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Nina Roz speaks out regarding her split with Daddy Andre

By Michael Nampala 28 Apr 2021 11:49 PM EAT

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre have dominated the news with claims that the two are not riding on the same horse, but the Enyonta singer says she is not aware of that development. Some say it was a stunt to promote her latest song that was produced and directoed by Daddy Andre..

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre

Nina Roz - "I also just learnt from the blogs that we had separated ..."

Enyonta is her latest release which has close to 40k views on YouTube a day later.

Talking about the recent development, Nina Kankunda said that she has just not known Daddy Andre, they've been friends for quite some time now.

"I have known Daddy Andre since I was in school."

This was a response to those who thought that these two had just met after meeting in studio for their recent music.

"Andre is the one who introduced me to the music industry."


Nina also revelead how she started her music career, it was none other than Daddy Andre behind it all, so those thinking that it had ended in tears, they might have to wait a little longer, but for now though, we are good.

Asked about how soon their wedding could be, Nina Roz was like for as long as he visited my parents, I am contented with that.

"I am not demanding for a ring, I was contented after he visited my parents."

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz have a disturbing pattern when it comes to their Instagram accounts. Andre is not following anyone while Nina Roz follows only one person and that is Daddy Andre. Interestingly, she just started following him hours after releasing her latest song dubbed Enyonta.

"I have left everything to God because I also don't know, maybe when you meet Andre, you can ask him about the wedding, but now that he met my parents, I'm positive he will also go to the next step which is the wedding, Nina Roz concluded.

SourceUganda Online


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