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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Thursday, May 26 2011

Hanningtone Kuteesa
He is one of the Big Brother Africa 5 representatives who still make news much as he did not spend so much time in the house for being disqualified after a physical exchange with Lerato from South Africa.

Hannington Kuteesa was on Friday spotted at Kisementi based bar, Just Kicking smoking his lungs out. It looks like he did not have enough quid on him so he resorted to smoking cigar after cigar for over an hour.

He did all that by the pool table side. A close buddy appeared from nowhere and bought him a bottle of Tusker. This bottle lasted for hours as he watched other people playing the pool game.

Disqualifying housemates has now become fashionable because even in the current series of Big Brother, a housemate from Tanzania, Lotus was literally chased from the house after slapping Luclay.

Meanwhile, It takes two to tangle and our observation is that all the disqualified housemates so far are from East Africa(Uganda, Tanzania) and the other parties hail from South Africa. Last year Hannington had Issues with Lerato from South Africa and this year, Lotus from Tanzania had serious issues with Luclay again from South Africa.

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Wednesday, September 08 2010

Hannington and Sheila in Barn house watching Telly
Its no doubt Hannington was the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house and straight to the barn together with Sammy from Ghana. Sammy has since quit the game for medical reasons leaving Hannington as the oldest barnmate in the barn house.

While in the main house, he had tried Kenya' Sheila who was still proving to be a hard nut to crack and by the time Hannington got evicted from the main house, he ha even left Sheila a ring which by the way she kept on wearing after Hanny had left, though she had made her point clear that she did not have a thing for him.

It is the All stars and one unique thing with it is that the barnmates are free to vote for those still in the main house and also have a TV set that will link them to the main house if there is any breaking news.

Now Biggie did exactly that a few weeks back when he showed the barnmates Meryl and Sheila making out something that disturbed Hannington who had thought that it was Mwisho going down on Sheila. Hannington saw some movements in the sheets and also noticed his ring so he concluded that was Sheila, but then again he needed to know who was the second person under the sheets.

It later emerged it was Sheila. Now as if that was not enough Sheila was up for eviction and trust you me Africa had no better way of paying her back other than throwing her in the barn.

Hannington in the Barn
Hannington was very close to Tatiana before Sheila came in and the moment he placed his eyes on Sheila in the barn, he dropped Tatiana and now has started the unfinished business.

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Tuesday, August 10 2010
Our boy Hannington should be cursing the day Biggie started bringing surprise guests for the Barnmates. As you may all be aware, Sammy and Hannington have had their share of visitors though Hannington's visitor was a special one. It was her mum who came to the house making him a little bit uncomfortable and reserved.

Sammy had a fair deal though the very deal had its problems that left him crying for sometime in the barn long after Julliette had left the Barn House. Sammy's Ex was brought in the Barn for two days and on the second night, Sammy had fun.

Last Sunday the Barnmates were joined with a third evictee from the main house who happened to be a female none other than Lerato from South Africa. Hannigton specifically was happy to see Lerato to the extent that he hugged her for over 3 minutes as Sammy waited to do the same.

Now the very Hannigton is having it rough after Lerato's surprise visit has already arrived in the barn and this visitor is Maxwell from Zambia who was Lerato's boyfriend in Big Brother Africa ll in fact below you can catch up with what transpired between Lerato and Maxwell back in 2007.

Hannington was so quiet that Maxwell noticed and asked him why he was not talking. Maxwell referred him to a bull dog that had not teeth. Meanwhile, Maxwell has put on a lot of weight. 
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Wednesday, August 04 2010
        Hannington and His Mom in the Barn
Ruth Nvumetta Kuteesa the MP for Kalangala and also Hannington's mom is in the Big Brother Barn together with her son making the number of ''Barnmates'' four after Sammy's Ex Julliet joined the barn yesterday.

This is mean of Biggie because Hannington is very careful with what he has to say and he is not free anymore with the mom around. The mom slept on one of the beds as Hannington slept on the floor right opposite her.

Meanwhile Sammy and Juliet were covered in a duvet with Sammy feeling Julliet in all corners. Things were getting hot in the duvet before Biggie turned the Camera's to the main house.

Juliet has already put a lot of life in the barn for Sammy making every minute in the barn worth living. Sammy is indeed a happy man unlike Hannington who spent the whole evening learning how to knit as the mom had already slept off.

