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Lillian Mbabazi celebrates son's10th birthday

By Michael Nampala 12 Sep 2020 05:45 PM EAT

Yesterday was Asante Sekibogo's birthday as he turned 10 and the mother, Lillian Mbabazi, had the best message.

"10 years ago, you came into my life... I thank God for your life and I pray for you my son.... I love you with everything within me... You are such a kind and loving son... Happy Happy 10th birthday, my Asante. Papa would be proud."

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Izuba, Lilian Mbabazi and the birthday boy Asante Sekibogo

Izuba, Lilian Mbabazi and the birthday boy Asante Sekibogo

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Asante is one of the late Mowzey Radio's three children.

"Happy Birthday Asante... We love you so much and thank God for your life," Dorah Mwima Barrak, the ex Miss Uganda and also a mother to another fallen Goodlyfe Singer's child, Ethan wrote.

Other fans joined Lillian Mbabazi in wishing Asante the very best on her day.

Asante and his brother Ethan Sekibogo

The Sekibogo's - Ethan and Asante and on the left is the late Goodlyfe star Mowzey Radio Sekibogo


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