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Juliana Kanyomozi talks about her life as a new mom

By Michael Nampala  27 July 2021 10:58pm EAT

Using her YouTube channel that was created in 2013 and has close to 100K subscribers, Juliana Kanyomozi in her Sit Down With Yana series talks about herself as opposed to interviewing a female personality like it was 2 years back.

Juliana and baby Taj

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi talks about her life as a new mom

She is now a mother and as a way of touching base with her fans, she takes you through her time after realizing she was pregnant to the time she gave birth to her second child during a Covid lockdown in a foreign country.

It was in 2019 when I got pregnant and it was very personal, my family and I prayed for a long time and indeed, God listened and gave us a beautiful baby who is a year and half now.


It's been a stressful year with people dying, but for me, my baby is my ray of light and I'm grateful.

My auntie was buried a week back and it is depressing, but we are here...

All I have been doing is babysitting and I got no nanny...

When I knew that I was pregnant, I travelled to Canada and moments after settling in, it was when I started hearing about this Covid.

I woke up one day and we were in a lockdown, it was winter and I'm in a foreign country. Papa Taj and my sister Laura were to join me, but because of the lockdown, they could not do so.

It was tough with so many people dying of COVID and yet I had to go to hospital, it was so depressing. I was using a UBER to go to the hospital, but thank God, I didn't get covid and pushed till delivery.

I was lonely in Toronto, I missed my family, but thank God I delivered. I was in the hospital for three nights, it was a smooth delivery and by the third day, I left the hospital.

And that was my time in Canada.

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I came back to Uganda at the beginning of this year...I finally felt what people say that; I MISS HOME. I now respect all those that have been abroad for ten years plus, it was so nice seeing my family and everyone.

Taj was quick to adjust to the weather and the food here and it is wonderful being a new mom and I still don't have a nanny, but I have my mom.

New music will be coming at some point and we just have to take care of ourselves physically and mentally.

That's what I have been up to and just thought I could come and give you a quick update, the next time I will take your questions, love you guys muah muah muah, Juliana signed off.

Juliana liked some four comments in the commentary section and Laura's was one of them.

"Your strength and courage to keep pushing when it gets tough has inspired me all my life..." actress and Juliana's sister Laura Kahunde noted.

Juliana Kanyomozi's YouTube account has close to 15million views.

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