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Bebe Cool and Zuena celebrate 20 years of love

By Mico  29 January 2022 02:11 pm EAT

Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool and Zuena Kirema Ssali have celebrated two decades of living together as husband and wife.

Bebe Cool and Zuena - 20 years of love

Bebe Cool was performing at the Comedy Nite store and used the opportunity to remind Zuena how much he has loved her these 20 years...

In the 20 years, the power couple is blessed with five children they named alphabetically as Alpha, Beata, Caysan, Deen and their very last born, Eman Nakafeero Ssali aged 4. Bebe Cool has a son from an earlier relationship, Allan Brian Ssali going by his latest stage name, Pepper Daddy.


In his message, Musa as his wife fondly calls him said he is nothing without her, he is looking for another 60 years ahead with her.

Zuena's prayer is that the love she receives remains the same as nothing has changed since day 1.

"Today (January 25) me and my wife made 20 years since we met and I have to thank Allah for the gift of love, understanding, care,knowledge and beauty he put in you."

Zuena and Bebe Cool
Zue and Bebe

"Zuena, I am nothing without you and everything with you. 20 years of loving me ain't easy, but you have done it and I pray it doubles and triples on and on."

"Allah works in mysterious ways and am sure a lot is coming your way this year. Happy 20th anniversary my love," Bebe Cool noted.


Zuena returned the love:

"20 years of loving you, 20 years of holding your hands, 20 years of leaning onto each other for support and strength, 20 years of caring for each other, 20 years of nurturing each other."

lovely hug by the Ssali's
lovely hug by the Ssali's

"It’s been a long journey, but we’re still strong and just beginning this journey together. I appreciate the husband and father you are everyday, nothing has changed since day 1 and I pray nothing does. I love you Bebe Cool. Happy 20th anniversary my love Allahuakbar."

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