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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Monday, August 19 2013

The Chase ends for Angelo and Bimp
Africa has spoken and when it does, a housemate drops. Yesterday, Ethiopia's Bimp and South Africa's Angelo were the victims marking an end to their game in the Big Brother The Chase. Dilish, Angelo (SA) and Bimp (ET) were the housemates up for eviction.  Dilish garnered 7 country votes surviving the chop as the rest got 4 each leading to their eviction.

While on the Live Show stage, IK showed Angelo his clip summary of how he wanted to have a piece of different Big Brother girls starting with Kenya's Huddah and Annabel, Fatima, Big Momma and finally Beverly. The Rasta Man from South Africa responded that: "I was just chasing my feelings. It's important to follow your feelings." Hmm he almost showed Ghana's Kaakie the same while on stage.

Ethiopia's Bimp was standing next to his 'rival', Angelo who interestingly was one of those who had nominated him, but there they were, out on the same day. Biggie played back a clip of Beverly mounting Bimp in the Jacuzzi and Angelo was asked how it feels, but to this he said, "I will beat him(Bimp) after the show."

In the house, Beverly was sobbing throughout the night as she could not believe that her lover Angelo as she fondly calls him had left without bidding farewell. Bigge told Angelo to head straight out to the exit door and not back to the house.

The top five or the finalists for the chase are; Ghana's Elikem, who was the first finalist and also the first Ghanaian to come this far, Melvin and Beverly from Nigeria but since Angelo left, Beverly stands no chance on this one. Its important to note that Beverly is the only housemate who has never been nominated in the history of Big Brother and also the number one entertainer when it came to the Big Brother game.

The other two finalists are Cleo from Zambia and Delicious Dilish Matthews from Namibia.

It's six days to the end of the show, who do you think is taking this one?

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Sunday, June 23 2013

Botswana's Motamma and Betty from Ethiopa evicted
It's 63 days to know the winner of the Big Brother The CHASE, but more housemates continue to get off board leaving 20 in the chase for the prize money. Betty's fans were left wondering what is next after Africa decided to put an end to nocturnal games between their favourite 'housie' and Sierra Leone's Bolt.

Not all is lost though after Tanzania's Nando and Selly from Ghana are filling up that space. Betty was the first female housemate to have her cake sliced by Bolt from Sierra Leone (though her mom says, that was a camera trick done by haters), but effective tonight, Bolt will have to brace more cold nights before getting a replacement.

The eviction of Betty from Ethiopia leaves Bimp as the only housemate running on the Ethiopian ticket while Motamma leaves Oneal as the only housemate representing Botswana. Seven housemates were up for eviction and Tanzania's Nando won them with 5 country votes which included Kenya and Uganda.

Oneal from Botswana followed with four country votes and Malawi's Natasha with three votes. Bolt, Elikem and Betty all got 1 vote, implying that those three are not that popular going by their scores, but tie-breaker rules came into play to determine the winner, and this is how Betty was evicted after it turned out that she had the lowest country vote percentage.

Curvy Motamma could not even get her country voting for her as the Botswana vote had gone to Oneal, which was a perfect move bearing in mind that, he came out the second with 4 country votes.

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Friday, June 14 2013

Motamma and Bimp
Motamma was all sad and blue yesterday evening when Biggie communicated the sad news of her granny passing on. The curvy housemate from Botswana was called to the diary room to receive the news that her grandfather had passed on. It was too much for her to handle breaking down in the process.

Feza was called in to give a helping hand. It was a difficult moment for Motamma but Kenya's Annabel tried her best in comforting her before the three, Feza, Annabel and Motamma decided to say a short prayer. Ethiopia's Bimp was armed with food and patiently waiting for the Big Brother girls to be done with the prayer to deliver the food.

Clad in some long curve-hugging blue dress, Motamma who was complaining of a severe headache at the time opted to sleep in her dress, prompting these words from Bimp, "Can I remove your dress?" Motamma replied that No, I'm okay! Are you sure, Bimp asked again.

The Big Brother rules are clear, no housemate has to leave the house before the 91 days, and if you do, you are disqualified. Motamma could not leave the house to go and bury her grandfather. In 2010, Nigeria's Uti Nwachukwu lost his dad, but he was told to choose between staying in the house or going for burial.

Uti opted to stay in the house and amazingly, he was the winner for that year's version of Big Brother All Stars.

