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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Tuesday, June 04 2013

Betty looks at exhaustes Bolt

The first couple in the Big Brother the Chase has eventually succumbed to the pressure that has been building up since May 26 when they got into the house. It was love at first sight. It was the first couple to kiss and throughout these days, the couple has been all over each other.

It all started yesterday with Betty being called to the diary room to exercise her SAVE and REPLACE role as she is the current Head of House. She did the needful by replacing her boo who was up for eviction and swapped him with Tanzania's Feza. The two lovers were lying on the bed as Bolt could not hold back tears.

The thought of him being up for eviction was just too much bearing in mind that a day back, two 'strong' housemates, Uganda's Denzel and Kenya's Huddah had just been booted from the show. The HoH is not supposed to reveal what transpired in the diary room and can only do so on the eviction day.

Betty realised things were not getting any better much as Bolt tried to sing all love songs for her with tears rolling down his cheeks, the two decided to take it to another level. The video has since been removed but analysts say that Bolt gave Gaetano a run for his money.

This particular show will certainly bounce back now that these two are not up for eviction, so they are still in the house for at least two weeks.

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Wednesday, May 29 2013

Bolt, Betty, Angelo and Annabel

Africa is about to witness the first love fight in the Big Brother house between Kenya's fashion designer, Annabel and Ethiopia's Betty. Apparently, Annabel is getting close to Bolt something that is not going down well with Betty to the extent that, the couple had to sleep on separate beds last night which seemed unsual.

It all started last night when South Africa's Angelo(36) went to Annabel, who was by then lying on her tummy, took off her top and gave her a long back massage. This went on for quite sometime as Anna was enjoying every moment as it lasted. The rastaman from South Africa was done but Annabel still needed more of the treat.

This is when she opted for Bolt who did not dissapoint in giving her exactly what she wanted. Annabel enjoyed the good run from Bolt but as this was going on, a lot of anger was building up with Betty much as she did not say a word. They all later settled for separate beds which looked rather strange for the lovey dovey couple.

Elikem from Ghana brought some life into Betty when he tip toed to her bed and told of how he had been disqualified from the game. This sent shock waves to her but moments later, Elikem told her that he was only kidding. This is when she left her bed and dashed to Bolt's bed before the two started feasting on each other's saliva.

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Wednesday, May 29 2013

The first night in the house

It's been only two nights in the Big Brother house but things are already getting fired up. Africa should expect a lot from this lot because at this rate, the housemates in the Diamond's house are shining like diamond. Bolt and Betty were getting to know each other better as the rest of the housemates slept.

As things got hot for Bolt to handle, he dashed to his bags looking for what resident experts have termed as rubbers but the infrared did some injustice to him. He ended up in the kitchen where he got some water that Betty seemed to appreciate now that she was very thirsty at the time.

Bolt from Sierra Leone and Betty from Ethiopia who unfortunately is up for eviction but does not know are now confirmed as the first official couple and things will even get better should she survive eviction this Sunday.

If you all remember the dude IK asked if he was married after spotting him with a ring that he quickly removed on seeing Ethiopia's Betty, that was Bolt. IK then asked him to rate Betty out of 10, and he gave her 10 out of 10. Now are you surprised with what is going on in the house 72 hours later, watch this space!

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Sunday, July 29 2012
Ex Big Brother Housemates Zainab and Barbz
Sierra Leone Big Brother Stargame housemate Zainab with South Africa's model Barbz in trendy outfits.
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Saturday, July 28 2012

Chris and Ola sandwich Zainab in Nigeria
Ex Big Brother Stargame housemates are already networking even before the show comes to an end. Sierra-Leone disqualified housemate Zainab is in Nigeria hanging out with her Naija fans.

Zainab's visit to Nigeria would be a no visit minus meeting Chris and Ola were 'sexcited' on meeting the curvy model who was disqualified after falling out with Ghana's DKB who has cancelled two shows following the death President Jon Evans Atta Mills.

The Big Brother Stargame is left with less than 10 days for channel 198/197 to stop broadcasting Africa's biggest reality show that could easily see both Ugandans coming back tomorrow.

