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Cindy urges girls and female artists to walk away from free money

By Michael Nampala 06 Sep 2020 06:20 PM EAT

Singer Cindy Sanyu while appearing at Pastor Bugembe's church in Nansana this morning had so much to share, including what she has gone through all these years to the time of her Boom Party concert which happened to be the last one before COVID-19 happened.

She joined Pastor Bugembe who was singing at the time and like the star she is, it was all flowing effortlessly.

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Cindy at Pastor Bugembe's church

Cindy at Pastor Bugembe's church on Sep 6, 2020

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"I grew up doing this.I was a worship leader at a church in Mbale and I led the choir." Cindy told the church.

"I started singing when I was 12 and while In Mbale I was referred to as sister Ella not this 'Cindy Biabe' that you people in Kampala know," Cindy added.

"If you believe in God everything is possible. I don't have a manager because I need to love only one man."

The Boom Party star came dressed in a white suit skirt and a black Cindy Biabe tee while her daughter, Amani, 9, was clad in a red dress.

The former Blu3 star was in church to share her testimony and her message was targeting the young girls and fellow female artists who were going through a lot just to make a name.

"Every car that I have bought is mine, all the land that I have is mine no man is going to take them away from me because I have bought them through my sweat, I know it is so tempting out there, but don't take it,  go slow."

Cindy went on to share moments before her Boom Concert and how much prayer did considering that she did not have a manager and had not paid so much to promote, but the results were amazing.


"I invested 96 Million in the Boom Party Concert, the day before it was threatening to rain, many told me to consult with those who could stop the rain, but I did not go in for such, amazingly, it rained the day after."

Pastor Bugembe saying hello to Cindy's daughter

Pastor Bugembe saying hello to Cindy's daughter

"During my time, I had so many men I could sleep with, but I did not. If you are offered money that you did not work for, walk away. I did a concert with no manager, I did a concert with no promoters, but it was a success," Cindy concluded.

These were some of the comments that followed;

"Lady Cindy you have challenged many of the ladies be blessed my dear."

"Thanks Cindy for the wonderful prayer. I love you so much."

"Cindy you have changed my mindset. I'm blessed by this service."

"Love you Cindy with your words of encouragement."

Last Sunday, Pastor Bugembe invited Bad Black to his church.

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