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Tuesday, June 04 2013

Betty looks at exhaustes Bolt

The first couple in the Big Brother the Chase has eventually succumbed to the pressure that has been building up since May 26 when they got into the house. It was love at first sight. It was the first couple to kiss and throughout these days, the couple has been all over each other.

It all started yesterday with Betty being called to the diary room to exercise her SAVE and REPLACE role as she is the current Head of House. She did the needful by replacing her boo who was up for eviction and swapped him with Tanzania's Feza. The two lovers were lying on the bed as Bolt could not hold back tears.

The thought of him being up for eviction was just too much bearing in mind that a day back, two 'strong' housemates, Uganda's Denzel and Kenya's Huddah had just been booted from the show. The HoH is not supposed to reveal what transpired in the diary room and can only do so on the eviction day.

Betty realised things were not getting any better much as Bolt tried to sing all love songs for her with tears rolling down his cheeks, the two decided to take it to another level. The video has since been removed but analysts say that Bolt gave Gaetano a run for his money.

This particular show will certainly bounce back now that these two are not up for eviction, so they are still in the house for at least two weeks.

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Sunday, June 02 2013

Bolt and Betty hit by eviction fever

It's Big Brother The Chase with housemates chasing USD 300,000 but it does not come easy if you are up for eviction in the very first week. Tonight, Betty will discover how Africa thinks of her. Unfortunately for her and Bolt, the same fever has affected their one week long love affair.

Last night the couple tried sleeping but they could not get any sleep and lock lips like tyhey have been doing in the past nights. Betty spent the night thinking of the early eviction, a disease that eventually caught up with Bolt.

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Wednesday, May 29 2013

Bolt, Betty, Angelo and Annabel

Africa is about to witness the first love fight in the Big Brother house between Kenya's fashion designer, Annabel and Ethiopia's Betty. Apparently, Annabel is getting close to Bolt something that is not going down well with Betty to the extent that, the couple had to sleep on separate beds last night which seemed unsual.

It all started last night when South Africa's Angelo(36) went to Annabel, who was by then lying on her tummy, took off her top and gave her a long back massage. This went on for quite sometime as Anna was enjoying every moment as it lasted. The rastaman from South Africa was done but Annabel still needed more of the treat.

This is when she opted for Bolt who did not dissapoint in giving her exactly what she wanted. Annabel enjoyed the good run from Bolt but as this was going on, a lot of anger was building up with Betty much as she did not say a word. They all later settled for separate beds which looked rather strange for the lovey dovey couple.

Elikem from Ghana brought some life into Betty when he tip toed to her bed and told of how he had been disqualified from the game. This sent shock waves to her but moments later, Elikem told her that he was only kidding. This is when she left her bed and dashed to Bolt's bed before the two started feasting on each other's saliva.

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Wednesday, May 29 2013

The first night in the house

It's been only two nights in the Big Brother house but things are already getting fired up. Africa should expect a lot from this lot because at this rate, the housemates in the Diamond's house are shining like diamond. Bolt and Betty were getting to know each other better as the rest of the housemates slept.

As things got hot for Bolt to handle, he dashed to his bags looking for what resident experts have termed as rubbers but the infrared did some injustice to him. He ended up in the kitchen where he got some water that Betty seemed to appreciate now that she was very thirsty at the time.

Bolt from Sierra Leone and Betty from Ethiopia who unfortunately is up for eviction but does not know are now confirmed as the first official couple and things will even get better should she survive eviction this Sunday.

If you all remember the dude IK asked if he was married after spotting him with a ring that he quickly removed on seeing Ethiopia's Betty, that was Bolt. IK then asked him to rate Betty out of 10, and he gave her 10 out of 10. Now are you surprised with what is going on in the house 72 hours later, watch this space!

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Tuesday, May 28 2013

LK4 Survives nominations in the first week
Uganda's LK4 has survived the first nominations in this year's Big Brother Africa which wasn't the case for Denzel who was among those with highest votes in the Diamond's house. Housemates up for possible eviction this week are Selly and Natasha from the Rubies house while Denzel, Betty and Huddah Monroe are the housemates up in the Diamond's house.

Initially, Bassey from Sierra Leone had been put up for eviction but was saved by Beverly from Nigeria, this week's HoH in the Rubies house.

