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Judith Babirye sorry for getting involved with a married man

By Mico  25 January 2022 11:37 pm EAT

The former member of parliament for Buikwe District, Judith Babirye, who also doubles as a gospel artist has come out to apologize to her followers, and most importantly, Lukia Ntale Sebulime, whose husband Judith got married to in July 2018.

Judith Babirye apologizes for second marriage

"I apologize for my second marriage, it was not the right thing to do, I apologize to Uganda..."

It was a tightly guarded event, but in another 16 months, the former legislators Judith Babirye and Paul Musoke Sebulime had separated.


Almost four years later, the 'Beera Nange' singer has come out to apologize for whatever happened, she has also appealed to her rival Lukia to find space in her heart to forgive her.

"Today I come to you with one word! 'Am very sorry I made this terrible mistake. May God bless you all and grant you grace to forgive me. Stay blessed always."

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It was in the year 2018 when I got married for the second time and through God's love, I happened to leave the country...

"During this time, I have been praying to God who has revealed my journey going forward, but before that, he asked me to come back to you my followers, friends and family that I apologize to you after I apologized to him."

Inset is Judith Babirye during her wedding to Paul Musoke
Lukia Ntale during her intro and inset is Judith Babirye on her wedding day with Lukia's hubby Paul Musoke

"I apologize for my second marriage, it was not the right thing to do, I apologize to Uganda and Ugandans, I seek your forgiveness and so are the believers who were affected by my actions, I beg for forgiveness."


"To the little children out there who have always looked up to me, I am sorry, whatever I did was wrong, please do not do it, what I did was wrong and it is the more reason I am here, please forgive me."

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"And finally and most importantly, I apologize to madam Lukiya (Her rival), please forgive me for my wrongs and may God grant you the forgiving heart, I can't force you to do so because forgiving takes time, and I also don't expect you to forgive me right away."

In the same vein, I would like to thank all those that have loved me regardless, thank you including all those that have prayed for me and my ministry from the time of my second marriage, it has not been easy for me till today, I am alive because your prayers and mine have been heard.

She concludes:

"I remain Judith Babirye and I love you all, bye."

SourceUganda Online


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