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Sheebah Karungi dedicates Samali album to the ladies

By Michael Nampala 18 Aug 2020 04:45 PM EAT

TNS Queen Mama Sheebah Karungi has released her fifth album of 18 songs which can be found on all digital platforms.

Sheebah teamed up with King Saha to redo Raga Dee's 'Empeta' song which has the most views on YouTube out of the songs released.

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Samali album by Sheebah Karungi has 18 tracks

Samali album by Sheebah Karungi has 18 tracks that include Empeta originally done by Ragga Dee

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The other songs on the album, which were earlier released include Tevunya that she did with Fik Fameica, Exercise with International Boy. Sheebah also has a collaboration song with Chance Nalubega about mothers, 'Kale' Maaam is the title of the song.

Oli Eyo, Love Ya Kitundu, Ekyama, Empiki, Ninda, Tobilaalasa, Enyanda, Nkumisinga, Nakyuka, Nabaleka, Nalwawo, Kambyogere, Kwolwo and Nakubuuka are the other songs on the Samali album.

While releasing the album, Sheebah made it clear that the album was dedicated to different women as she explains;

"Samali is my fifth album. This album is so special to me and I would like to dedicate it to all my women out there. I truly believe that a woman, is one of the most complex, but amazingly graceful creations of God. 

We as women have to endure a lot in life. And we women are predefined by society: “you should be doing this”you should be this and that” which puts pressure on us, we can’t even be who we want to be.

Women often give away their strength and energy to please undeserving partners, trying to build a future on loose sand.

Therefore, I dedicate this album to the women in this world who feel deeply. For those who stay messy-hearted in a world that may not always be kind to them. 

For the women who are doing whatever they have to do to make it to tomorrow the women who get up in the morning when they do not want to, the women who face what is scarred within them, the women who are working every single day to be gentle and soft with themselves when they have been given every reason to harden.

I dedicate this album to the women who believe in something hopeful; the women who feel everything intensely and allow themselves to feel that way. I dedicate this album to the human beings who shout their love from the rooftops, who share their hearts with the world."

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