Selly from Ghana is still getting to terms with the fact that she could be going home if Africa decides. However, Africa has an option of relieving Malawi's Natasha Tonthola from more pressure. The rules are clear, if you are suffering from certain ailments, you are advised not to go for auditions.

So what Natasha did was to try and smuggle her high blood pressure medicine into the house but Big Brother was able to check her luggage and found the medication which was confiscated on the spot. The whole of yesterday, Natasha was not well and she kept on telling Biggie how she wanted to take her medicine, but you know Biggie sets the rules, so he did not respond to her pleas.

Meanwhile, Uganda's Denzel still stands a chance now that the number of those up for eviction has shot from 3 to 5 and fans from South Africa and other countries still need him in the house at least going by postings on social networks.

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Wednesday, February 15 2012

Just recently we told of how Hanni(BBA 6 representative from Ethiopia) was in town painting Kampala red together with Mbarara based Crooze FM presenter Ernest Wasake.

The two were at Club Silk and Hanni could not take her eyes off Ernest. In the end Ernest was overheard asking what Ethiopian women were made of.

It has come to our notice that Hanni and Ernest have a song together. The news of the song 'Beautiful People' was revealed by Ernest as he was tweeting to fellow big brother ex-housemates Zeus, Lomwe and Kenya's Nic Wangondu.

In the message, he revealed how he did not have a skype account but they could reach him on email.."Don't gat skype but I'm on email fast... Hanni and I did A song when she was here... shit.. forget to mention"

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Friday, February 03 2012

Ethiopia's BBA Representatve Hanni and Ernest Wasake
Ethiopia's Big Brother Africa 6 representative was in the country following Liz Coka who visited Phil Okure last year. In the house, Hanni was so close to Lomwe from Malawi.

Ernest and Hanni were spotted in the posh Silk Oxygen looking each other in the eyes. Ernest could not hide the excitement from the time Hanni confirmed to him that she was coming to Ug.

He told a few friends that, "I think I'm excited about this gal coming to town..." and when the gal came you could clearly tell the two had fun because this is what he posted on his wall: "WHOA....'this summer of Ethiopian Love' was EPIC>>>>>>>>>(still hangover) who makes Ethiopian women?"

Ernest did a 'Gaetano move' on Bhoke from Tanzania the night before their eviction and that youtube clip had over 100k views within minutes of its' posting before it was considered inappropriate.

Ernest is now in Mbarara where he works as a presenter at Crooze FM

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Monday, August 01 2011

         Karen and Wendall win Big Brother Amplified
This years season of Big brother came to an end on Sunday with Nigeria's Karen and Zimbabwe's Wendall taking the money. We had seven finalists who were reduced to the top five after Vina from Nigeria and Hanni from Ethiopia were evicted in that order.

IK bounced back to the house and called Lomwe, Wendall, Luclay, Sharon and Karen to leave the house. Now these were the top five but with Karen's name being called out last, she thought they were leaving her behind and as usual she had started with her noise drama.

While the top five were on stage, IK kept on interviewing one by one but when it got to our very own Sharon, they asked her about Michael, to which she said that Michael was like a brother to her before shouting that "Michael from Mozambique, you got the swagg." She then told IK of how she was going to win.

Unfortunately for Sharon O, then next time IK called the housemate to be evicted, it was Sharon O who almost failed to walk from where she was seated to IK, the host of the show. IK told her that at least she had beaten all the housemates who were before her, but that did not seem like what she had wanted.

Of the top five, Sharon had been evicted leaving four housemates, Karen, Wendall, Luclay and Lomwe. IK called out Lomwe next leaving the big three. Many had thought Luclay and Karen were winning and to some, they thought the next name to be called was Wendall but no please, IK called Luclay.

The crowd started making some sounds as if to suggest there was some unfairness, but this was Africa's decision at work. Otono was dressed like a gangsta prompting a huge statement from IK that; "I have never seen anyone dress like that for this show."

He quickly told him it was his job to tell Africa who is next to leave the house but before that , he reminded him of the scratch on his chest, that never was and yet made him and Karen spit fire in the house, you have been evicted.

Zimbabwe surprised the entire Africa when the pilot was one of the winners and Karen, much as she played the game so well, she was one of the predictable winners and took the money anyway, it is the third time Nigeria is taking the moola after Kevin and Uti from Nigeria won the previous shows.

