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Zari talks about life with her late hubby Ivan Ssemwanga

By Mico  29 November 2021 01:39 pm EAT

This is a continuation of Zari's interview with Toke Makinwa in which she unmasked herself talking about her dating life and how she easily falls in love.

Zari and late hubby Ivan Don Semwanga

Zari and her late hubby, Ivan Don



When I met my ex-husband, we were actually driving a car whose doors could not lock properly...we had so much ambition and looking at him, he had so much potential and I had so much energy. Everything he had, I had, we worked together for it and when people see a Lamborghini, they say I inherited. It is the more reason his legacy still lingers on.

Zari during her intro with late hubby Ivan Semwanga
Zari during her intro with late hubby Ivan Semwanga

How did you meet Ivan?

Ivan was such a villager. We met at my auntie's place and on the third weekend he got the courage to come to me and said "I dig you..."

He later came and told me that we go for ice cream, he was quiet and I was the noisy one, we eventually started dating and before I knew it I was pregnant. I met him when I was 20  and he was 23, we dated for 13 years and it is my longest relationship.

Brooklyn City College

We were hustling and not having proper jobs until I suggested to him that we open up a school, but he said to me that we were not that educated to manage a school, but I told him that we can hire experts.

We started off with an office that could only accommodate two chairs, we also had a Zambian friend who helped us push our accreditation papers, but the very year we opened, we got 2 million SA rands in our accounts and yet I had never even had 10,000 on my account.

Zari on her Bentley

Abusive relationship

It got to a point where kids were involved. Pinto was 9 at the time and he heard us screaming, he asked me for how long I was going to let that go on...Ivan could find me with the girls and that could spark a fight, it was worse when a man could stare at me, he once beat me to near pulp.

I was first abused when I was three months pregnant and that was our a year of being together. My family and friends just kept on telling me to hang on in there as all marriages were characterized by such.

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