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Who is this Gal? Akon asks after listening to Ange3lina's 'Baby OH' song

By Mico 27 October 2022 06:20 pm EAT

Akon is in love with Angelina's latest club hit song "Baby Oh"

Akon and Ang3lina

Akon vibing to Ang3elina's 'Baby Oh' song off her latest ten track album

Akon is seen grooving to Angelina's 'Baby Oh' song that was released a few weeks back.


The Senegalese-American singer is liking the song going by the way he was nodding and dancing to it as Just Zoey recorded the moment away, and, seconds into the song, Akon was like...

"By the way...How old is Ang3lina?"

Now that made Ang3lina real name Angela Nabuufu wear the best smile in weeks as she saw Akon vibing to her song. And that was not all, Zoey who was hanging out with Akon told him that, that's the gal I was telling you about and she is from Uganda...

Just Zoey, Ang3lina AND Akon
Zoey, Ang3lina and Akon

That gal from UG that I was telling you about...Of Course, Akon said.


Ang3lina did the 'Baby Oh' song with Just Zoey and they are in studio working on more jams as she's been busy teaching him some Luganda lines.

Baby Oh is one of the ten track album that Ang3lina is working on.

"Akon vibing to my new single Baby Oh featuring Zoey."

SourceUganda Online


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