By the time the cameras came back to the barn, Sammy was lighting his cigar as Juliet faced the wall. He went to the bathroom then later came back to kiss Juliet before relocating to his mattress. They both slept off. In the morning, Hannington and the mom will wake up thinking these two had nothing going down but wapi...!
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Tuesday, August 03 2010
The revolution was exciting but the All stars version is yet another treat with Biggie bringing Sammy's Ex  into the barn. Where and how Biggie dug up the ex files will be discussed another day but for now Juliet has joined Sammy causing a lot of pressure to our boy Hannington.

May be Biggie is equally looking up Hannington's ex as revealed in his secret to Biggie. We are also yet to know if Juliet is the mother for Sammy's baby who had a brain problem. All that we will leave to Biggie because it looks like we are in for more surprises.

Meanwhile, Juliet has washed the dishes, prepared good food for the Barn Mates. As Juliet took a shower, Sammy was seated right by the bathroom to ensure that Hannington does not get any close as he had joked that he (Hannington) would be around to scrub her back.

We are yet to see how these tow barn mates behave towards Juliet though Sammy has an advantage over Hanni now that Juliet is a former girlfriend.  However, when it was time to sleep she suggested that they put the three mattresses together and the barnmates sandwich her but Hannington chickened out for obvious reasons.

Sammy also had issues with Juliet after he told her to milk the cow the following day and also fetch water something that did not go down well with her. She assured Sammy that she would not do any of those tasks. This is the reason Sammy opted on sleeping alone though by the time we logged off, He was smoking due to no sleep! Watch This Space!

Hannington and Sammy Transferred to a Farm
Munya Vs Lerato for the Big Brother Barn

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Friday, July 23 2010
Big Brother All Stars were yesterday making presentations about their respective countries for investors, tourists and Africa at large to go for the best country that was sold through the respective presentation, but Hannington-Uganda fell short of the mark.

He started off by going down on his knees which we will spare for now but ended up not even talking about the flag which at least every housemate endeavoured to explain. All he was saying was ''do you feel'' me as though he was preaching.

His not talking about the flag also explains why he failed to correct biggie on the order of the colours on the Uganda flag. The crane was correctly placed in the middle but instead of starting with colour black, the flag started with Red.

Jen-Mozambique made a presentation about her country and midway gave up but she was cheered up by fellow housemates and started afresh only to make a presentation that I say was even better than Hannington's. No Watching the space anymore, just watch the video.

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Wednesday, July 21 2010
It was over a plate of rice that Hannington and Sheila were having some talk that turned out to be the Rubber Duck Position. Sheila added some salt to the rice and for some reason she even forgot the salt was just too much until Hannington stopped her.

They continued eating and moments later Hanny asked Sheila: do you know a Rubber Duck? Sheila does not kind of get it so our boy Hanny responds with now physical demos of what a rubber duck is..

As Hannington did the demonstration of the Rubber Duck back and forth movements, Sheila seemed to be so taken up that they crossed from just talking about the Rubber duck to now practicing the Rubber Duck move.

But Hannington's move of  a Rubber Duck is a killer move that can only be seen by watching the above video and see exactly what his strategy is in the Big Brother All Stars.
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Wednesday, April 07 2010

          Phil Okure, UgandaHannington Kutesa, Uganda
Life is truly getting harder for Big Brother Africa flopping duo Hannington and Philbert Okure. The latest reveals that after failing to garner any high profile job during their Big Brother Africa adventure in South Africa, the two have now resorted to forging a way out as back up dancers.

The duo have been featured in GNL's 'Nyo Nyo Nyo' video song and are seen in the background dancing. This is the latest blow to how far these tow have fallen from grace to grass. A close pal adds: ''Hanny and Phil can't seem to secure jobs, so the only way for them is partying and appearing in such stuff to kill boredom.

The two have regularly been spotted on drinking binges around all happening places in town. Well, we don't if they are the reason behind the flop of GNL's Nyo Nyo Nyo song or the legend of Zamba himself as lost it.

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Thursday, January 21 2010

All is not well for former BBA IV flop Hannington. From the look of things, he did not gain much from the Big Brother and the fame that comes with it save for the unflattering fame of smelling for everyone in the house. Rumour has it that Hannington is hassling with Rent with his game store located in Wandegeya.

"Hanny is doing badly, he can't raise money for rent, the business is not making profit and the landlord is on his case for three months unpaid rent arrears." The money he got from the BBA Show was very little. He spent it on booze and girls and he is now broke.

