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Blu3 Uganda

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  • Name: Baker
    Country: USA
    Comments: You always make my day whenever i listen to your music. when will you visit the US?
  • Name: francesco
    Country: italia
    Comments: you are the best
  • Name: Steve
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Hot hot hot is all I can say. Keep it up and represent the pearl of Africa.
  • Name: Andries serge
    Country: Belgium
    Comments: keep it gals.lov you.
  • Name: Mary
    Country: Canada
    Comments: hey wazup girls, yo looking fly i can feel yo music gd lack
  • Name: Joselyn
    Country: UAE
    Comments: You girls, your music is a very good taste and pls keep it up. thanks to steve jeans for that work well done. God bless
  • Name: Chantelle
    Country: America
    Comments: your songs are good, keep up da good songz gals, hold it.... bless
  • Name: Yvonne
    Country: United States
    Comments: gals u rock and are doing really great. ur music inspires us allover the world
  • Name: Herbert
    Country: Bahrain
    Comments: I very much enjoy your music. I love your tender voices, absolutely
  • Name: Nash
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: I just love them gals of BLU*3
  • Name: Nakimera
    Country: Uk
    Comments: mwe mumalako ba sexy mamas. mweyongere mumaaso okuyiiya bambi
  • Name: Sam Mivule
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: keep it up, Cheers!!!
  • Name: Plut
    Country: Rwanda
    Comments: These girls rock. I am madly in love with their music. I think they are the best group Uganda has ever had to offer. They are real talent and are true stars. The softness of Cindy, Talent of Jackie and Sweetness of Lilly make them uncomparable. GO girls. U make lots of people envy us!
    Love u
  • Name: Rachel
    Country: uk
    Comments: Am happy whenever I hear yo' music just keep it....
  • Name: Renns Marvin
    Country: United states
    Comments: hola gals, hope every thing is going on well with your music. (we)I really love your music and wish you could do it for me in my own time and space i mean my home! do you mind paying me a visit?
  • Name: Penie
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: go gals.keep up the spirit and know that yu guys are hot.luv u
  • Name: Kaayi R
    Country: Uganda/ USA
    Comments: Good Music. I love your Nkwekumidde. You babes are great !! I really loved your strokes on the Pearl of Africa Music Awards.
  • Name: Shahamajmo
    Country: German
    Comments: Gals keep it up,I like you all but I love Jackie
  • Name: Raymond Kiyaga
    Country: AUSTRALIA
    Comments: HI Gals you're so charming.Keep your music strong and trust no one.Take Care Gals. raymond-kaboga

  • Julie K
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Hi Gals, I love u so much keep rocking!!! I luv u Lily,Jackie en Cindy, cheers!!!! Your voices a too sweet en cool. keep it up
  • Bridget Navio
    Country: New Zealand
    Comments: Blu 3 is an organized group, They are trying to make us Ug's abroad proud, my favorite in the group is Lily, I find her so charming with a great voice at that, I also find her interesting in the way she dances despite the fact that she is not slim like the rest! GO ON GAL, U ROCK!! bridgetnavio
  • Name: Abu
    Country: UK
    Comments: Hey gals! Thank u 4 the great music. For me, you are the best group ever and I love your music. Keep on doing what you do best and keep on believing in yourself. Iam sure very soon you will be internationally recognized.
    Keep the music flowing.

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