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Blu 3 - Lilian, Mya & Jackie

New Blu 3
New Blu 3 - Mya, Lilian & Jackie
Below is the Old Blu*3.
Blu*3 Uganda Girl's Group

Blu3 Goodlyf for Duet

Probably the best Girl's singing group in Uganda comprising of three babes i.e. Lillian Mbabazi from western Uganda, Edith Baganda from Central Uganda and Jackie Chandiru from Northern Uganda.The group started there music career around 2003 during the coca-cola real star auditions and since then they have been behind wonderful tracks like but not limited to Ndayila-Blu*3, Nkwekumidde - Blu3 and Nsanyukanawe -Blu 3.
Blu*3 Latest Video - BURRN. Cinderella has quit the group to pursue a solo career only to be replaced by Mya.

If you are a fan out there; they would certainly love to hear from you !

Forum Topics Replies Last Action

  • Name: Lady Rhoda
    Your Reaction: Thanks Girl, Keep it Up.
  • Name: Diasy
    Your Reaction: Don't no why u sent Cindy out, but guess what?, she is doing a very nice job. Go cindy......!
  • Name: Harriet
    Your Reaction: Hello lady how re u doing u guys look so happy,anyway I would like to oder some of ur music. cause I do love it so much. I listen to them every day.
  • Name: Nana
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: BLU3 is my best group, and I love all their songs, and my prayer is that they never break up.
  • Name: Aisha Kasule
    Country: UK
    Comments: u guyz r hot. go all da way we luv U . wen u came to England u put up a fabulous show
  • Name: Weasel
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: keep de faya burning
  • Name: Agaba Lydia
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: HI people i love 2 see you on stage you move me witH your sexy voices. I Love You all.
  • Name: Sophie
    Country: UK
    Comments: Guys ur hotter than the sun!
  • Name: Fashiff
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: u are doing great lovely ladys keep it up.
  • Name: Kavuma kh
    Country: Cairo
    Comments: Gud chickx with the Nkwekumidde hit
  • Name: Majorine
    Comments: I Love you guys.I love your Music n God Bless.
  • Name: Ann
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: love u galz. u a so kul
  • Name: Magambo
    Country: Sweden
    Comments: Hi ladies. I love your music and your style. Keep ya heads up and make more good music.
  • Name: Mpoza John Nash
    Country: Monopoli (italy)
    Comments: Your great, Been hearing your Music and its real kool.Your cute Babes too. Keep it up.
  • Name: Namulia Aidah
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: They are really good, I just like them, they know how to sing
  • Name: Leonard Akiiki
    Country: OHIO( USA)
    Comments: I love the new style you have brought into the music scene in Uganda . Girls You are great
  • Name: Cathie
    Country: Australia
    Comments: blu*3 r just the best of the best ,,,, i love u gurls to death n just kip duin yo thang lol mwah !!!!!!
  • Name: Julie Kaheebu
    Country: China
    Comments: u are really good to watch
  • Name: Rashid Tebyasa
    Country: USA
    Comments: I love your music and how I wish I knew where to buy all your music videos.
  • Name: Erico Tomusange/
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: oh my the blu*3 are fantastic,its like they fell from heaven more so cindy,history in music will not forgive me if I dont support them now and to delay will be a crime, you can't compare them to any other artistes for they are special, so cindy call yo self "the specialone"you dazzle mi straight from the heart, yo the miss right of music narro, yeah gals mubeewo nsanyukanamwe mbakonelamu nyo yo my favourates.
  • Name: B O DoubleTizzo
    Country: Surinam
    Comments: Yo guyz rock! Keep on ladies but don't trip alright! Ya all have the best image in in Ugs music industry! Burrn dem down, Love yo all, Mwaa
  • Name: Aysha
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: thnx 4 ur music.we love it.pliz go ahead and try never to split coz u have a good combination ladies.luv U from AYSHA SEGUKU
  • Name: Wazir
    Country: United Kingdom
    Comments: man I can't get enough of your music, u rock I luv U guys

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