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Eddy Kenzo on the inspiration behind his Made in Africa album

By Michael Nampala 30 Apr 2021 09:35 PM EAT

Star singer Eddy Kenzo yesterday (Apr 29) was at Fairway Hotel for his Made in Africa album listener party. The Big Talent CEO took his fans through some of the 21 songs on the album talking about the inspirations behind them, what reasons prompted some of the songs and most importantly, foreign artists like Monique Seka, Kanda Bongoman and how he got to work with them.

Eddy Kenzo's latest album

Made in Africa - Eddy Kenzo on his 21-track album

Some of the songs Kenzo says he recorded them from France, Ivory Coast, Senegal and the USA.

The album has 21 songs and during the presser, Eddy Kenzo had some background info on what inspired him to do the songs.

Songa - Kenzo composed this song while he was in Ivory Coast during the lockdown, while in his apartment, the dad of two says he was depressed to the extent that at one point, he contemplated committing suicide.


He later learnt how to swim as a way of fighting stress, but in his apartment, he put a studio where he composed some of the music. He was paying close to $5000 per month for four months.

Songa is a Swahili word that means Move forward...I thank all those that sent me money plus the encouraging messages. Bebe Cool too sent me a message and yet we were not on good terms then, but God was good to me and Songa was the song.

Missounwa - Kenzo loved Monique Seka's music so when he inquired about her, his team was able to bring her to his apartment where he was staying and without wasting time, Kenzo requested that he does a remix of the Missounwa song to which she obliged.

"And right before me, Monique did the Missounwa vocals, though they turned out a little differently now that the original version was done when she was little."

The song was later sent to France for the final bit.

MONI remix originally done by Kanda Bongoman - On this particular one, Kanda Bongoman on his last visit to Uganda invited Kenzo through events promoter Balaam Barugahara and these were his comments;

"I love what you do, I have seen so many artists coming up from back in the days, but you are unique. First and foremost, you are selling your language, you are original, you are selling Africa to the world and you use young people like the Ghetto Kids and the Masaka kids, whom he met, but on the sidelines of that meeting in Entebbe, Kanda Bongoman said that he wanted to give a gift that was for me to redo his 'In the Morning song.

Eddy Kenzo during the listener party
Eddy Kenzo during the listener party for his Made in Africa album at Fairway Hotel on Apr.29

Shakamo - Shake more - which he composed after losing Rema to her latest hubby Hamzah Ssebunya.

Local - In which she tells girls to be careful not be local and behave in a manner that brands them cheap by exposing their village excitement, he is quick to put a disclaimer to this song saying it is not in any way about his baby mama Rema Namakula.

Mamacita - In this song, he is a cardinal, he is a doctor, but when asked if he was singing about Hamza the doctor, he wondered why they were concentrating on the doctor bit and not the Cardinal, it is just a song he added.

Born in Africa originally done by the late Philly Bongoley Lutaaya. He did it with the Big Talent Band and this he did after doing many so many songs with other international artists, so he had to redo one for a Ugandan and it had to be 'Born in Africa.'

Eddy Kenzo and Bina Baby
Eddy Kenzo and Bina Baby and inset is Sheilah Gashumba and new lover Rickman Manrick

Uganda Oye - Now that he has attended various events and he continues to do so, he felt it wise to have a song about Uganda  so that given a chance, he will be promoting the country while performing.

The album is on several online platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon among others. It is not on YouTube as he is yet to make videos for the released audios.

Tugende, Weekend, Leero Party, Nobody, Omwoyo, Songa, Missounwa, Shakamo, Uganda Oye, Nzinilamu, Aaye are some of the songs on the

Spice Diana, Karole Kasita, Levixone, Ykee Benda, Fik Fameica were among the artists that attended Eddy Kenzo's listener party.

SourceUganda Online


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