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Bebe Cool's take on artists joining politics 

May 26, 2019, 4:54 PM @ugandaonline

This is what Bebe Cool thinks about artists joining politics

Bebe Cool says that as entertainers, they are best designed to take up offices related to their field of speciality

For the last years, I have been singing about politics, but I’m not in active politics. People will keep trying everything. We will see more pastors, politicians.

It is very ok for Bobi Wine to quit music for politics and so is Chameleone. The question is, is that the politician I want! And that is why I love this country because they have given us the liberty to do anything, so I’m not surprised that artistes are joining politics, soon Desire Luzinda will open up a church now that she is a born again.

These are the things you should look at before thinking in that direction, 1. Are you learned, 2. Do you have what it takes to run these offices you are vying for, 3. Are you the people we really need for these offices?



That is why I credit Kyagulanyi. When he saw that I had dominated this side, he decided to go in the opposite direction, I was not surprised when he joined politics and joined the opposition, I was not surprised when he came as an independent.

However, the issue of him becoming a radical is what I disagree with. We need people who are problem solvers.

These offices need people who can solve problems not those who are popular. If you want to be a medic, you study that, if you want to be an Engineer, then you must have done Engineering and so is politics, you should have studied a bit of politics to be able to manage these offices effectively.

Asked if he would take up a ministerial post given an opportunity, Bebe Cool said that he is not useful to this country as a minister and it would be wrong to appoint me in that office if I do not have any knowledge in that ministry.

However, I will gladly take up the post of Minister of Entertainment Dance and Drama. I qualify for this one and it will only be fair for my brother to compete for this post, because this is his speciality.It is not fair to displace people who have studied for these posts and offices to be side-lined by the popular ones.

Finally, these artistes vying for these offices should be disciplined, not doing drugs and the likes, it is then that people will support them, otherwise, they will be disappointed, Bebe  Cool concluded.

Bebe Cool during his State of the Nation Music Address

Bebe Cool during his State of the Nation Music Address on Spark TV last Friday

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