It's been nice hosting you this season, catch you on the next version.
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Monday, July 25 2011
It's less than a week for the Big Brother game to end which will mark the end of the 91 days for the 26 housemates that started off on May 1. The male housemates were 10 as the female housemates were 16, so it's a good game for the females still standing but a better game by the male housemates who are still in the game bearing in mind that they were few right from the start.

On Sunday Kim from Zambia, Millicent from Kenya and Vimbai from Zimbabwe were forced to pack their bags after Africa decided that they be given a break from the freebies they had enjoyed for the last 84 days.

The no nonsense Luclay from South Africa and Hanni from Ethiopia put themselves up for eviction but Africa is indeed watching so as opposed to throwing them out of the house, they were given a chance to try their luck out in the finals.

The housemate who was clad in a towel during the last eviction was none other than Vimbai but this time she knew Africa has no time for jokes, so she dressed decently this time but it's also not clear why Tanzania voted for her because even her own country rejected her at the time she needed them most.

The issue of Nigeria is similar to that of a double edged sword. It's good that they are two finalists but also bad, because, your country is always your biggest support under any circumstances but in the case of Nigeria, they are having to battle it out between Karen and Vina.

Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania are likely to vote for Sharon O from Uganda and the rest of Africa for the good morals that the young mother has exhibited in the house. Luclay, Lomwe, Hanni and Wendall are all part of the seven housemates in the final race for USD 200,000 which by the way will see two winners this year.
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Monday, July 18 2011

         Kim, Wendall, Millicent, Lomwe, Vimbai, Otono (Luclay) and Hanni are up for eviction in the second last week
Uganda's representative in the Big Brother Amplified house has survived the last nominations which saw seven housemates up for eviction making her a finalist in the run for the prize that will be won in less than two weeks time.

Zimbabwe's housemates Wendall and Vimbai, Zambia's Kim, Kenya's Millicent and Malawi's Lomwe together with three other who sacrificed themselves are up for eviction. Hanni from Ethiopia, Luclay from South Africa and Karen sacrificed themselves as they had no reason to nominate.

Vina from Nigeria is the current Head of House so she saved Karen who happens to be from Nigeria and replaced her with Lomwe from Malawi. Lomwe and Sharon from Uganda were the only housemates who had not been nominated but like we predicted, Lomwe had to get on board. Karen, Vina and Sharon are safe this week.

Vina was later seen crying after what she had done but Hanni from Ethiopia was quick at telling her that it's only a game so she should not stress herself. This season of Big Brother will have two winners walk away with $200,000 each.

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Monday, June 20 2011

         Zeus, Lomwe and Wendall are up against Millicent, Felicia, Vimbai and Hanni 
The eviction fever has crossed to the 'Heads' and our Sharon has not survived the chopping block as she is up for eviction with Zeus, Lomwe, Millicent, Felicia, Hanni, Vimbai and Wendall.

All housemates from Malawi(Felicia, Lomwe) and Zimbabwe (Wendall, Vimbai) are up for eviction followed by Hanni from Ethiopia, Millicent from Kenya and Botswana's Zeus all up for eviction.

Zeus and Hanni had three votes while the rest of the nominate housemates had two votes each. Initially the entire heads house was up for eviction apart from Felicia, so Vina who is the HoH went to the chat room and swapped herself with Felicia.

The race is becoming tight by the day and we are yet to see of Sharon can survive this one.

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Sunday, June 19 2011

Kim sad and blue after the boyfriend was evicted together with Danny
Last week five housemates were up for eviction but two of them were not that lucky as their luck ran out on the Sunday night live eviction show in South Africa

Karen from Nigeria emerged the strongest of all those who were up for eviction with 31.65% out of six countries that included Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Namibia and the Rest of Africa and of course her own country Nigeria voting for her.

Kim from Zambia followed with 25.11% taking the second position to bounce back to the Big Brother house out of those who were nominated last week.

It should also be noted at this time that Kim was among those who nominated Nic from Kenya who happens to be her boyfriend in the house and has also gone along way in helping her play the game. As it turned out, Nic was also evicted on the 19.June.2011.

Luclay from South Africa's days in the house are now numbered based on how he performed in the just concluded nominations and subsequent evictions. Luclay had two votes (His country South Africa and Botswana) which were the same votes that the housemates that eventually left the house had though his was slightly higher in terms of percentage.