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Friday, June 15 2012

Sierra Leone representative in the Big Brother StarGame
Disqualified Sierra Leone housemate in the Big Brother StarGame is currently chilling in the UK after being slapped by Ghana's DKB in the Big Brother house that eventually led to their disqualification thus ending their dreams on the prize of USD 300,000.

During her time in the house, she was voted as the housemate with the most flava while in the Downville house. Zainab, Keitta and Maneta are the only Downville housemates who have had a chance to step into the VIP Upville house.

Having crossed that line meant that she was playing the game well and could easily be one of the finalists as she had started giving the Upville housemates a run for their money.

The Olympic games will officially kick off on the 27-July-2012 in London. Zainab like very many sports fans intending to grace the games, they have made their way to UK early enough to avoid disappointments.

Meanwhile, appearing on the Big Brother Africa reality show has simply opened more doors for the Istanbul based model. She was this morning interviewed on BBC Network Africa in London.

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Wednesday, June 06 2012

Model Zainab O Sheriff based in Instanbul represented Sierra Leone in the Big Brother StarGame
Zainab O Sheriff a married model from Istanbul Turkey was the Big Brother housemate representing Sierra Leone but got disqualified after a physical brawl with DKB from Ghana.

Zainab opened the door several times when comedian DKB was in the washrooms. He tried to stop her but the model did not desist from the act and as expected, DKB came for her trying to tell her that what she had done was wrong.

Its on record that, DKB has anger management issues or he has been using fighting as a strategy to play the game but it looks like it is the very strategy that brought him down. DKB told Zainab that he will slap her to which Zainab provoked him to go on and do it.

DKB acted just like a typical African man, slapped the model and one thing led to the other. Biggie intervened after carefully looking at the footage, he decided that the two be disqualified.

Zainab is married to a Turkish but three weeks into the house, she was trying out everything to get Keitta into her trap but this was saved by the fact that Keitta's official girl friend Mildred was in the house.

She told Biggie three weeks into the house that she was missing sex very badly and she was to play the game with Rocki from Zimbabwe or Prezzo from Kenya given a chance, though at the time, Prezzo was so tight with Goldie.

By the time she was disqualified, she had managed to cause a rift between Prezzo and Goldie. Prezzo and Zainab were blending very much most especially through their tattoos which were all over their 'privates' and were just about to explore them.

DKB and Zainab were not buddies at all after the fight in which DKB reminded Zainab of her past something that did not go down well with her. Chances are, this second fight was linked to the first one.

Big Brother just found it wise to send these two housemates packing now that they even had previous fights like Seydou accusing Zainab for using her fingers while eating, the Prezzo Vs DKB fight which almost brought the roof down.

Zainab's exit came in handy because her hubby will receive her intact, otherwise she was to be the third female housemate to be feasted on after Jessica and Luke, Keitta and Mildred rolled in style via the sheets.

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Monday, June 04 2012

Rocki stopping DKB from thumping Zainab
Big BRO is no joke and this time round he has fired both parties that were involved in a physical battle. It was the second time these two were fighting but now that this fight got physical, Biggie just disqualified comedian star from Ghana and the only housemate from Sierra Leone who was playing her game well until she was disqualified today.

The list of disqualified housemates is growing starting with Uganda's Hannington, Tanzania's Lotus and now DKB and Zainab. It has been public knowledge that Zainab and DKB don't see eye-to-eye but that aside, DKB's strategy in the house was to fight as he has already had a fight with Kenya's Prezzo,  Namibia's Lady May and just recently the fight with Zainab in which he accused her of sleeping with two men.

Zainab referred him to his wife to find out if sleeping with two men would make her a wore..DKB went wild on the mere mention of his wife in this scuffle. Today was the second time they were having a fight after Zainab provoked DKB forcing him to slap her.

Biggie's rules are very clear and he does not entertain violence so he had to disqualify these two. The Upville house now has 6 housemates in the run for the top prize and these include Maneta and Rocki from Zimbabwe, Barbz from South Africa, Goldie from Nigeria, Prezzo from Kenya, and Keitta who joined the Upville house yesterday when his girlfriend Eazzy 'Mildred' and the two sisters Eve and Edith left the show.

Africa had hoped to see what happens in the Upville house after Keitta and Zainab had met and this time round without Mildred who was making life difficult for them, but all that will be no more with the disqualification of these two who were up for eviction anyway.

