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Bad Black VS. Judith Heard over Naija Star Mr. Flavour

By Mico 30 June 2022 11:27 pm EAT

Bad Black while being interviewed on YouTube revealed that she had nothing serious going on with the 'Ashawo' star Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli aka Flavour N'abania.

Judith Heard VS. Bad Black

Bad Black says that Judith Heard and Nigerian singer, Mr. Flavour were once close

Mr. Flavour does not appear on the list of my ex-lovers, Bad Black said during an interview.


In September 2011, Bad Black during her 'Black Gal Party' where she celebrated turning 22 had Mr. Flavour as one of the guests, which prompted the interviewer to ask if the mother of four had ever been close to the Naija star.

"I did nothing with Mr. Flavour as I was faced with stiff competition from Judith Heard and Sylvia Owori."

"That very night, the father of my daughter, Kim Swagga, had served me with weed which made me insult him(Mr, Flavour) only for him to end up at Casablanca where he teamed up with Judith Heard."

"I trust her, she must have hooked him that night, Nalongo doesn't fail" Bad Black added.

Judith Heard was quick to clear the space on not having had a relationship of any sort with Mr, Flavor...

Judith Heard thinking of dragging Bad Black to court
Judith Heard, Mr Flavour and Bad Black
“Wabula munsize evu. Nze Judith Heard? This is the first time am gonna do this. Over my children’s life I have never had anything to do with the name mentioned in the video. Please enough of trashing my name I beg of everyone please, please, please."

"These stories I have let pass in the past and I don’t want to go deep into everything. Let’s not say anything without evidence cause I am working so hard to live a different life today and I would be very happy if no one brings my name up again in anything they don’t have proof of. Am about to sue for defamation of character here,”.

Bad Black has not yet responded to Judith Heard's remarks.

SourceUganda Online


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