Bertha Evicted

Big Brother Africa II
Bertha (Right) was evicted on 7.Oct.2007

Bertha Evicted

The first time Bertha got nominated there was a twist of events which resulted in fake evictions.The next round of nominations spared her and saw Lerato off. Bertha could not survive the third round of nominations. The week before Maureen was head of house while Big Brother took a short holiday to Zanzibar, Bertha & Lerato proved hell in the house for her that she got to a point of demanding some respect from Bertha as it was very clear Bertha was not recognizing Maureen as HOH. The week that followed Richard was the Head of House. The Malawian housemate, Code is the current head of house and luck was on his side as he had himself to save after being nominated for possible eviction.Code the DJ from Malawi replaced himself with Tatiana who will tussle it out with Kwaku and Richard on 14.Oct.2007.

Tatiana was so touched when Meryl was evicted and one wonders how she will cry if it turns out that Richard is to go next.

Meanwhile Max & Lerato were seen in Rosebank,JB on Wednesday in the comfort of each other holding hands.Rumor has it the two could be planning to get married.

Maxwell & Lerato in South Africa before Bertha's Exit

Lerato was Evicted

Lerato (left) was evicted on 30.Sep.2007; something that surprised many as they thought Bertha was the right choice after the ''verbal diarrhea'' that she passed on to Maureen. Lerato did but you could not miss Bertha's attacks.

Meanwhile last week was unique with so many strange happenings

  • Fake Eviction of Kwaku  & Ofunneka
  • Untouchables nominated but Head of House could not save any
  • Maureen was the Head of the House
  • Biggie went on a Holiday to Zanzibar leaving housemates with an automated Big Brother which had a female voice
  • Code & Maureen in Penthouse
  • Maureen & Bertha fight
  • Lerato Evicted at the end of it all.

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