Luclay is a problem to the viewers, to Big Brother and the housemates so any chance of handing him over to Africa could save him the house. This left us with Nic-Kenya and Danny from Ethiopia who emerged as housemates with the least votes and  Kenya now is left with Millicent and Ethiopia has the arguably most beautiful housemates Hanni representing Ethiopia.

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Tuesday, June 14 2011

         Five Housemates up for eviction in theweek up to Jun18, 2011
This week the eviction fever has crossed to the 'Tails' and five housemates are up for eviction. Nikim(Nic+Kim), Danny, Luclay and Nigeria's Karen are up for eviction. Strangely though Kim nominated her boy friend Kim, and we hope Nic does not fall a victim of love gone bad games.

Alex was the head of house and was equally up for eviction but as HoH, he had to save himself only to put Karen on the chopping line. Karen had rallied fellow girls against the boys because she wants this version to be taken by a female housemate.

When Biggie was mentioning the names of those up for eviction, she was smiling all the way now that her name was not mentioned, but after the HoH swap, we are yet to see what 'make up' she will wear the moment she learns that she is needed to tell Africa why she should not leave the house.

Meanwhile, Mumba has been talking about Luclay and the comments he made on learning that he was up for eviction. Mumba said; "Africa vote wisely you cannot vote back someone who uses the f*** word on you."

This week Danny from Ethiopia, Nic from Kenya together with his girlfriend from Zambia Kim, Karen and South Africa's Luclay are up for eviction so get doing to what you do best by voting for your favourite housemate but at the end of it all, the one with the least votes will have to come back on the Jun 19, 2011.

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Thursday, June 09 2011
         Bhoke and Ernest in the Big Brotehr Amplified house

The first Ugandan Big Brother Amplified housemate to be evicted from the house is already in town after jetting in yesterday aboard a Kenya Airways flight. He was received by his mom Sarah Wasake, Multichoice officials and two brothers.

Ernest was then escorted to Sheraton Hotel where he spent a night. Uganda is now represented by one housemate Sharon Salmon or Sharon O who surprised every one when she emerged the second out of six housemates who were on the chopping board.

The house now has twenty housemates after six were voted out. Of the six, countries like Tanzania and Mozambique have lsot out completely with no more represenation on board. Tanzania had Luclay, the housemate with a weired hairstle and a pin in the nose, this one slapped South Africa's Luclay leading to her being disqualified.

Mozambique had only one housemate after the other Herminio opted out even before the show kicked off. Uganda's Sharon has once again done Uganda proud by surviving ths week's nomination'sthat saw seven up for eviction.

This week, Confidence-Ghana, Vina-Nigeria, Mumbai-Zimbabwe, Weza-Angola, Millicent-Kenya, Hanni-Ethiopia and Zeus from Botswana. Two Housemates will have to leave next Sunday, because given the remaining weeks and housemates, it would make sense to evict two housemates every Sunday so that the final Sunday will leave us with the top five. 

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Monday, June 06 2011

         Ghana's Confidence, Kenya's Millicent, Weza, Vina, Hanni, Vimbai and Zeus are all up for eviction

Uganda and Tanzania are still getting to terms with yesterday's eviction that marked the end of Tanzania in the Big Brother house and a blow to Uganda after the best housemate was booted out of the house.

The Headmates are now feeling the eviction fever though on the good note for Uganda, Sharon O survived this week's nomination. This means she is still in the game even the week after this one because next week will be for Tailmates to be up for eviction.

Felicia from Malawi was saved by Lomwe who is the Head of House (HoH) and replaced with bad girl Vimbai from Zimbabwe. Seven housemates are this week up for eviction with Zeus from Botswana as the only male housemate as the rest are females.

The Nominees for this week are: Confidence (Ghana), Hanni (Ethiopia), Millicent (Kenya), Vina(Nigeria), Weza Angola, Vimbai (Zimbabwe).

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Saturday, June 04 2011

      Weza was confiding in Hanni on how she hurt her stuff
Weza was on Saturday afternoon cleaning the outdoor mirrors as she had a chat with Hanni from Ethiopia. It later turned out that she was telling Hanni about the pain from her vajayjay which had a cut in the process of the clean up exercise.

Weza normally uses the shaving creme but this time round she wanted to experiment with a shaver only to do injustice to her Kandahar. Hanni confirmed the more that she was a virgin because she simply told Weza that all that was news to her.

It has never crossed her mind to trim or clear in fact she was a bit surprised to hear of pain as a result of the act. The Ethiopian housemate added, "I don't bother with these kind of things, haven't you noticed me, In fact, I don't even bother with high heels."