The two houses that started with 35 housemates in total now have 20 in left after 15 have either opted out, disqualified or evicted. Biggie has announced that there will be no eviction this week in the Upville house. Watch this space!

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Thursday, May 24 2012

Africa is bound to have more drama at this rate. Sierra Leone's only housemate in the Big Brother house is on fire. During her diary session today, Biggie asked her what she missed most and she told him if he really wanted to know, Biggie said he was curious.

''I wanna have sex. It's been like three weeks and I'm going nuts'' Zainab told Biggie. Now earlier on before the diary session, Zainab was flirting with Zimbabwe's Rocki who was asking for some and this is what he told her;

''Keep trying you never know you might have sex with me or you may not''. These lines got Rocki grinning from ear to ear and told her that he won't give up. Meanwhile, Zainab is counting on two lads, Prezzo and Rocki to get down with on the Big Brother game.

However, now that Prezzo is busy with Goldie and Rocki is a bit free having fallen out with Maneta, he might be the one to taste Zainab's bearded meat because Prezzo has made it clear that he is out of Zainab's web.

''Zainab is more wasted and Goldie is more focused'' Prezzo say so.

Liberia's Luke and Namibia's Jessica Bonk
Zainab Now Has A Bald Head

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Wednesday, May 23 2012

Zainab goes bald two days in tghe Upville house
Sierra Leone model Zainab is the only housemate representing her country after fellow country mate Dalphin was among those evicted last Sunday. The moment she became an Upviller, the VIP's were able to feel her and within moments she was in charge of the house.

However, the latest move of her cutting off all her hair and now donning a bald hair style is in itself a bold move. Rocki from Zimbabwe helped her clear all the hair from her head as she dealt with other parts.

It will take a few hours for her fans who are still in shock to get to terms with the new bald headed Zainab in the Upville house. These are some of the tricks that she is using to play the game and some have so far paid off like the attack on Angola's Seydou

She has been in the Upville house which at one point had 28 housemates making it very difficult for the cameras to follow you. This is where the Ugandan housemates have failed but with 6 evicted and 2 opting out of the game, we hope they will be able to shine.

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Monday, May 21 2012

Lady of the night-Zainab from Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Zainab emerged the best in last week nominated housemates with 13 votes while her fellow country mate Dalphin got no votes. Luke who led fellow housemates in a prayer to keep them together got one vote and so was Yadel with one vote too.

As we predicted that Zainab will cross to the Upville and the rest sent packing was exactly what happened during the Sunday live eviction show. The Downville house will enjoy Biggi'e house with no eviction pressure as the hit crosses to the Upville house.

It means that the Ugandan housemates are safe for the third week as the random machine is on holiday this week. Zainab who has just crossed to the Upville house will not be nominated.

The random nomination machine does not  apply to the Upville house, the VIP's will have to nominate each other the traditional way. The honeymoon is over for the VIP's and now the game begins. Can't wait to see how the DKB, Prezzo beef works out in the nominations.
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Sierra Leone, Liberia

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Friday, May 18 2012

Zainab from Sierra Leone will do all sorts of things to get to Keitta

When they called for participants to join the Big Brother show as pairs Keitta and Mildred from Ghana responded as a couple and were able to meet the expectations of the judges. The rest of the participants came in as buddies, brothers and sisters.

It has kind of not been easy for the couple to express their feelings openly before the other housemates and if this show does not break them, then it will only make them stronger. On the other hand, Zainab from Sierra Leone dreams of having Keitta's surname and she is more than determined to get his heart.

Zainab timed Keitta in the kitchen on Wednesday and wanted to kiss his lips but Keitta simply put his chic. Zainab asked what his surname was and Keitta replied that he was 'Osei' Zainab declared that she will one day be called Zainab Osei. This was however brushed off by Mildred.

Yesterday was worse. Mildred was sleeping off as Uganda's Jannette and Zainab tried to give Keitta company. Zainab was in a very short skirt with nothing under that left everything to the full display of Keitta more so with legs wide open.

Mildred woke up and noticed that the situation around Keitta was so scary by her standards. On realising that Mildred had woken up, Zainab tried to cover up. It's not clear whether Zainab will leave to see her dream in the Downville house now that she is up for possible eviction.

