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Did Ginimbi and Mimi Moana know they were about to die? 

By Michael Nampala 11 Nov 2020 09:40 AM EAT

Michelle Amuli aka Mimi Moana, 26, a fitness trainer and video vixen was among the four that died in the Ginimbi Rolls Royce accident which happened after they were from her birthday bash at Dreams Nightclub in Harare.

Ginimbi, a Zimbabwean millionaire was from celebrating Moana's birthday who was also in the Rolls Royce together with two close pals, Limumba Karim and Alichia Adams that had come from Malawi to pay him a visit, the quartet died on the spot. Alichia was a Mozambican.

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Moana and Ginimbi

Influencer Mimi Moana and Zimbabwe millionaire Ginimbi died on their way from the latter's birthday bash

Days before her death, Moana shared a dream of exactly how she died and Ginimbi had bought a coffin a week before the accident

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As he set off for the birthday bash, Ginimbi who was all dressed in white shared a short clip letting his IG fam know that it was Moana's birthday and champagne was going to be the order of the night.

"Yo my name is Ginimbi, it's time to go out it is Moana's birthday, we're going to pop Champagne tonight, Shall we!, see you there. I am driving a Rolls Royce Wraith."

The highlight of the birthday bash was the cake whose concept was borrowed from a lingerie pic that Moana shared on October 21, her birthday cake was literally her body.

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At the end of the party, they all boarded the super luxury car as Ginimbi who was armed with a glass of champagne sped off.

Ginimbi and Mona after getting engaged

Moana got engaged a month back


It is said that the accident happened as he was trying to overtake three cars only to collide with a blue Honda Fit. The Rolls Royce veered off the road and hit a tree only to burst into flames.

Those at the accident scene managed to get Ginimbi out alive, though he breathed his last five minutes later as the other three passengers were burnt beyond recognition after the Rolls Royce doors failed to open. The Zim police confirmed that his body was found without a wrist watch, wallet and the white shoe with red bottoms.

Mimi Moana had many talents over and above fitness training and being a video vixen. The 26 year old was a comedienne, Zimbabwean actress and a media personality.

Moana is survived by one daughter, Tyra, 7. She separated with her baby daddy in 2017 and just a month back got engaged to Ginimbi.

More shocking news on Ginimbi and Moana seems to indicate  that they knew they were about to die. Ginimbi bought a coffin a week back, it was found in one of his spare rooms in his palatial home while Moana had a dream that she was gasping for air and screaming for help and the onlookers could not help, and that is exactly how she died...May their souls rest in peace.

Ginimbi's Rolls Royce after the accident

Ginimbi had a Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, but he loved the Rolls Royce more than the other posh rides which unfortunatley took his life


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