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Douglas Lwanga's baby mama, Lindah Lisa, cries out

By Mico  21 September 2021 12:52pm EAT

TV host and radio personality Douglas Lwanga's fiancee, Lindah Lisa Mukasa Charania, has come out hitting those speaking ill of her, that she 'snatched' him from another woman and yet he was married.

Douglas Lwanga and fiancee Lindah Lisa

Lindah Lisa - "Is he the first one to be in a failed marriage?"

  • I am a mom of two,
  • Douglas and I have been together for ten years, 
  • No amount of words will break us,
  • Men settle where they find love, respect, care and peace.
  • Douglas found me in pieces, but led me to peace.
  • By the way, is he the first one to be in a failed marriage?
  • I'm glad I snatched him like you keep yapping. 


On Sunday (Sep 19), Lindah Lisa told Instagram.

"Here reading y’all prevaricators castigating me with misplaced insults of albinism, being old and bleached (laughs out loud), which ain't meant to come this way btw, we both know the truth and the rest is background noise!"

Those on Linda's case add that she is way too older than her baby daddy.

"For your information, Douglas Lwanga is older than me if you must know (and y’all can argue with your keyboards). Trust me when I say we're both comfortable with each other and embraced our imperfections."

The former Club Silk publicist recalled how nice things were said about them when they had just met, but ten years later, the insults are way too many.

"Initially, when y’all just got to know about us, you were all yapping how I was so good for him, and that didn't shake us, 10 years later, with two awesome handsome boys (8 & 3 soon making 4 respectively) that I am old and I bleach (lol). If mitima gyakulaba is a person, is me! Nothing you say will break us."

"Who told you that you can force yourself on someone who doesn't want you?" Linda asks.

Lindah Lisa

Lindah Lisa is the mother of Douglas Lwanga's two sons

She goes on to teach her haters a lesson she thinks will benefit them greatly.

"Men settle where they find love, respect, care and peace and of course much more than just sex and being a fellow man in a relationship and this should be a lesson to many of you. 

Stop sour graping for us with your social media gangs to put others down and seem like we are in the wrong.

Like they say, the wrong one will find you in peace and leave you in pieces, but the right one will find you in pieces and lead you to peace."

Douglas Lwanga's baby mama concludes;

"Honestly, I'm glad I snatched him like you keep yapping. Is he the first one to be in a failed marriage?"

"For the past 10 years of togetherness, with two awesome bright boys. We thank God that none of your insults have shaken us!"


"Now, shoot some more and we shall use your insults to strengthen our relationship and continue living peacefully in love and minding our lives and business!"

Speaking at a recent charity drive with Nina Roz, Douglas Lwanga confirmed that oh yes he was once married, but things didn't work out between him and the wife and that is history, he is now happy with Lindah Lisa.

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