She was later seen in high heels and a mini but London was burning. As for Weza, Africa is sorry for you and we wish you a quick recovery.

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Saturday, May 14 2011

Hanni and Lomwe's affair has taken off
Reality TV is real because what you see is what you get and that is exactly what is happening on Channel 198 for DSTV subscribers. The brushing, the showering, the eating, who blacks out after one glass of Amarula has been on since the first day of this month and now down to it's fourteenth day out of 91 days.

The house has twenty six housemates who have now been split into two houses with one having 15 housemates called the 'Heads' and the other having 11 housemates called the 'Tails'. However, this game strives mostly on housemates being together for a while and there after the love chemistry develops.

We now bring you the couples which have already hooked up or likely to hook up in the house and probably end up in a wedding of sorts because it is now on official Kevin(Nigeria) and Liz (Tanzania) are married.

Lomwe and Hanni - These are already in advanced stages.

Nic and Kim - The housemate from Kenya is planning for 'Lobola' and Kim told him it's about USD 5,000. They now sleep together

Luclay and Nkuli - These two South African housemates have turned to each other and things are heating up every other day. Initially we thought they were discussing matters to do with their country but it has now turned to the individuals and any minute from now they are about to explore the inner personalities.

Michael and Sharon - The housemate from Mozambique is on Sharon's case though back at home, Ronnie Mulindwa is still very positive Sharon cannot 'do it.'

Bhoke and Ernest - The Tanzanian girl and the Ugandan dude Ernest Wasake are definitely an item. The chemistry is becoming irresistible by the day.

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Monday, May 09 2011

First set of housemates up for Eviction

Ugandan housemates Sharon and Ernest in the Big Brother Amplified are still in the game at least for two weeks after they survived the first nomination. Zeus from Botswana who is also the current head of house was also up for eviction but as HoH, he was able to replace himself with Zimbabwe's Vimbai.

The other housemates who are up for eviction are Confidence from Ghana who by the way is disturbed by this move, Danny from Ethiopia, Jossy from Namibia, Vina from Nigeria and Weza from Angola.

This makes a total of six housemates up for eviction and at least two or more could be leaving the house next Sunday at least to reduce on the congestion in the Heads/Tails houses.

Meanwhile, The 'Heads' have heard Big Brother's loud voice addressing the The 'Tails' so as far as they are concerned, it is official that there is another house. Zeus and Lomwe have confirmed that on separate occasions they had Biggie's voice from the kitchen and bathroom calling out one of the housemates to the chat room.

To vote in Uganda: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 6626 - UTL, Warid and the cost of an SMS is Shs1000. Go for your phone and start voting for Ernest and Sharon O.

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Monday, September 06 2010
             Yacob from Ethiopia
In the Big Brother revolution Jen from Mozambique left the house within the first month of the game. She was brought back in the Big Brother All stars and she has managed to play the game so well as two male housemates have so far quit Biggie's house.

It started with Sammy from Ghana who the doctors recommended that he leaves the house after discovering that he was better off playing the game outside big brother's house. The cardinal rule in this game is that you do not leave the house and should you do so, then that can as well mark the end of you.

This also explains why Uti has not yet gone for his Dad's burial who died three weeks back. The second housemate to leave the Big Brother All stars was Yacob from Ethiopia a country that is having a second chance in the game and with Yacob being the only representative from Ethiopia both in the revolution and All stars.

The game has been rough for Yacob from the time he was evicted from the main house to the barn. He is one fellow who does not like the sound of chicks at all. At one point, he was in the diary room attending to Biggie and the chics were making too much noise, he asked biggie to excuse him so that he can send the chics away. 

Biggie obliged and Yacob did exactly that. He chased the poor chics away. Meanwhile, for as long as you are in the barn, how well you milk the cow and look after the hens counts a great deal in your chances of having a second chance on the US$ 200,000.

The other problem Yacob was faced with was failing to get along with the female barnmates. They spent most of their valuable time exchanging terrible words. For example, he attacked Tatiana over the guys she has slept with in the main house and also the guys she has slept with in the barn house and yet her boyfriend is watching all that mess. This made Sheila, Tatiana and Lerato gang up against him. 