The good news is, Zainab is likely to cross to the Upville house and encroach on Maneta who is now the queen of the Upville house. To confirm this Maneta was having a massage from top admirer and fellow countrymate Rocki as Mampi looked on with envy.

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Sunday, May 13 2012

Luke and Yadel from Liberia and Zainab, Dalphin from Sierra Leone are up for possible eviction
The Big Brother Stargame is on and week two has kicked off with three already out of the house just after seven days. Housemates in the Downville house are playing the game as two implying that in case of nominations, a ball that is selected randomly by the machine represents the two housemates from that country.

During the Sunday live show, It was revealed that Maneta from Zimbabwe emerged the winner with 8 votes, followed by Hilda with 6 votes and one vote for Julio and zero for Teclar. Having beaten those up for eviction, Maneta now joins the Upville game making it two housemates from Zimbabwe with Rocki in the run for the top prize.

It was business as usual when they brought the balls to select the housemates that will be up for eviction this week. It turned out that Liberia and Sierra Leone are up for eviction implying that Zainab and Dalphin from Sierra Leone, Luke and Yadel from Liberia are up for eviction.

Zainab fought yesterday with Seydou from Angola abused him terribly after throwing a glass at him something that forced Biggie to ban booze in the Downville house, Yadel has already slept in Malonza's bed but still not so sure what role that kind of CV will play in their bid to the top prize.

Vote for the housemate you want to stay in the house

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Sunday, May 13 2012

Prezzo looks at Mampi doing the Mampi dance
It was after the Saturday night dance that hell broke loose in all the houses but before that, Mampi who has been rated as the best dancer of this season did her thing as Prezzo looked on with his mouth wide open with saliva dropping as he watched every move.

Downville Fights: - Sierra Leone Zainab and Seydou from Angola. Zainab could not hold her anger that she had to throw a glass at Seydou who in turn played it cool but assured her that should he be disqualified, he will have to thump her before leaving the house.

South Africa's Keagan was about to go for Liberia's Luke had it not been for Nigeria's Ola to come in and use his physique to scare the hell out of Keagan. Big Brother called the Head of House Keitta and asked him to warn the housemates about their behaviour that will not be tolerated next week.

Keita whose HOH role expires tomorrow tried communicating the warning from Big Brother but most guys were threatening to fight as some of the gals were just crying.

Upville Fight: Rocki and DKB had a small scuffle over the gals but it did not last long. All these fights can only be attributed to booze. Looking at how things are unfolding in the house, we could see up to 4 or more housemates disqualified if they do not change.

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Sunday, May 06 2012

     Flavia and IK during the Big Brother Stargame Live show
After the VIPs had gone to the house the show crossed to the Downville housemates who also happened to be couples ranging from friends, lovers, brothers and sisters.

Angola - They've been friends for three years. They are very good friends and the gal says he is single. They want to be themselves.

Botswana - Eve and Edith - They have no strategy they are just going to be themselves and they promise not to do the illegal stuff.

Ghana - Mildred and Keitta have been together for a year and half. Mildred got attracted to Keitta because he is calm. They say their affair is complicated with a lot of differences. They however contradicted themselves during the auditions.

Kenya - Alex and Malonza(Brothers)

Liberia - Luke and Yadel have been friends for 8 years but they are not dating and they have partners outside the house. She says that he loves the ladies and will have at least 3 ladies in the house.

Malawi - Afe and Wa (Cousins) - One of the is single and the other si not.

Namibia - Jescia and Junior (Friends) - They say they love each other and when IK asked them why they had to chose each other, they seemed not to have an answer.

Nigeria - Chris and Ola(Not even friends) - They are ready to emulate their predecessors who won the previous seasons.

South Africa - Keagan and Lee - The gals in the audience were pretty excited about these ones.

Sierra Leone - Dalphin and Zainab - These gals have been friends for seven years and it is the first time Sierra Leone is being represented on the Big Brother Africa show.

Tanzania - Hilda and Julio met when they were still kids and they are not dating, have supportive partners outside the house.

Uganda - Jaenette and Kyle - Not friends with benefit and the gal says not now but may be later.

Zambia - Born of the same mother and different fathers.

Zimbabwe - Maneta and Teclar - Not sure of whether they are dating. The housemates from all over Africa made their way to the house and the action in the house now begins.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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