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Sunday, October 11 2009

          Hannington and Yakob Evicted from the Big Brother Revolution House
Uganda and Ethiopia will join Ghana in loosing out on the USD 200,000 big brother prize. Ethiopia and Ghana had one housemate each of which both have been evicted. Uganda had two housemates i.e. Phil and Hannington but for now they have joined other viewers in following the revolution game from outside the house.

Phil's eviction was unfortunate because he replaced a nominated housemate but for Hannington he was legitimately up and was not saved either by Itai who was the HoH simply because he had his own countrymate to save who happened to be Kristal.

The show was graced by Kenya's Amani who started off with "Tonight" before turning to the head of the house to reveal his decision to other housemates. Itai from Zimbabwe stood up looking every inch nervous and told the other housemates that he saved (Kristal,Quinn) and replaced them with (Kevin, Elizabeth).

The show crossed to Thomas Mlambo to leave the house he joined last Friday. IK asked him who he thought would win the game and he put the money on Nkenna's head. Since he was leaving the house, he had a chance to throw a molotov at one housemate but his was a positive one, so he chose Itai implying that they were getting on well. The Molotov applied to all the housemates fortunately so it was not for only Itai to enjoy but all the housemates. The molotov read in part: "All housemates will receive a BBQ tomorrow courtesy of Thomas"

Amani from Kenya bounced back with another track of hers which was "Bad Boy" before crossing to the house again where our very Hannington and Yakob from Ethiopia were announced as the next housemates to leave the Big Brother House. As they came on stage, Bebe Cool's "Kus Kus" was playing in the background.

Yakob threw a molotov at Liz from S.Africa whom she referred to as the worst housemate and for this she will spend the nights out for one week while Hannington's Molotov which was to make all the beds, hand in all the dirty linen for all the housemates for a week was thrown at Kevin.

This leaves 14 housemates in the game i.e. 7 boys and 7 girls with 56 days to go.

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Tuesday, October 06 2009

        Hannington, Yakob Vs Elizabeth and Kevin
Uganda's Hannington is up for eviction.  He is the only Ugandan housemate left in the Big Brother House after Phil Okure got evicted two weeks back. Big Brother came up with another twist to the game which is in line with revolutionizing the game.

The housemates now operate as a pair. If one of the members in the pair is up for eviction, this will automatically put the other housemate up for eviction. If one of the members in the pair is evicted, the same will apply to the other half in the pair.

The housemates are paired up as follows:
Jeremy and Geraldine, Edward and Emma, Kaone and Liz, Itai and Nkenna, Hannington and Yacob, Quinn and Kristal, Kevin and Elizabeth, Mzamo and Leonel. In yesterday's nominations (Hannington, Yakob) and (Quinn, Kristal) turned up with the highest votes but Itai exercised his right as Head of House to save (Quinn, Kristal) only to be replaced with Kevin and Elizabeth.

So guys Hannington and Yacob need to stay in the house, so vote for them to stay in the house. Nigeria still has a good game because of the four housemates who are up for eviction it is only Nigeria with 3 housemates in the house as opposed to Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia that have one housemate each.

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Tuesday, September 29 2009

The Ugandan housemate and Elizabeth from Tanzania have made up after last week's fight that ended up in a bitter exchange of words between the two East African housemates. This happened after Elizabeth coming from the Diary room where she swapped Liz with Erastus who wasn't up for eviction.

Hannington will not believe himself on learning that Elizabeth did not switch her with any of the nominated housemates as ealier planned. This could develop into another couple in the house because Hannington will have every reason of paying back Tanzania's Elizabeth.

Below is the video showing Hannington's apology to Elizabeth

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Monday, September 21 2009

Emma and Geraldine in tight race for Hannington

It is not clear what Phil is up to especially after the evictions but what is clear is that Hannington is getting on with the game. The first few minutes in the house after the girls had been united with the boys, the Ugandan boys were holding back but looks like Hannington has come out of his shell.

He started with Geraldine and they had some lengthy talk but after some time Emma sung a song that she composed recently which had a line on cheating husbands and that is how Hannington quickly switched to Emma through the track.

Emma was straight to the point that the first time they saw him, all the girls were like Him(Hannington) could look better if he had his hair short. The Ugandan housemate was quick at defending himself saying that, he planned to play the game that way especially for this week.