Yacob left the Big Brother All stars on 06.Sept.2010. The only time he was head of the house is when he was sent to the barn house so he did not have the chance to enjoy the rights and the benefits that come along with one being the head of house.
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Sunday, August 22 2010
Ethiopia's Yacob has been sent to the barnmates after it emerged that he had the least popular vote. He had become the head of the house unfortunately he will not have to enjoy that after being evicted.

Yacob and Meryl had a fight in the course of the week in which Meryl assured Yacob he could not afford a woman like Meryl.

IK started with Munya and waited for a moment before telling him that he was safe. He broke down to tears before the next housmate who was Yacob was mentioned. In the house now is Munya from Zimbabwe, Paloma, Jen, Sheila from Kenya, Kaone, Mwisho, Meryl and Uti while the rest are playing from the Barn house with Sammi out of the game.

Yacob was asked about the moment he had with Meryl as she described to him the type of man she would wish to have and Yacob quickly said, that's me. Yacob has been in the house for 5 weeks before he crossed to the barn to try out his luck with the cow and hens plus other barnmates.

Yacob's joining the barn house marks the end of Hannington having two babes at his disposal and also the continuation of the unfinished business with Lerato. Yacob's dagger was thrown at Sheila which was: making all the beds and keeping the bedroom very tidy"

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Tuesday, August 17 2010

It is not only Namibia Vs Ethiopia for the barn next Sunday but it wass just about to become nasty in the house as Meryl lost her cool after she heard Yacob discussing her to other housemates in particular Kaone and Uti.

What killed Meryl the more was the topic of how Munya dumped her for Tatiana. Meryl told off Yacob that she did not care if he thinks she is a whore or a groupie. We hope this has not escalated her chances of getting out of the house and heading to the barn where she might not do much fighting with the hens or cow but may be get along with Sammy B.

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Monday, August 16 2010
             Meryl, Munya and Yacob up fro eviction
Its getting hot in here - Namibia's Meryl notable for flashing, Zimbabwe's Munya who's done a bit of crying and Yacob almost had a fight with Uti are up for eviction. Kaone who happens to be this weeks Head of House a position he fluked after Tatiana was pushed to the barn.

The weakest link among the three is Yacob because much as they are all stars Munya and Meryl have had better games in the past compared to Yacob who was in the revolution that had over 20 housemates. This gives Meryl and Munya an edge over Yacob but now that three are up, it is a bit tricky because it might take the sentence of Hannington and Sammy who ended up joining the barn at the same time.

Should it turn out that two are going that will definitely be Yacob and Meryl in that order. It is not clear when Meryl joins the barn will click with quiet and reserved Sammy after having a ball with striper Mwisho who is everything bad news when it comes to Biggie's game.

Meanwhile our boy Hannington is clicking with Tatiana big time as they more or less sleep together chat kiss and touch paying for the time he had been bored in the barn. On the other hand Lerato is not very amused with Tatiana in the barn. As if that is not enough Hannington was a better person to hang out with while in the barn but the moment Tatiana came to the barn, Hannington was hers to take.

All I can say to Lerato is take it easy as next Sunday, Yacob will be joining her from there to continue with their unfinished business in the main house.
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Friday, September 18 2009

              Kevin(Kenya) and Yakob(Mozambique
Nigeria's Kevin is the new Head of House a task he won after beating Mozambique's Yacob. Big Brother gave Kenya's only remaining housemate in the game Jeremy playing cards as follows:

Big Brother: ''Jeremy, in the diary room you'll find a pack of cards, gather all your housemates in the dinning room, the pack of cards must be gathered face down on the table then Kevin and Yacob must take turns to flip the cards over and the one who flips the joker first will be the winner of the head of the house contest"

Later Big Brother announced Kevin as the boys house winner. Nigeria is a serious threat this time round now that it has three housemates starting with Kevin who is the current HOH and the two girls i.e. Nkenna and Geraldine.

Meanwhile the "Berlin Wall'' will break loose this Sunday as the girls and boys make the two rooms one. To many African viewers, this is when the game will begin. The wall separating the boys from the girls is breaking this Sunday and trust me that very night the house will go on fire because the girls have been watching the bulls from a screen.

The first week had boys only and at the end of the week, Ghana lost Wayoe its only housemate in the game and Teddy from Kenya who were evicted with USD 2,500 each. This week all the girls are up for eviction and yes we gonna have some casualties and the good news is our Ugandan boys are going nowhere now that none of the boys will be evicted this Sunday.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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