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Herbert Shonga pleads with Sasha Brighton to return home

By Michael Nampala 25 Nov 2020 05:06 PM EAT

Serious cracks have developed in Herbert and Sasha Brighton's love life, he is so heartbroken that he has put 10 million shillings for whoever convinces the Sigabana Musajja singer to come back home.

In an interview with a local TV station last month, Shonga revealed that some folks were trying to woo his wife, could they have succeeded following the November 2 black flower post on his timeline?

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Herbert Shonga and Sasha not at ease

Herbert Shonga and Sasha Brighton

Herbert Shonga has put up to 10 million shillings for whoever can convince Sasha to come back home

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The fans at the time did not take it seriously as they were busy with the political atmosphere and knowing that he is dating an artist, many thought it was a stunt to promote his significant other's music.

On November 15, his post seemed to suggest all was not well;

"When the empire is crumbling a morning exercise is all you need cause you need to stay strong, only the strong survive the storm."

The latest on this is a clip of Herbert Shonga confirming all is not well, he promises a big reward of 10 million for whoever convinces her to come back home, he does not mention the name, but adds that whoever has common sense can know.


Sasha Brighton in a long letter last month was praising Herbert Shonga for all that he had done for her and that she will forever be grateful, it is not clear what went wrong especially earlier this month when he shared the black rose.

The black rose is what Zari shared on her socials when it was over between her and Diamond Platnumz, Shonga did the same.

The times are hard and most businesses are struggling due to the pandemic, it is worse for the artists who are yet to be let off the hook several months later, it is not clear if the mood swings are related to this.

Sasha Brighton, Herbert Shonga and Dorothy

Sasha Brighton, Herbert Shonga and Dorothy

Shonga met the mom of his three children, Dorothy Shonga, in 2004, wedded in 2016, and they divorced in February 2020, he however, adds that they tried everything possible for the relationship to work, but it got to a point when they could not ride on the same horse.

Shonga in the same TV interview adds that Dorothy was a chapter in his life and now he is focusing on the future (Sasha), though going by his posts lately, it looks like the ''It will end in tears'' crew is having a feast day.

Joweriah Shonga as he fondly refers to her has been his known partner after falling out with Sheilat Murungi.

More of Shonga's interview here:


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