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Leila Kayondo on the spot over property of fallen socialite

By Michael Nampala 26 Aug 2020 06:45 PM EAT

A one Nassuna has come out to claim that Leila Kayondo wants to take her late hubby's car something the Nyumirwa singer has vehemently denied.

It turns out that the Late Luke Sendawula Jr who passed on last month from South Africa was very close friends with the singer and had left her with the car, a Toyota Premio.

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Leila Kayondo and wife to fallen socialite fight for car

Leila Kayondo and wife to fallen socialite Luke Sendawula Junior in a row over a car

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Nassuna says that the deceased told them that he had left the car with a friend, but they did not know the person. Days later, Nassuna was called by URA as her number appeared on the records while trying to verify.

The two parties, Leila and Nassuna were claiming ownership of the car. The car was impounded at Kabalagala Police, but later released to the singer.

Leila was later called on this developing story, but said she was not aware of a thing, something that has promoted a relative of the deceased to release more info regarding the vehicle and other properties.

Mitti Jamil, who happens to be a close pal to Sendawula Junior is so bitter that Leila Kayondo is not coming out to help the five children of the deceased and yet she still has access to his accounts, these are the highlights from his voice note;

  • Junior who died of COVID-19 last month left five children, they all need help,
  • Jr and Leila have been dating for three years.
  • She has not sent any help to the family of the deceased from the time he died,
  • Leila has been taking the late Ssendawula's eldest son to school,
  • She has not yet gone to the village to check on the children since then,
  • Leila has access to Junior's accounts,
  • He left you with that car just because you were to pick him from the airport,
  • Return the favor to Jr's children as he has been kind to you and taking care of your people,
  • At the time of his death, he had left you with $75,000,
  • He bought land in Bunga, you have the land title,
  • It is my brother who drove you on that day, please we do not want Junior's kids to suffer, please hand over the property to his children.



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