name: Rebecca
    Country: Ireland
    Comments: love u girls.u all look sexy.
  • Name: Vicky Lwanga
    Country: UK
    Comments: I enjoy your music and love you loads!!
  • Name: Mary Ann
    Country: UK
    Comments: BLU 3 I enjoyed the show during the Easter season when you come to UK. I stay in Manchester but I travelled to London to watch the show. Next time came to Manchester.
  • Name: Henry. K. Preko
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Go on galz ! Da sky is da limit! Your tunez r fabulous dats da reason I got all your albums. Jah Bless!!
  • Name: Richard
    Country: UK
    Comments: Hi Blu3,
    I enjoy listening to your creative music everytime am in office and it has kept me and my partner's love going strong despite the physical separation as she is in Uganda and am in UK
  • Name: lilian
    Country: uganda
    Comments: i love ur music esp u my name sake lilian
  • Name: fred
    Country: U K
    Comments: Go on girls rock them, en live up to your expectations !
  • Name: Innocent Rugambwa
    Country: USA
    Comments: Wonderfull gals, their music drives me crazy, I like them and they are so smart and my favorite song is Ndayila
  • Name: Rita
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Hi Ladies .Your music is really capsizing and it touches me where i really want it to . i dont seem to get enough of you. Am praying that u may never change or even stop realising more songs. God bless you and take care.
  • Name: Martha
    Country: uganda
    Comments: Thx very much for the work u really do i appreciate.pretty nice love u
  • Name: dunc
    Country: uk
    Comments: more good stuff to be taken real.

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