Emma suggested that Nkenna(Nigeria) can actually plate it for him and may be have a better look than what he is currently. Emma went on to ask how old he was and he replied 23. At 23 Hannington says he has no girlfriend and he has not even been in a relationship.

Emma finds it strange and goes ahead to ask why? Hannington replies, that is how it is. The cameras have been on this couple in the making for the last 45 minutes and it is very clear Emma is seeing a lot of potential in our Hannington. Hannington can't wait to go to the jacuzzi with the girls.

Other male housemates likely to hook up are Yacob from Ethiopia who is right now in the company of Tanzania's Elizabeth but occasionally eyeing Rene from Namibia.

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Tuesday, September 08 2009
Hanningtone Kuteesa
Uganda's bushy representative in the Big Brother Revolution..
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Monday, September 07 2009
Hannington bites Khanyi one of the stars jungle style

Africa should watch out for this guy when the girls come in next Sunday
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Monday, September 07 2009

              All housemates are nominated
Housemates are still just confused like you the viewers as far as the names are concerned but inspite of not knowing the names the housemates still know who they want out.

Itai from Zimbabwe has nominated Phil from Uganda and Kaone from Botswana.
Teddy from Kenya has nominated Kevin from Nigeria and Itai. In the end all the housemates have been nominated and you the viewer have to vote for the housemate you want to keep in the house.

This means that the more you vote for your housemate the better the chances for him to stay in the house. The one with least votes will be the one to leave the Big Brother Africa house next Sunday.

Big Brother wants your vote. To vote for your housemate to stay in the revolution house SMS Hannington or Phil to 6626 depending on whether you are on MTN, UTL, Warid or Zain. Each sms will cost you 1,000/- Ugx.

For other countries please visit on how to keep your housemate in the game.

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Sunday, September 06 2009

The show kicked off with dancers who did a lot of summersaults on stage. IK arrived to the show in a helicopter. Housemates are arriving on bikes. Somali-Canadian rapper K'Naan has finished performing and as he performed, flags from all the 14 countries were being moved around.
8:30pm (EAT)

First in the house was Itai Makumbe from Zimbabwe, 31 years old doing his Masters degree with high hopes of working in Civil Society when he completes his Degree. When he wins the money he wants to visit his Dad in England who he has not seen in a long time.

Uganda is next.The guy we talked about here BBA Uganda Rep Update  is the Ugandan house mate. When Hannington got into the house, he made it a point that he pecks all the lady stars in the house.

The next housemate to get into the house was Edward Muthius aka Teddy 34 years of age from Kenya and he is unemployed. At 8:56pm K' Naan performed again.

The fourth housemate to enter the house was 27 year old Kevin Chuwang from Nigeria. He is unemployed. The fifth housemate to enter the was Kaone from Botswana. The sixth housemate from Ethiopia Yacob Yehdego got into the house and he is 27 years old too and an Assistant Manager.
Time check: 9:11pm(EAT).

Quinn Sieber from South Africa a radio presenter/DJ aged 21 was the 7th male housemate to enter the Big Brother revolution house. Followed by another male housemate from Mozambique, Leonel Estevoa. Quite scary because all the housemates are male and no female at this point.

A rastaman from Ghana George Wayoe aged 34 and unemployed entered the house.  At this point we were hoping the rest of the housemates to come in will be ladies, but Biggie has revolutionised the show to the extent of denying viewers babes at least for the first one week.

Another housemate from Uganda enters the house. Filbert Okure, 25 years old and a Marketing Assistant making a total of two Ugandan housemates in the house. Uganda make some noise......

Jeremy Ndirangu (22) a music and creative instructor from Kenya gets into the house making a total of two housemates from Kenya. At this point Uganda and Kenya has two housemates confirming that one from each of the countries is fake.

Twins from Namibia Edward Moongo 33 who happens to be unemployed too joined the house together with his twin brother Erastus Moongo. These are supposed to play the confusing game as one twin brother will be staying in a secret place and occasionally coming to the house to confuse other housemates.

Tempers were lost as no female housemate had been mentioned making it look like it is a game for boys only but wait a minute, the girls are coming in next week and tomorrow evictions are on. Meanwhile with the way the revolution has started, chances are some of these housemates are fake especially Uganda and Kenya that have two housemates each, it simply means one of them is fake and they will have to get out of the house real soon.
10:00pm(EAT) The show that launched the revolution has ended.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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